12 Luggage Planning Tips to Make your Travel Easier

Traveling is fun - but most people would agree that packing suitcases are such a buzz kill. it is not uncommon to arrive at the destination only to get totally frustrated as you try to figure out where you put what. The following are some travel luggage tips to help you plan your trip better.

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12 Luggage Planning Tips to Make your Travel Easier

Tip 1: Secure important documents

Losing your passport and tickets is arguably the worst thing that could happen when traveling. As a precaution, it is a good idea to scan your passport, tickets and any other important travel documents. You can then attach the scanned images on your email address. Apart from providing backup for purposes of travel, you can also use the scanned passport to apply for a new one. It might also help to store a couple of emergency contacts in the email address. These can come in handy in the event of losing your phone while on travel.

Tip 2: Utilize backpack space

Most people place the heavy things at the bottom of the backpack and the lighter ones on top. However, you should do the exact opposite. The backpack usually rests on the lower back so if you place the heavier items on top, the bag will be lighter. For ease of use, you should also place the items that you will need frequently on top or you can also utilize the side pockets. The dirty clothes should always go to the bottom of the backpack because they are not heavy and you will also not need them soon.

Tips 3: Use clear plastic bags

To avoid wasting time when trying to retrieve your items, you can use clear plastic bags to compartmentalize everything. For instance, you can place your underwear in one bag, your cosmetics and skin products in another bag, and so on. The plastic bags should have zippers to ensure everything stays put. The plastic bags also same in handy when separating dirty clothes from clean ones. Another advantage of using plastic bags is they waterproof your items.

Tip 4: Don’t put all eggs in one basket

It is a good idea to desist from the common practice of carrying all cards, cheques, and cash together. Try to split them as much as possible. This way, if a pickpocket grabs your wallet, you will not be totally stranded. In addition, do not carry too much cash on you. Try to use plastic money as much as you can.

Tip 5: Travel Light

Make your travel easier by traveling light. For instance, think about the clothes you need and pack only the ones you will wear. If you are traveling for more than one week, you can pack for only a week and make plans to wash the clothes at your destination. If you are staying at a hotel, you can take advantage of their laundry services. You can also cut down on the number of clothes you need to carry by packing multipurpose clothes. For instance, you can travel with clothes that can double as clay clothes and sleepwear.

Tip 6: Toiletry Bags/Bottles

Nalgene and small bottles are perfect for packing your toiletries. For instance, you can use small bottles to repack lotions and shampoo so you do not have to bring the whole bottle for a short trip. This will save you space and it will also help in the prevention of spillages that can create a huge mess.

Tip 7: Divide clothes with others

When traveling as a large family or group, it is a good idea to divide the clothes among st the different suitcases and bags. This is especially important when taking long flights with some stop overs. This way, if one of you loses their bags, they can still have some clothes to wear. Even though most airlines compensate for bags lost, they only do that after 24-48 hours so it might save you some money to have some clothes in another bag.

Tip 8: have a beach bag

If you are planning on going to the beach, you can pre-pack a beach bag and place it in one of your suitcases. This will save you quite some time when you arrive at the destination. The beach bag should have a towel, bathing suits, sunscreen and anything else you might need at the beach.

Tip 9: Divide your suitcase

Suitcases are great because they are large and roomy. The downside is, they do not have compartments that allow for organizing and separation of clothes. You can use a piece of cardboard to create your own compartment in the suitcase and that will help you to keep the clothes organized and neat. This technique also makes inspections at the airport much easier - you just lift the cardboard with the clothes on top.

Tip 10: packing shoes

While you are traveling to a place, it is important to check the weather condition of the place before you start packing. If the weather is pleasant when you will be there, then there is no need to pack heavy winter garments. But if the weather is snowy or chilling then you will need 2 pairs of a woolen garment. Do not take all of them. l Carry a raincoat if the weather is rainy.

Tip 11: use carry-on bags properly

You should not waste space in the carry-on bags by putting in clothes and items you will only need at the destination. The carry-ons should be used to carry medication and all travel documents. You should only use the carry-on bag for clothes when taking long flights with stopovers. However, just pack the clothes that you will need to change to at the stopover. You may also place your beauty products in the carry-ons.

Tip 12: Battery powered items

When traveling with flashlights, torches or any other battery powered device, you may want to turn the batteries the opposite direction. This breaks the circuit 50 that even if they are accidently turned on, the batteries won't drain.


So, there you have it - 12 tips that will make packing and travel a delight. One of the best ways of ensuring you do not lose anything when packing, unpacking and repacking is to use a checklist. You can create the checklist as you peek at home and then use the same checklist at the end of the trip. This will help you ensure you have not left anything at the hotel.


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