Best Kids Luggage – In-depth Guide & Reviews For 2020!

When travelling with kids there are quite a number of reasons as to why you ultimately need to consider buying the best kids luggage. This is because kids do love the sense of feeling and emulating grownups by carrying their own bag with them. It is a sensational feeling that makes them responsible at a tender age.

If you want to make your kids feel involved in the preparation of the trip, then you need to let them have their own luggage. If you let your kids do the packing of their clothe son their own, they will feel recognized, valued and enjoy themselves. Consequently, packing will keep them engaged and focused during preparation and travelling. When the kids roll their luggage, themselves they will stay busy and focused even at the airport lounges.

Sometimes you can get a luggage bag that keeps entertaining the kids. This will give them a fantastic and enjoyable experience all along. In addition to this, you have a multipurpose best kids luggage function, which accords you an extra bonus storage capacity.

Sometimes when you want to travel, you need to take into account the same requirements as your bag in terms of weight, size, durability, style, soft or hard sided travelling luggage bags. However, the age of your child is one vital element that may limit your options. It determines the luggage type that you may need for your child.

Best Kids Luggage Comparison:

If you are travelling with little children, then you will need to consider what is packed inside the bag. You should consider packing things that your kid can use for entertainment to make the journey enjoyable and comfortable. When the kids roll the bag, sometimes they may like to look inside and see what they can use when relaxed at the airport.

Weight is one other factor that you will definitely consider wisely if your kid is going to roll the bag. The contents packed inside the bag must be light in weight so that the kid can be able to stroll easily with it. Alternatively, you can consider the weight of the bag and its handling system. They should conform to your child’s abilities.

5 Best Kids Luggage in 2020

Best Kids Luggage over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage

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Skip hop zoo little best kid luggage in the market. It is one carry on that come with extremely adorable features and funny attractive features for pleasing kids. Your kids will enjoy the travelling experience as they travel to the airport or to see grandma in the suburbs.

It is perfectly designed for all overnight trips and distant journeys. Your kids will definitely love the experience accorded by this monkey stylish carry on.

This Skip Hop Zoo Little kids luggage is fitted with a retractable handle for easy maneuvering experience. The handle has a height of 13" making it easy for kids to move along easily with it. The height can serve you and your kids easily. This carry-on luggage for kids is further advanced with a detachable shoulder strap which you can adjust easily.

You can use the shoulder strap to carry the bag for your kids when they get tired. It is an additional feature that will help you carry the bag with ease as you travel with your kids. Besides, the shoulder strap has a firm no-slip pad to ensure that the bag is held safely on your shoulders. Its back loop helps in keeping the shoulder strap tucked away.

When it comes to storage features this best carry on for kids has a large storage capacity for packing the little kids’ belongings. It is further advanced with extra meshed dividers which you can use to store the kids’ books and other small items like toys and snacks. This is also added with an elastic pocket for carrying the kids bottles of water or juice. The meshed bottle pocket is easily adjustable to fit the size of the bottle that you need carry thus making it convenient for you. On its front pocket, you can store then favorite items that you kids may require often.

The construction of luggage for kids boasts on a sturdy poly-canvas fabric. It is a fabric that is durable, strong and efficient. It is easy to clean, water proof and can serve your kids for a long time. It is having a bright, funny and attractive design that is best suited for kids from the age of three years and above. The zipper pulls of this carry-on luggage for kids has banana details which look cute with a tender touch and enlarged fabric ears similar to monkeys. This is one feature that makes this kids luggage stand out from the rest of the kids bags.

Features at a Glance

  • It has a retractable handle of 13"
  • It has a removable and adjustable parents strap
  • It has an elastic mesh for carrying bottles
  • Its zipper pulls are made of funny attractive designs
  • Its BPA and Phthalate free
  • It has meshed pockets for storing small items
  • It is made from a sturdy poly-canvas fabric
  • It has a spacious storage capacity
  • Its back loops help in keeping the parent’s shoulders tucked away
  • Its signature features skip hop characters of zoo packs, lunchtimes and others
Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage

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This the luggage the is ideal for kids. This rusty robot luggage is fitted with advanced features to fancy your kids while helping them organize their belongings in style as you plan to travel together. This carry-on luggage features a cool robot design distinguishing its gear from the rest. It is also made from extremely light weight materials thus making it easy for both kids and parents to carry.

It is the luggage to add to your kids itinerary for extra enjoyment. Kids luggage is made from a hard-shell ABS. The hard-shell plastic body of this robust robot luggage is extremely lightweight. This gives this best carry on an added advantage due to its portability. The hard-shell plastic body also offers a heavy protection for the kid’s items.

Its articulate artistic exterior designs present an adorable outlook that your kids will live to love at all times. It is the best carry on that is meant to serve your kids with utmost efficiency, reliability and extra comfort. This Travel Buddies Rusty Robot carry-on luggage for kids also comes in a variety of coolers to select your best choice.

When it comes to the storage features for kids, this rusty robot luggage has a very spacious storage capacity for your kids’ items. The main compartment is also fitted with zippered closures for securing the contents of your kids. This carry-on luggage for kids is further accentuated with a matching back pack.

This is one feature that makes this carry on for best kids luggage with extra unique features to nourish your kids with a wonderful traveling experience. The 13" back pack offer you and yours kid an option of carrying the daily travelling essentials for your kids thus leaving the main compartment for storage of other belongings and attires.

The travel buddies rusty luggage is fitted with dual height retractable handles which you can easily adjust according to your desired height or the height of your kid. This will enable you to have a wonderful and comfortable maneuvering experience. This bag kids is further advanced with an additional hand carrying handle. The back pack is fitted with straps which your kids can use in carrying the bag when they are not rolling it.

