5 Common Luggage Problems When Traveling – How to Solve Them

Traveling is one of many people's hobbies. Nonetheless, there can be some few ups and downs when you are traveling, especially relating to your luggage. The luggage problem starts all the way from the house when you are trying to pack your bags. So, what are the common problems experienced by travelers with their luggage? Here is a look at some of them;

5 Common Luggage Problems When Traveling – How to Solve Them

Problem #One: Liquid Spilling Over Your Stuff

If you happen to carry any liquid in the bag, the chances of the liquid spilling all over your stuff are high. In most cases, some travelers will ignore the carry-quid-in-plastic-bag rule and carry them in their suitcases instead. As a result, the liquid can spill over your clothes, which can end up staining them. in most cases, the plastic bags can be punctured during the checkup or when handled roughly by the cab driver.


There are several solutions to avoid liquid spillage in your luggage, which can then stain your clothes. First off, you should pack all your liquid items in a plastic bag. This helps to keep the liquid contained and avoid unnecessary spillage.

You can also carry a travel-size stain remover to eliminate the stains on your clothes. Suppose the liquid has stained your clothes, you will need to be careful to avoid further damage when trying to eliminate the stain. Keep in mind that heat will affect the spread of the stain depending on the material of your clothes.

Another solution is finding a high-quality portable bag that can keep the plastic bags safe throughout the journey. Always ensure that you store liquid content in bottles with tight lids and enclose them in a plastic bag. If possible, store them in a separate bag.

Problem #Two: Confiscated Luggage/Property

In some cases, your luggage can be confiscated by the airport security. This would delay your travel in the long run. Maybe you have a bag that contains precious belongings like designer perfumes, jewelry, or other expensive stuff.


The fixer of this problem is not to argue with the security officer about how expensive your stuff is. If it is a less-expensive and easily replaceable item like toothpaste, simply carry on with your journey. However, if it is a bag with valuable items, ask politely if you can take the items away from the checkpoint.

You can give a friend a call and give them the confiscated items to keep them for you. If the security allows you to place them in the checked bag, well and good. All in all, ensure that you don't miss your flight because of one small bag.

Problem #Three: Lost Luggage

This is a common problem that many travelers experience. In most cases, you might lose your luggage during the checking process. So, what should you do if this happens?


The luggage can be lost at the conveyor belt. If this happens, try waiting for a few minutes then report at the counter. The airline should compensate you for your lost luggage. Depending on the airline, you will be given a bag of the necessities like toiletries. Your contact will then be taken so that they can communicate to you if your luggage is found. As per the rule of lost luggage compensation, the compensation will be high depending on how long your luggage is lost. You should always check your policy to see if your travel insurance policy covers the lost luggage.

Nonetheless, you will need to contact the police in case your luggage is lost after you left the baggage claim area. At this point, the airline will not be responsible for your luggage.

So, what can you do to limit the cases of lost luggage? First off, you should always ensure that your bag is clearly labeled. You can also include a recognizable item to avoid another person picking it. For instance, you can place a colorful ribbon on the handle. Taking a photo of the suitcase can also help speed up the process of finding it if it is lost. Ideally, have a carry-on bag to put a few clothes for emergencies. Also, keep important stuff like medication or glasses in a handbag.

Problem #Four: The Luggage Is Extra Heavy When Coming Back

Have you ever noticed that your luggage would be light and perfectly-packed when you go for your trip, but it becomes extra heavy on your way back? If it happens, what should you do about it?


The first thing you should do in this case is get rid of the heavy items and place them in a different bag. Usually, the back can be heavy because of the souvenir you carried when coming back. If there are coats that are heavy, you can also wear them to make the load light. Keep in mind that you might have to pay the extra fee for heavy luggage.

You can always split your belongings to portable bags to make your travel stress-free. However, you'll need to be extra watchful to avoid losing your other bags.

Problem #Five: Your Luggage Haven't Arrived at Your Destination

In some cases, you may arrive at your destination, but the luggage hasn't arrived. There could be some reasons for the delay, but you must act upon it as soon as you know about it.


Usually, the airline you boarded will be liable for the domestically lost luggage. Maybe the luggage was left at the checkpoint, which means that you have to report to the airline at your destination. Other than the airline, maybe you reached your hotel, but your luggage is not with you. Here, you will need to talk to the cab/limo driver and ask about your bag. Ideally, call the car rental company directly to be sure of getting your luggage safely. Another thing to do is to avoid pickups from strange or unnamed cabs. It would be difficult to claim back your luggage if it is lost, even though the police might help.


During your travel, you must always be watchful of your luggage to avoid losing it. Above all, remember to take a travel insurance policy for the sake of safety, especially if you are traveling with valuable stuff. When packing your belongings, ensure to be wise to reduce the weight, which will force you to pay an extra luggage fee. All in all, follow the luggage rules of the airline at all times and enjoy your journey.

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