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I work as a business executive. My work is hectic and my wife always used to complain that I had no time for the family. This year, I made a new year resolution to take her and my 15-month son to weekend trips every two weeks. She insisted on buying a new tote bag.

With a stroller in hand, we wanted something easy to carry around. While browsing for bags on Amazon, I came across the Baggallini Carry on Rolling Travel Tote. It was pretty impressive. I placed an order and got the bag in two days.

It was splendid. I really loved the black cheetah prints on the bag. It suits both wife and me. Now after three trips, I absolutely love this bag. It is perfect for my little family’s short weekend getaways. This is my new go-to bag for all short business trips also. Here’s what I love about the bag:

Features of the Baggallini Carry on Rolling Travel Tote

What are the features that you must know?

Baggallini Carry on Rolling Travel Tote Review

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The best thing that I love about this bag is the mobility it gives. The wheels are smooth and it moves along the path very easily.

You also have a small strap with which you can hold the bag while you get down from the flight through the stairs or if you had to pass anywhere without escalators or lifts.

Most railway stations in London do not have both and I was able to carry the bag and my baby’s stroller with ease. The handles are really easy to grab on the go. The bag is a bit wide compared to other bags.

Sturdy Handle

The handle is very sturdy and long. The handle is telescopic. It has a small zipper where it fits when it is not in use. It looks very neat without a hint of the handle when closed. It completely collapses inside the zippered pocket.

If you have to carry it, the leather handles come in handy. My wife loves to carry it around like a handbag while I love to roll it along. You can really carry it around as you like. If you love to travel light, this Baggallini Carry on Rolling Travel Tote bag is very easy to carry around.

My shoulders were hurting from carrying backpacks to the office every day. After using this bag for weekend trips for a couple of times, I’ve now switched over to taking this bag to my office than my shoulder bag. It feels much easier to roll it along with me

Never Falls Down

It is very annoying when your bag keeps falling down. Sometimes it is very embarrassing too. I have never had any problems with my Baggallini Carryon.

It also stands in a perfect angle. I never had to kick my bag to make it roll when I wanted to move. I really liked the design very much.

It is a very practical bag with a lot of pockets and a large packing area. You have a lot of space to pack. It is best if you do not overfill the bag to its capacity. Luckily my wife never does that!

Suits All

At first, it seemed like a more feminine bag. The bag took me by surprise when it arrived from Amazon. It suits both men and women.

I would say that my wife really looked gorgeous with the bag as a tote, she did not like to roll it around. She said that I looked smart when I rolled the bag. It is a big plus.

A good buy if you would like to share your bag with your partner. It is a very stylish bag. It also looks professional. Honestly, I never expected that before I got the bag.

Perfect Size

The Baggallini Carry on Rolling Travel Tote bag is a perfect size for a weekend travel. If you are a light packer, I’m sure you can carry a week’s worth Dresses and things in the bag.

We have a baby bag for my kid, so we use this bag for us when we are on a trip. It is also great for taking it to work.The laptop is safe inside the bag.

The bag has extra straps that hold things in place. You have a place for everything in the bag and you can keep them exactly where you want to keep it. You will really like the bag if you enjoy organizing your things.

Stacks on Suitcase

Another big advantage is that it easily stacks on top of your suitcase without falling. It would be great to have it as a carry-on on longer trips. I would suggest that anyone must have an extra Carry On when you are on long trips.

Many times, your luggage may arrive late or after a few days, or lost in the worst case, this could be a life-saver as a small carry on.

You can have a few dresses, laptop, kindle, toiletries, travel wallet, anything. The easy to reach pockets are very helpful to get anything when you want it.


  • Long and sturdy handle, perfect for all heights.
  • The bag balances and stands.
  • Great zippers and material.
  • Luggage strap holds everything in place.
  • Easy to fit under the airline seat.
  • A stylish and functional bag.
  • Fairly Lightweight bag.
  • It works for flight travel, road trips and all short trips.


  • The bag is a little wide when carried along on the flight. I had to carry it to my seat.

Features at a Glance

  • Lightweight, water-resistant nylon.
  • Interior organization and multi functional pockets.
  • Padded laptop pocket.
  • Sleeve for luggage handle.
  • Telescoping handle collapses into zipper compartment.
  • Bag measurements meet TSA carry on guidelines.

Product Specifications

  • Size: International Carry-On.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 17″ x 14.5″ x 8″.
  • Linear Inches: 39.5″.
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5 pounds.
  • Weight: 5 lbs, 8 oz.
  • Material: Crinkle Nylon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pull the bag along with my bigger suitcase?

A: Yes. It has a strap on the back that you can attach to have it securely stacked during long hauls to the airport terminals.

Q: Will I be able to carry it on my back?

A: No. It does not have shoulder straps. You can haul it with the straps if you want to climb on stairs.

Final Verdict

I really enjoy taking the weekend breaks without worrying about my bags or having luggage issues. It makes my trips more pleasant. In my experience so far, it is accepted as a handbag or computer bag by most airlines. The bag seems fine so far and I hope it will take more trips with our little family.

I would suggest anyone who shows interest in buying to buy from Amazon as I feel that their customer service is very good. I would recommend them for their quality of the product and the services offered. You might also get a great discount on the website when compared to buying in shops near you. The delivery and payments are hassle-free. Go, buy it!

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