The mobility of kids is made easy with the use of wheels. The wheels accorded to this luggage make it easy to load and unload the contents of your kids. It’s a carry on that will add an extra smile and excitement on your kids face. This kids luggage for is also easy to clean by just wiping it with a dump cloth.

Features at a Glance

  • It is made from a hard-shell ABS
  • It is light in weight
  • The back pack has child back straps
  • It has an additional hand carrying handle
  • Its exterior features boast on a rusty robot
  • It has a 13" back pack for carrying daily travelling essentials for your kids
  • It has a dual-height retractable handle with and adult and kid adjustment heights
Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase

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The Disney Pixar cars 2 rolling suitcases is the top carry-on luggage for your kids in the market. It is a brand-new product from Disney which you can use to enjoy your vacation with your kids. The lightning McQueen luggage for kids comes with great handling features with plenty of space for the gear. The main compartment of this Kids Luggage features a spacious storage capacity for keeping the kids’ belongings.

The compartment is further nourished by a closure zip with two zip pulls to ensure that the contents of the kid are always kept intact and safe. This lightning McQueen luggage suitcase has an exterior compartment that is fitted with a closure zip to ensure that the items stored are also secure. The external compartment can be used to store items that need to be used regularly by the kids. This luggage It is also fitted with a zippered front compartment for storing small items and necessities that your kid may need to use often.

When it comes to the manoeuvring experience, this kids luggage is best fitted with two wheels. The wheels make the mobility of this Disney Pixar Car very easy to move along with when traveling or going to school.

The handles of this lightning Macqueen are advanced with most outstanding experience. The main handle is retractable and can be adjusted up to a height of 37". This implies that it is very easy for you as a parent and your child to adjust this carry-on luggage to your favorite and comfortable height when pulling the bag. It also improves the maneuvering experience that you may like to enjoy when travelling. Besides, it is fitted with a removable strap which you can use as an alternative means of carrying the bag when you are not pulling it. You can also use it when you want to help your kids carry the bag when they feel tired.

The construction features of Disney is made using high quality and durable canvas material. The material is strong, has great tensile strength and can be cleaned easily by just wiping it with a dump cloth. The exterior of is further designed with artwork features that are raised with wheel detailing styles of high quality craftsmanship. These artworks act as a form of attraction for your kids. The bag has an ID tag holder with a clear window display where you can place the identification of your kids bag.

Sound features are also added onto this lovely carry on for kids. As you know, funny sounds keep you kid fascinated and lively all along. So whenever your kid presses on some parts of the bag he or she will hear some sounds. It is the best luggage that you won’t afford to miss in your home due to its lovely features.

Features at a Glance

  • It is made by using durable canvas fabric
  • It is fitted with front zippered compartments
  • It has a retractable handle
  • It has a clear window for holding an ID card
  • It has sound effect features
  • It if fitted with a top carrying strap
  • It is fitted with two rear wheels for easy mobility
  • Its main compartments are furthered with zippered pulls
  • It has exterior zippered compartments for extra storage
  • Its exterior posts on well-designed artworks with wheel detailing features
Stephen Joseph Little Boys' Boy's Go-go Bag

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The Stephen Joseph little boys bag is the Kids Luggage that features most outstanding applique designs. The designs are so attractive that they can fancy your kids and stick their eyes on to this lovable product without fear or hesitation. The designs are further nourished with beautiful colors which are ideal for pre-schoolers and above. This kids luggage boasts on a large storage space which you can use to pack the kids’ books and school papers easily.

The construction features of this Kids Luggage is made from vinyl. It is a fabric that makes the Stephen Joseph Little Boys Bag tough, sturdy and easy to clean. The vinyl fabric is further advanced with outstanding artistic applique designs. The designs are fitted with zips on the top to ensure that the contents of your kids are kept safe and secure.

In addition to these luggage for kids is fitted with easily adjustable straps, and an external personalization area that is fitted perfectly on its top. If you want to clean the product, you only need to use a damp cloth to wipe the bag and make it neat again.

The exterior part of this kids luggage feature unique animated printouts. These animations are perfectly designed with attention to detail to attract kids. Your kids will enjoy their journey with this animation s they will keep jogging their memory now and again. Besides, the Little boys go go bag is multi-colored implying that all the fancy colors available will be of great attraction and appearance for your kids.

This best kids luggage is extremely light weight. It weighs only 1.05 lbs which implies that your kids will enjoy moving around with their bag easily. As much as is best suited for bigger kids, the go go backpack for little kids is quilted with excellent toddler packs. They are also advanced further by matching lunch boxes which you can use for packing the kid’s meals as you travel. The matching lunch tote is one feature that makes the Stephen Joseph little boys bag stand out from the rest of the products in the industry meant for kids. In fact, it is also a best matching feature for school going children.

The bag has a spacious storage where you can pack the kid’s clothes, socks and shoes. However, the shoes are limited to size 12. You can also add one mickey for your kids as you travel along or take them to school.

Features at a Glance

  • It is made from 100% vinyl fabric
  • It has a zippered top compartment
  • It is fitted with easily adjustable straps
  • It is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth
  • It has applique designs
  • Its top is furthered by a perfect personalization feature

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Best Kids Luggage

Final Verdict

If you want your kid to enjoy travelling with a multipurpose luggage bag, then Trunk is the best kids luggage aged between 3 and 6 years old. It’s an elegant bag with a wonderful design ideal for young ones. Its exterior constructive designs feature a variety of animal characters, which the kid can recall and associate with ease. It is very colorful and easy for your kids to wheel around. When your kids get tired, they can rest on them with comfort. It is light, safe, durable and secure.

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