CalPak Champ 21-inch Carry On Rolling Upright Duffel Bag Review





I was looking for a gym bag because my old one has seen its better days. It really looks very rugged now. I wanted a duffel with wheels. I usually come home after work and start to the gym. After about 3 hours work out, I get back home. I usually carry a lot to the gym. I wanted a duffel that fits the gym locker too.

A friend of mine recently joined the gym and she had the CalPak Champ 21-inch Carry On Rolling Upright Duffel Bag. I liked the bag so much. I asked her where she got them and wanted to buy it. She said she got it on Amazon. I have never got anything much online, but she was very confident that this will work. Thankfully it did!

Features of the CalPak Champ 21-inch Carry On Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

I enjoy taking this duffel to the gym now. I guess I can take it to a short trip in future. Looks good. Here are the best features of this bag. Here is the CalPak Champ 21-inch Carry On Rolling Upright Duffel Bag Review:

CalPak Champ 21-inch Carry On Rolling Upright Duffel Bag Review

The CalPak Champ is not a showstopper. It looks good. It is a great product for the price. If you plan to take it for a short trip in the car, it would work great. They are great on flight travel also.

In international flights, you can put them on the overhead or under the seat because of the size. Some domestic flights may not have space for the bag.

It is best to check out the airlines before you go on a trip. The bag is very functional. They look neat for the size. I have the lime colour bag with a blue combination. The zippers look great in the bag.

Easy To Move

The wheels of the bag have ball bearing wheels that make them move around smoothly without making a lot of noise. My duffel bag that I had earlier did not have wheels and I had to carry them on my shoulders.

I have always envied people with a roller duffel as it is very easy to manoeuvre. I go to the gym every day and it was very difficult to carry a heavy duffel every day.

I used to feel very tired before I hit the gym and I was not able to concentrate on my workouts. Getting back home carrying my duffel was always a nightmare. I walk to the gym as it is very close to home and I find the wheels in CalPak Champ very convenient.

Good Quality

The material of the bag is 100% Polyester. They look good and feel good. Some of the reviews on Amazon made me feel doubtful if they would really last.

I was very unsure before I got the bag. Now I have used the duffel for over one year, taking it dutifully to the gym every day. I am very satisfied with the durability.

I had no problems with the bag so far. Maybe the reviewers crammed up the bag. I have never cramped up or packed it full. It has never tipped over or fallen when I leave the bag down. I recommend using this bag sensibly without over-stuffing it.

Long Handles

I am 5 feet and 5. I have found some of the handles in the suitcases very annoying. They do not extend to my height. I feel pity for people who are taller than me using the short-handled suitcases and duffel bags.

They would probably end up with back pain. I take them through three streets every day and it is very easy to use the handles.

The handles perfectly come up to my height making it very comfortable to use it. I guess they would suit anyone from small Kids to people taller than me. The straps are perfect to take them around as a duffel bag.

Cheap Price

The best feature of the CalPak Champ 21-inch Carry-on Rolling Upright Duffel Bag is the unbeatable cheap price. I loved the price at first sight that I was sure it would not matter even if it did not last for a long time.

I got it for a ?% discount on Amazon. I got the bag home in just two days. I loved the price and the service.

I do not mind getting more of them as gifts for family or friends in future. The bag has been with me for over a year now with no complaints. It is a great value for my money.

Detachable Straps

The straps in the duffel bags are detachable. They are very easy to take your duffel on stairs or uneven rugged path which would spoil your wheels otherwise.

The straps come with a Velcro attachment making it very easy to attach it or remove it when it is not in use.

I found that the straps kept falling on the ground when I pulled it by the handle and removed the straps and kept them in the bag. This would give a long life for the straps as well. I felt that the fabric of the duffel very thin but it is very durable.


  • Very affordable priced duffel bag.
  • Easy to carry around with wheels.
  • Great quality compared to the cheap price.
  • Very easy to carry around if they are moderately packed.
  • It is easy to use it as a duffel when you want it.
  • Well-built and good-sized duffel bag for all short trips.
  • Great carry on.
  • If used as a check-in, it is very easy to spot.


  • Falls over if packed full.

Features at a Glance

  • Zippered side pocket.
  • Self-repairing excel zippers.
  • Self-locking retractable handle.
  • Front accessory zippered pocket.
  • Detachable non-slip shoulder strap.
  • Large main compartment.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Large.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 21″x13″x13″.
  • Linear Inches: 47″.
  • Interior Dimensions: Not Available.
  • Shipping Weight: 7 pounds.
  • Weight: 5 lbs, 12 oz.
  • Material: Rip Stop Polyester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it fold flat?

A: When we got the bag delivered, it came folded flat. The frame can keep it completely flat when the bag is empty.

Final Verdict

I find a great purpose in using this California Pak 21-Inch carry-on rolling upright bag. It works as a great gym bag. I am not sure if I will take it on any domestic flight. The size of the bag makes it difficult to fit under the airplane seat. If I go on a road trip, I’m sure I will take this duffel bag with me. It will work perfectly for a week’s dresses.

I once went on a short trip and had 2 pairs of jeans, 6 sets of underwear, 6 tees, 4 long sleeve dresses and one travel bag with all my personal toiletries. It held up fine on the round trip. I would definitely buy another one in future, again from Amazon!

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