12 Ways to Travel If You Have a Tight Budget

If traveling when you are on a tight budget seems like the stuff of dreams, it is time to open your eyes to cost-friendly, attractive possibilities. Here are ways you can travel it your wallet is empty.

12 Ways to Travel If You Have a Tight Budget

1. House swapping

House swapping has become a huge travel trend, thanks to the movie The Holiday. What you do if exchange houses with a person who lives in your preferred destination.

Of course, you need a home if this is your chosen travel option. Websites like homeexchange.com allow you to list your home for exchange. They enable you to advertise your properly for a year. How long the exchange is for depends on the needs of both parties.

Swapping houses with another homeowner has benefits besides budget friendliness. Unlike an expensive hotel, a home comes with a functional kitchen, telephone, and the internet. Renting your home to others while you are away will give you the income you need to pay for your travel expenses.

2. House Sitting

If you have no home to swap or rent, house sitting is a viable option. Offer your services if your travel budget is tight. Away to advertise your house-sitting services is to put an ad in newspaper classifieds. Get accommodation in return for taking care of someone's property and pets. Of course, you get to travel in exchange for your work.

3. Volunteer

Are you an advocate of worthy causes? Becoming a volunteer is the best budget-friendly travel option for you. Volunteering for a worthy cause overseas allows you to raise funds and experience local life while doing it. Many volunteer organizations help organize accommodation and flights.

Note that volunteering requires a significant commitment. if you are not available for an extended period, join short-term projects. Most volunteers find that schools, employers, and communities are excellent sources of support.

If you can raise enough to cover your expenses, this is a practical, low-cost way to travel. You help others and see the world.

4. Car Pooling and Hitchhiking

With the high cost of fuel, being on the road can blow your budget. Look for people traveling to the same destination as you and ask if they want to carpool. It may seem unsafe but saves costs.

Hitching a ride is possible, of course, but carpooling is a safer option. You can meet the driver in advance to verify his references.

Carpooling and hitching rides are the best ways to experience life in a country. Besides meeting interesting locals, you save costs on fuel.

5. Go on a day trip

An ironic fact is that some people have a greater understanding of other countries and cultures than they do their own. If this is you, you need a staycation.

To inject fun and travel into your staycation, take a day trip. Head to: a destination within your country, like a national park. The attractions you have yet to visit may dazzle you. Make new discoveries about your culture and enrich yourself.

You can avoid paying for room and board if you plan to leave in the day and arrive home late. A day trip provides excitement, though it is to a local destination.

6. Watch out for bargains

The wise traveler knows where the bargains are. You must know of sites like TripAdvisor or Hotels.com, which present cost-friendly destinations. Make sure to grab all the coupons you can, and sign up for alerts a budget airlines. Go to online warehouses Iine Groupon Getaways or Living Social Escapes for great travel deals.

7. Navigate a yacht

Are you an avid seaman? If you are, consider this option. The word starboard may elude you, but you can still serve as a crew member on board a yacht. Motor skills and navigational abilities are a plus. Sites like Crewseekers.com have listings for many opportunities, such as paid positions or working passages. If you enjoy sea travel and are ready for an adventure, hitchhike on a yacht.

8. Take a job on a cruise ship

If luxury sailing is your cup of tea, become a staff on a cruise liner. A working cruise lacks thrills and spills, unlike yacht travel, but offers fun job options. The best way to go on a working cruise is to look for short-term employment contracts. If you are a musician, entertain the passengers. Cruise companies have job listings on their websites. A working cruise is the best way to see the world and earn money for it.

9. Move Vehicles for Homeowners

People move from one city to another, so move with them. If you are unfamiliar with other parts of your country, this is a practical travel option for you.

Most people have their cars sent when they move from one area to another. Make inquiries with car relocation companies. Some of them may need drivers on a short-term basis. Another alternative is to look through to newspaper classifieds. Watch out for car owners who need drivers.

You may put up advertisements looking for car owners in your location and your intended destination. Australia-based moving companies britz.Com.au and maui.com.au need occasional help with relocation's, so do contact them. Helping people move vehicles is an inexpensive way to travel.

10. Work on an Organic Farm

Are you an advocate of the environment? Save the earth and see the world. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a global network of organic farmers that looks for volunteers to work on their farms. It has members in 65 different countries. Farming is a cost-friendly way to get room and board. If you work for an accommodating farmer, you may get to have meals on the house.

11. Work at a Hostel

Working at hostels is one of the best ways to get free accommodation. Trade your labor for a free stay. Make arrangements with the hostel beforehand, or do so when you reach your destination. Most of these places can use an extra hand. Sites like hostelworld.com have job listings. Hostel labor will help you navigate visa issues and save costs.

12. Organize a Tour

Many travel companies offer discounts to people who organize tours for their friends or relatives. They will serve as 'group leaders.’ You will have to do the organizing and leading in exchange for a significant reduction in costs. This option suits teachers and professors to a T. Small wonder why they love accompanying students on field trips overseas.

You can still keep to your travel plans if you have an empty wallet. These options enable you to fill it up and see the world.

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