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My teenage son is part of the skiing club at his school. He attends various tournaments held every year. This year, my husband and I decided to surprise him with a Boot bag that holds all his skiing gear in one place. My husband’s choice was Athalon Unisex Everything Boot Bag Glacier Blue (his favorite color).

I still remember I came home early to pick the delivery. I was eager to check the bag immediately after delivery to avoid any disappointments. After three seasons and two winner trophies in hand, my son adores this bag. For once, I saw him holding the trophy in his hand instead of his skiing poles!

We have already planned to gift this gear to a couple of his friends this season. This fits our budget too! I adore buying from Amazon for there is no complaints about the product or their service. Personally, I cherish this bag for the following reasons apart from it being my son’s treasure:

Features of the Athalon Unisex Everything Boot Bag Glacier Blue

The following are the features that you should know:

Athalon Unisex Everything Boot Bag Glacier Blue Review

Firstly, it’s a backpack with comfortable shoulder straps. The four padded back pads prevent your spine from straining due to the weight. I enjoyed carrying my son’s backpack back home from the airport.

It was not heavy at all. He had a few more additions on his bag. Secondly, you can use the top handle to carry the bag. My husband carried the Athalon Unisex Everything Boot Bag this way. My son prefers to use the front handle.

Luckily, the reflective piping handle is intact after three trips. A few more might test its durability. We removed the shoulder straps before storing the bag and placed it in the zipper pouch without trouble. This bag suited all of us perfectly.


This backpack held more than just skiing boots. The two compartments made it easier for my son to sort his belongings. He packed the center compartment with his helmet, gloves, goggles and other skiing accessories.

My son packed his clothing for the three-day trip in the same bag. The side compartment is a perfect fit for his boots and it has drain holes. The front Zipper holds the phone with exterior earphone port.

The double zippers helped him lock the bag before his travel. However, this bag did not fit in the overhead compartment. The next time he has planned to load lesser stuff to handle it better at the airlines.


This All-In-One boot bag is rightly priced. My husband got a ?% discount on this bag on Amazon which made my day. Still, I wasn’t willing to settle for a shoddy bag from Athalon. 

My over-cautious plans busted after I got the bag in hand. The color took me by surprise. It was lighter than I expected.

I took the time to check the bag for its quality. When we gifted this to our son, he immediately asked us if it was “The Everything Boot Bag”! The fourth trip is coming soon this year. Surprisingly, the bag is still in top-notch shape. I trust this bag is going to stay with him longer than we expected.

Heavy Duty

Most airlines accepted this as a ski Boot Bag without any troubles. However, the bag faced tough airline handling twice and survived without any cut. I expected a faulty zipper after the first trip, but it’s intact.

I expected the front handle to collapse from the last trip. Fortunately, it survived. I doubt the shoulder straps now and I am waiting to to know the result when trip four is done.

My son felt the back pads were comfortable for his long walk to the hotel. Ballistic Nylon construction makes this bag sturdy. I haven’t found any major scratches or cuts so far in the bag. That’s good news for a heavy-duty bag.


Before we bought this Athalon Unisex Everything Boot Bag, my son carried three bags for a three-day tournament. We wanted our son to focus on the tournament and not on his luggage.

This backpack from Athalon is the only luggage he carries to his tournaments. It meets my needs as a buyer. This bag remains my son’s all-time favorite so far.

As parents, we are happy we chose a reliable bag. We are guessing it would stay with him for years to come. When empty, it fits in the locker without issues. It fits neatly in the cupboard after use.


My husband chose Glacier Blue for my son. This is the mildest color in comparison to its variants. However, the orange on the inside of the bag matches the blue on the outside. If I had ordered, I would have opted for Black or Graffiti.

If your bag doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment in the flight you travel just like ours, buy a color that stands out in the baggage carousel.

Save your bag from the extreme handling at the airlines. This bag has received compliments for being the long-runner among his group of friends for surviving the airport blues.


  • The backpack makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • Shoulder straps handle weight without any mess.
  • Huge storage fits every line of clothing along with skiing gears.
  • Boots breathe easily due to vents in the side compartments.
  • Easy to store when empty.
  • Easy access all the items stored in the center compartment.
  • Excellent for family trips.


  • The Top and front handle requires sturdiness as the shoulder straps.

Features at a Glance

  • Zippered Side Entry Boot Sections.
  • Padded Lumbar Back Pads.
  • Bungee Cords on Front.
  • Reinforced and Padded Backpack Straps.
  • Expanding Section, Vented Boot Section.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 18 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds.
  • ASIN: B0028BG52Q.
  • Item model number: #330.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s it like for a person with a small frame?

A: This is a little too big for a person with a small frame. This suits medium and big framed person better.

Q: What’s the weight that the bag can handle?

A: Anything between 3 to 3.5 lbs.

Final Verdict

If you ski regularly like my son does twice a year, then this is a reliable backpack. All your skiing gear is now packed in one bag. It’s designed to save you from carrying many bags. As a couple if you enjoy skiing, make sure you have one of these bags. If you are a family of 3 or 4, this is a must-have backpack for you. It’s worth every penny you are planning to spend on it.

It’s a great gifting idea. I have ordered Athalon Unisex Everything Boot Bag – Glacier Blue for my son’s friends as a surprise for their next tournament. If you want a hassle-free shopping experience, choose Amazon just like I did.

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