American Tourister Splash 2 Upright 21 Review

The American Tourister Splash 2 Upright 21 is a popular choice for travellers who want a suitcase that will fit plenty of items but doesn't exceed the carry-on restrictions for most airlines. Available in several colors, this uniquely designed suitcase brings along plenty of style and convenience. 

Rolling wheels, a retractable handle and lots of inner and outer pockets make this suitcase a favorite for travellers who want a roomy, inexpensive bag that works for all types of travel. American Tourister isn't a high-end brand, but it is well-known for reasonably priced, durable pieces that won't break the bank. The original, popular Splash design is now updated for new adventures!

Features of the American Tourister Splash 2 Upright 21

What are the features that you must know?

American Tourister Splash 2 Upright 21 Review

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Smooth Rolling Wheels

This is rolling luggage, so the bottom wheels are a key feature. There are two wheels which use ball bearings for a smooth ride, but they do not spin like the wheels on some other luggage. Most owners, however, find that the wheels run smoothly, steer easily and are durable. 

Although these wheels are less maneuverable than other designs, they also take up less interior space that makes the usable space larger - a trade-off that you may feel is worth it. Overall, the wheels make it much easier to walk with the luggage through busy airports, especially when distances are long or the bag is packed heavily.

Roomy Inner Compartments

This American Tourister Splash 2 Upright 21 is a suitcase that is designed for simple packing. The interior consists of one large compartment with elastic cross straps attached to the bottom corners. These straps can be buckled over your items to prevent any shifting during transportation. 

When open, the top flap features two large, zippered pockets that each take up about half of the space. One is mesh, the other is solid fabric. This gives plenty of room for packing, but some users complain that the cross straps, because they are attached to the bottom, can't adequately cover a full stack of clothing. Extra toiletry spaces are also absent, but the inner pockets it does have are nice and roomy.

Padded and Retractable Handles

The Splash 2 features several handles that make it easy to carry. For travellers who prefer to carry their luggage, the suitcase features a handle both on the top and the side.

This gives you the flexibility to carry it in the most convenient way, depending on your height and the weight of the suitcase. These handles are also padded for maximum comfort while carrying.

For easy rolling, another handle located at the top can be pulled out to an adjustable height. The self-locking mechanism ensures that the handle stays where you want it, and it easily retracts when not in use.

Convenient Outer Pockets

Although the interior has only a few storage pockets, the outside panel adds a lot of additional space to this bag. The front panel is as tall and wide as the inner case and features three additional spaces. These outside pockets are ideal for items that might be needed during the trip such as documents and personal items. 

They are also helpful for organizing your items so you can easily find everything at your destination. The increase in available packing space makes a big difference, so be sure to consider both inner and outer pockets when you assess whether this suitcase will fit your needs.

Good Size for Carry-On

At just over seven pounds, the Splash 2 is lighter than the average carry-on bag. With more airlines enforcing strict weight restrictions, a lighter bag means that you can bring more of the items that you need. 

Although there are lighter bags on the market, you may find that this American Tourister Splash 2 Upright 21 one strikes a good balance between weight and durability. Just as important as weight, the size is critical if you plan to carry it on during a flight.

Expandable Size

This suitcase is one of the roomiest on the market for its size, which is designed to fit in most overhead compartments. For heavy packers, this suitcase offers flexibility that allows you to pack more or less, as your needs shift.

A zipper that extends around the outer pocket allows the bag to expand by an inch or more, giving you extra space when you need it.

Be aware, however, that using this feature may prevent your bag from falling within the carry-on guidelines of many airlines. However, you may often want to pack more when you are not flying, and this American Tourister Splash 2 Upright 21 bag provides that flexibility.

Durable Construction

While the size of this bag should be acceptable for most airlines, some users have had to check it because of its width when it is packed full. One person had the bag rejected because of the length, due to the projection of the bottom stand. Although most users have been successful using this as a carry-on, be sure to check the requirements of your airlines, since the size restrictions are neither consistent nor fixed. 

When it comes to travelling, a suitcase's durability is paramount. The Splash 2 uses a durable polyester fiber that is both lightweight and durable. Overall, this bag seems to hold up to medium use and is a great choice for occasional travellers. Besides black, it is also available in an attractive royal blue and a deep red, both colors that will make your luggage stand out when you are looking for it on the baggage carousel. 

And you know that the company stands behind their product because they offer, so you should get many years of good service from this bag.


  • A good size for carry-on luggage.
  • Lots of pockets and packing options.
  • Durable construction.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Great colors available.
  • Smooth rolling wheels for easy transport.


  • It is reinforced on only two sides.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Inline skate wheels
  • Retractable handle
  • Cross straps
  • Smooth-rolling
  • Top carry handle
  • In-line skate wheels

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 14.5 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • High: 8"
  • Wide: 14.5"
  • Gender: Women, Men
  • Size: 21"
  • Material: Polyester
  • Brand: American Tourister
  • ASIN: B00L5M5KXE
  • Item model number: 60946-1041

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the retractable handle like?

A: It is made from aluminum and slides easily, although some users find that it wobbles. It extends to a maximum of 42 inches from the bottom of the bag, which should be long enough for tall users.

Q: Does this bag meet carry-on requirements?

A: Most US airlines should accept this bag, but some international airlines have stricter requirements. Be sure to check requirements before you travel as these restrictions can change.

Q: Is this suitcase waterproof?

A: No, the outer fabric will not prevent water from entering.

Q: What are the exact dimensions?

A: The Splash 2 is 21" X 14.5" X 8", although the width may be expanded using the zipper.

Final Verdict

The Splash 2 by American Tourister is a great choice for occasional travellers who need a bag that fits plenty of items but still works for travel by plane. It is roomy enough to pack everything you need and durable enough to stand up to medium use.

The outer pockets make organizing your items a breeze, while the handles and wheels offer convenience for transportation without sacrificing size or interior space. Travellers considering international flights should ensure that this will not exceed the size restrictions they will face. Overall, this is a good buy for the budget traveller.

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