American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 25 Review

I have used luggage for over 14 years now. I’m not a frequent traveller but I do travel now and then. I used to duck tape my luggage and use them. I decided to stop doing that after I used my friend’s American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 25 suitcase on our trip together to Florida.

It was super easy to use and I just loved it. I ordered it from Amazon soon after the trip we went. I have used it from June last year, I must say it’s very impressive. I love the style. I really enjoy moving around with its super spinner wheels that turn easily on a dime!

I have a Moroccan Blue and it is stunningly beautiful. I must say that it is very different from the usual blue shaded luggage that people get. It is very easy to spot them on the airport carousel as well. I really cannot thank my friend enough for showing me this luggage. Here’s why I love the AT ilite Xtreme Spinner.

Features of the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 25

Here are reasons why I am still over the moon about my bags even after two years:

American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 25 Review

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Easy Glide Wheels

The bag has four spinner wheels and they let you glide through easily. It is very easy to handle too. To be frank, these wheels made me get the suitcase.

I was very excited about Using them and they are very strong. They are good and help you walk faster too.

If you ever used duck tape bags you will know it is very painful to drag the bags from the airport to the exit. With AT iLite, taking my bag is so much fun. I enjoy easily moving around with the upright spinner suitcase.

Brand Name

American Tourister is a trusted brand when it comes to high-quality and durable luggage. This upright suitcase holds true for the brand’s reputation and built-in trust.

I am also very happy with the service from the manufacturer. My friend often used to say high about the brand but I never believed in it until now.

I can see how a brand makes a change in the product now. It costs a bit more than the other similar sized upright suitcases but I really feel that the cost is worth the money spent for the brand name and services that they offer.

Attractive Colour

I liked all the colours on the iLite series. They are very beautiful and attractive. My wife liked the purple dot and I had gifted her one recently. Apart from the usual black, all other colours are unique.

I had no trouble in picking my luggage from the airport carousel when it arrived on the belt. It was easy to spot it. The polyester material is very durable too.

Mine still looks good as new after a couple of trips to many airports. I really admire the suitcase for its beauty. I should say it makes me feel proud to travel with it. Gives me a classy look too.

Lot of Pockets

It is a well-designed suitcase. It has many compartments to keep anything organised. It has two pockets inside and two on the outside. Of the two inside, one is made from Plastic and one with mesh.

Personally, I use all things that might spill in the plastic pouch. If you carry shampoo or bath, it is the perfect place to keep them as it would not ruin your clothes.

You can also take your toiletries in the pouch. The mesh is great to hold your flip-flops or sandals. The outer pockets are perfect to keep anything you missed to pack. My rain jackets fit in the outer pocket perfectly.


The bag is super light. Every time, it is very important to choose a lightweight bag for your travel. Travelling around with a heavy bag is terrible. You must also note that the lightweight bag is sturdy enough to handle all your baggage.

This American Tourister iLite series of bags are perfectly lightweight bags that are sturdy at the same time. The fabulous weight makes you take more on every trip.

I always go with a medium packed luggage but I tend to collect mementos and get gifts for my friends and family on every trip I go. This bag is perfect for me.


  • Lightweight and flexible bag.
  • Easy to spot colours.
  • Very spacious luggage.
  • The four wheels are great for moving around.Wonderful quality product.
  • The interior is fully lined with matching colours.
  • Extra pockets for easy access.


  • The zippers inside are not as good as the ones on the outside.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Polyester, Imported.
  • Fully lined interior with large packing area.
  • Nylon lining, Zipper closure.
  • New, lightweight corrugated shaped pull handle.
  • New panel design and new zipper pulls.
  • Top and side carry handles are integrated into the case.
  • Color matched hardware for an exciting and fresh look.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 25″ x 18″ x 10″.
  • Linear Measurement: 53 linear inches.
  • Size: Medium.
  • Shipping Weight: 11 pounds.
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Material: 1200D x 900D Polyester.
  • Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: It weighs 9 pounds.

Q: Can you put your jacket in the outer pocket in front?

A: If you use a lightweight jacket or a rain jacket, it will fit in the outer pocket. If your jacket is bigger than that it might not fit.

Final Verdict

At first, the spinner wheels were the ones that sold me this piece of luggage. After using it for a couple of times, I’m very impressed about the quality suitcase. The handles and the wheels make it very mobile and I have now almost forgotten about my duck tape luggage that I was using all these years.

I’m sure I would not turn back to use them ever again now. These American Tourister iLite Xtreme Spinner 25 inches are easy to buy. I bought mine from Amazon and the luggage was home in just two days. I would definitely recommend any casual traveller to buy this luggage for any travel. It is just right.

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