Best Suitcases Reviews in 2020 – Complete Buying Guide

Most suitcases reviews from different manufacturers available in the market nowadays are fitted with retractable handles, wheels, or even back straps. Choosing the best suitcases will go a milestone by improving your maneuvering and controlling experience. Wheels, handles and back straps are useful, consistent and reliable features for any carry on luggage in the modern world.

When choosing the perfect suitcases for your business trip or weekend trip you need to consider its color wisely. If you are on a business trip, you may need to purchase a suitcase that matches the color of your suit or a unique color that is easy to spot in the luggage carousel.

Best Suitcases Comparison:

If you are going for a vacation or weekend trip, you need to compare the interior features of your luggage. Its interiors should have features that suit your needs. Plenty of zippered pockets will help you organize your basic necessities in a stylish manner while crisscrossing straps will ensure that your super organized parking will remain intact while simultaneously minimizing the wrinkles on your clothes. Additional waterproof zippered pockets will help you in keeping your soiled or wet and leaky clothes.

Since most suitcases reviews accommodate more essentials and valuables that may add some weight. You need to consider a suitcase with a good handling system. A spacious compartment means that you will have wonderful and pleasant long term vacation. It will accommodate all your basic essentials and other accessories. So it is good to test its handling abilities whether they are good enough, comfortable, durable, padded or even sturdy.

If you want to check in your luggage in the airport, you should consider a suit case that can accommodate all your belongings. The packing you accord should not distort the design of the suitcase. It should be able to accommodate all your belongings and if possible it should be expansive enough for extra storage while complying to the airport regulations.

5 Best Suitcases in 2020

Best Suitcases over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 28" Luggage

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Park your luggage in this sleek and stylish hard sided spinner bag from Samsonite. It is made from lightweight and durable polycarbonate material. It has a telescoping pull handle that ensure smooth rolling and the mounted TSA lock for airport security. The interior is fully lined with crisscross tie down straps that snap and close with the buckles to make sure your belongings are kept safe and secure. Small zipper pockets hold accessories easily maintaining your organization. The close around separator creates two separate parking compartment.

It is available in different types of colors to suit your style. The spinner gives fashion, purpose for personal and business use. It is extremely lightweight, and very durable 28-inch spinner, which is 100% polycarbonate, constructed with nice molded specifics.

Samsonite Winfield 2 28-Inch Luggage Fashion HS spinner has a spacious, separated, and fully lined interior with cross straps. It has an isolated curtain with zippered arranged pockets, a lot of space for your business or getaways trips necessities. It has four spinner wheeled to ensure easy maneuvering and reduce getting tired on arms and shoulders when pulling. The four sets wheels to ensure 360% degree rotating. They also enable easy maneuverability and stability.

Samsonite Winfield 2 28-Inch Luggage Fashion HS Spinner includes style and durability to meet demands of regular travelers. It can hold enough for vacation when extended at the top. Its top and side carrying handles make you pick up and easily raise the bag and put down flat with easy, and the push button which is telescopic to provide easy rolling, the extending handle can be locked in two positions with just a single push.

Features at a Glance

  • It is made of 100% polycarbonate
  • Four spinner wheel system provide easy maneuverability
  • It has a Push-button, telescopic handle system
  • It has top and side carrying handles on sides
  • It is side fitted with TSA lock system
  • It has zippered mesh pockets
  • It has Tie-down straps
  • Fully aligned interior full storage design
  • Spacious brush blow patterns
  • Expandable to consume preference
  • Full-zip interior separator and arranged pockets
  • Incorporated custom design on front and back hard shells
  • Its four wheels which reduce weight on your arm and shoulders
  • It has a zippered expansion and around separator compartment
  • Meets demand for frequent travelers and holds enough for that prolonged trip
Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley (29)

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This is the carry on luggage that has a grooved exterior with a sleekly touch on the outer of the spinner case. The spinner trolley is made from durable polycarbonate materials, which are lightweight. It has a durable design and a metallic silky finish. It is available in three colors blue, platinum, and red. The two locking handle and double spinner wheels to make it easier to maneuver.

Its interior is expandable to allow more packing space and its fully lined interior with two parking compartments. The crisscross tie down straps enables security of your contents. The interiors make it have extreme parking space so that you belongings reach safely and strong. This bag has own repairing zippers, top and side carry handles and the incorporated TSA combined lock. This best suitcases is known to be lightweight and with better value hard side, it is one of the Popular Models of Luggage.

Its high sparkling exterior makes it look expensive and the colors make them look appealing, in case of scratch, you can notice the 100% polycarbonate luggage which is ultra-light weight and durable which makes it easy to move and because of its large set double spinner wheels. There are double spinners set wheels, which rotates in 360 degrees and enable easy mobility. Its stability helps to reduce hands from getting exhausted. It has retracting handle, which can be locked in two points through single move button. The pole is made from industrial aluminum with a holding hand into ergonometric design. The upper sides carry handles helps you lift the bag up and down easily and lie it down when you want to rest.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley has its own repairing double zippers lock into incorporated 3 dial TSA approved lock and also has instructions to follow on how to use. The bag contains a fully lined interior two compartments, which provide more organizational packing. The cover compartment has a zippered divider for keeping smaller items, the bag has more 2 inches which is nylon at the edge for extra storage. It has elastic crisscross detaining straps that instantly close with fasteners to ensure your things are kept in safe place. For such good price desley helium Aero 29 inch expandable spinner trolley is something worth to go for, there is no bag which comes close to it considering the price.

Features at a Glance

  • Current design which has deep metallic shiny finish
  • Incorporated 3-dial TSA-accepted Combination lock
  • The handle system locks at two positions for easy to use
  • Own repairing zippers on all sides
  • Top and side carry handles on all sides
  • It has expandable case up to 2 inches for more packing space
  • Large front compartment with incorporated sleeve up to 15.6 inch laptop
  • Double spinner wheels that guarantee extra ordinary mobility and keep ZERO weight on your arm
  • Packing compartment in the cover comes with zippered separator to give more space for arranging
  • Fully lined interior, which has two compartments for packing and organizing clothes and travel accessories
  • Made from 100% Polycarbonate making the case to be lightweight and durable
Travelpro Maxlite3 Expandable Spinner (25)

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This part of the travelpro Maxlite 3 luggage models was presented in early 2014. It is the best suitcases model that comes with many innovations. It is a lightweight model with four wheeled spinners and a two wheeled roll aboard luggage. Travelpro Maxlite3 Expandable 25 inch with 12 piece comes with patent curves hold on spinner luggage with this unique expandable design and tradition full bottom tray for superior streght. It is incorporated with elastic packing options and stylish. Maxlite 3 is the most high range luggage with no price attached. It measures 11-inch length and width on 18 inch and height of 25 inch, weighing 8lbs and a volume of 88 liters.

It is made from polyester material, which is water, and stain has advanced with full bottom tray to make it stable and some unique bottom trays that stabilize wheels for easy mobility and durability. The wheels roll at 360 degrees effortlessly in any given direction you want to move to and gives freedom which gives you stress free off your shoulders and arms, you are able to move in any direction which is quite convenient to transport bulky suitcases Reviews. The four-wheel spinners’ easy move through airports and easy mobility with smooth slide, this 25-inch expandable spinner comes with patent grip with unique expansion and bottom tray to add firmness of the bag has full interior and exterior pockets for more association, the spinner case is good for a few days out of town.

This bags becomes bigger and bigger when unzipping it unseen compartments but also expandable as combination. It is available in 4 different sizes without adding totes and rollaboard of this collection. International to normal carry on 25 inch and 29 inch form more space. This specific piece can be used as an asset as it comes with specialized features. It is the best carry on that has a side zippered side accessories pouch for keeping heavy power cables, charges and any other portable electronics. It has full size cover compartment which zip opens to keeps shirts and panties crease free.

Maxlite 3 25 inch has a lot of storage space for frequent travelers wanting items to carry for a few days. It has a capacity of 88 liters. It allows easy moving which is a necessity but the spinner wheels make that effortless mobility possible. Its inbuilt handles to increase durability and also for most of airline grade, which is twice that of 21 inch spinner and an allowance of 50lbs which is American checked in allowance.

Travelpro Maxlite3 Expandable Spinner 25 inch is a big investment for middle level luggage and is enough to support frequent traveler who need carry on. It is made of durable material. It is constructed differently to enable reliable exterior and no need for hard shell case. This is necessary because you get elasticity of canvas enabling you to pack the bag into less space depending on hard shell. This helps to keep your belongings safe. The top layer foam and honeycomb frame which increase sturdy exterior without adding more airline employees for business trips usually use weights.

Features at a Glance

  • It has 4-Wheel spinners that rotates 360 degree
  • Fully lined interior and Zippered lid pocket
  • Interior zippered mesh pocket and tie-down straps
  • Honeycomb frame which provides lightweight and durability
  • It is made of 100% Polycarbonate materials
  • It has micro diamond patterns
  • Four light weight wheels for effortless mobility
  • It expands for extra capacity
  • It has a full-zip interior divider
  • It has cross straps for increased packing organization
  • It has side incorporated TSA approved locks
  • An exclusive bottom tray supports and stabilizes wheels for mobility and durability
  • Ergonomic high tensile control zipper pulls provide smooth opening and closing of bag
  • Full length front pocket which is in built in ticket pocket for keeping last minute items
Samsonite Fiero 24-inch Spinner

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This is a strong 24 inch straight bag which is hard sided shell. It is made of polycarbonate material and has a high resistant to plastic. It is sturdy and light weighted. It is made in blue or in charcoal. It has four multi-dimensional spinners that allow 360 degrees rolling straight and in multiple directions to reduce weight on your arms and shoulder and thus make it easy to maneuver. It comes in style and has a high storage capacity. The hard-sided spinner case is the carry on luggage for a traveler today.

Samsonite Fiero 24-inch is very durable because it is made from durable polycarbonate material. It is light weighted with 5.12kgs and 11.3lbs. It has strong design with a grooved exterior. This micro combines diamond finish, which provides protection against any scratches. It has an expandable spinner case, which has telescoping top handle, and smooth rolling spinner wheels. The top and side handles make it easier to move and lift this best suitcases.

It has mounted TSA locks to have that peace of mind when belonging pass security checks and also help keep your belongings safe locked in case they are to be checked the TSA agents can access the easily. Samsonite Fiero 24-inch Spinner interior is fully lined with crisscross tie down straps with a zip around the inside separator. This keeps the clothes neatly packed and wrinkle free. It also prevents shaking that can cause any damage. It has durable case, which comes in different colors to suit your style.

Samsonite Fiero 24-inch Spinner has an inbuilt line to take on the most difficult travel components. It is scratch and damage resistant making sure you luggage is easy on many trips gone looking like it is the first one. It is light and photographic impact full. Samsonite takes 100% polycarbonate design to the next bigger level.

Features at a Glance

  • It is made of 100% polycarbonate
  • It has a micro diamond texture.Suitable for frequent travelers
  • It can hold many more for a prolonged trip
  • It has front and back shells combined custom design.Comes in different colors to suit your style and personality
  • TSA mounted lock for security in checking points
  • Only for spot clean
  • Expandable for more storage capacity
  • Hard sided from polycarbonate which has high resistant to plastic
  • It has case that is expandable up to 2 inch for more packing storage space
  • Crisscross straps to secure luggage and help ensure the content do not shake n shift
  • Full-zip interior separator and crisscross straps for more packing arrangement
  • Side incorporated TSA recognized locks that enable contents are safe while traveling
  • Retractable handle that provide easy maneuverability and keeping contents well organized
  • Four multi directional wheels that rotate 360 degrees they are lighter weight for effortless movement
Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner 28

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This is the luggage that is very popular. It has a hard-sided design with smooth rolling spinner wheels that are straight and suits all types of travelling. It is a strong bag durable bag moves very easily and its zippers are quality work and a bag with sensible level of security. The Samsonite Luggage Fierro HS 28 is made up of lightweight and durable polycarbonate fabric. The fabric has micro diamonds texture that is damage resistant. It has telescopic pull handle system to ease your maneuvering experience. The top side handles provide easy lifting experience.

It has pivoted wheels that rotate in 360 degrees. It has a fully lined interior that is expandable to increase storage. The interior has crisscrossing tie downs straps and zippered around the divider to enable create two different packing compartments. At the other side, the exterior has an attached TSA lock system for extra security at the airport.

This best carry on helps keep your luggage firm so that shaking around is outdated. Other canvas and exterior bags cannot beat it when travelling internationally. You don’t need to worry so much on your luggage because Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS is all you need to avoid damages on your belongings at the above compartments. A middle priced bag provides adequate security. The 20-inch is small for overhead airplane compartments, so space is nothing to worry with this suitcases. In case you are caught in situation like rainstorm or snow falling your way, this Fiero HS is meant to protect at all weather.

It is not advisable to suppress it in an ocean but any problem with wet clothes and your electronics malfunctioning is a never thought. This Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS 28 has different sizes like carry on 20 inch and 24 inch and 28 inch, that can be screened when flying. It comes in different colors from classic black and muted gray to stay at high class. It can carry a 15.4-inch laptop a camera with its cover, a video camera together with the carrying bag and some clothes. It is so roomy even though it is bit small in size. It can’t fit stuff you can need for 3 month vacation but handle some good enough to last or two. It has been reviewed with having problems with the zipper unlike others.

Features at a Glance

  • Exterior zipper with close cover
  • Can also be used as carry on luggage
  • Has light weighted spinners
  • It is made of 100% Polycarbonate material
  • Large 2 inch expansion for additional content space
  • Smooth rolling and freely pivoting wheels for mobility
  • It has micro Diamond fabric outside for super damage resistance
  • Large storage interiors for keeping your belongings tidy packed
  • Side mounted TSA locks for keeping contents secure when travelling
  • Fully lined interior with straps that are crossed on the right side
  • Telescoping handles with push button to lock content into place
  • Case expands at 2 inches for more added packing ability
  • Side attached TSA approved lock ensures security while traveling
  • Full-zip interior divider and cross straps for increased packing organization

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Best Suitcases

Final Verdict

Many of the light weight luggage suitcases are hard sided and will help you meet with most of the luggage requirements for checked in luggage at the airport. If you are carrying some fragile items, you should also consider the hard sided best suitcases reviews as they will protect your items from damages.

When flying home, you need to purchase a useful good quality and sexy appealing luggage. This fashion will definitely portray your elegant looks as you stroll through the airport to meet with your family and friends.

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