Choosing Right Type of Luggage for Your Next Vacatio

Travel is an important and inevitable part of life. Some peoples' jobs require them to travel often while for others, traveling is a hobby. Whichever way, it is important to remember that luggage is a crucial part of travel. For any traveler, they most likely have questioned what to include or exclude in their luggage and the following are some guidelines to shade some light on the same.

Choosing Right Type of Luggage for Your Next Vacation


These are the bags that a traveler carries when traveling. They vary from one traveler to another based on various reasons as illustrated below.


The place that you will be staying i.e. camping, hotels, hostels etc.? ° The frequency of movement between the places you will be staying in the case of hotels for example. Mode of movement i.e. trekking, public transport or rent a rented vehicle.


These are rectangular shaped bags with rounded or shaped edges. They have handles and a flap opening for easy access to the content. They also sometimes have wheels for easier movement or transportation especially when they are too heavy to Lift. They are ideal for trips involving staying in a home or one hotel for a long period without moving from place to place. That means for visiting family or during a business trip, it is the ideal kind of luggage to carry, However, it should be noted that they are bulky and a bit uncomfortable to carry around.


These bags come in cylinder-like shapes or have a rectangular body. They have a strap attached to the ends that make it easy to carry over the shoulder. In addition, they have two straps on the sides. They are mostly used as supplements to suitcases or other luggage as they are foldable and do not occupy much storage space. It is important to note that they are made of tough and strong fabric and thus are durable.


These kinds of luggage have one large division in them that carries most of the items with a few other smaller divisions for carrying delicate items or those that one may need constant access to them in the course of the travel. Their name is derived from the fact that they are designed to be carried on the back using the two straps attached to them. These are very common among the young people and have zippers for each compartment that provide an easier time when retrieving belongings. They are easier to carry from place to place and are convenient for travelers who are moving from place to place.


This is a fashionable bag which is easy to carry. However, it is small and only has little space to carry essentials likes cosmetics, a few clothing or electronics.


This is luggage that the traveler takes on hoard with them, and may be in form of a small bag or a small suitcase depending on what they intend to carry in there. They vary in size depending on the travel companies and their stipulated limits. Most times, however, the traveler will be allowed to carry small delicate or personal items that they might need during the travel period, in this type of luggage. What to carry in this type of luggage.

Cash, traveler's cheques, credit cards, and any other important business or personal documents. These are better placed in here to limit their chances of loss during the flight.

Electronics- This refers to those that are small enough to fit into the luggage and comfortable enough to sit with. It is advisable to have them with you so they don't get damaged as your checked baggage, often gets tossed around during loading and flight times.

Medications- These should be here in case of emergencies or to avoid losing them as in the cases of lost luggage. Any other valuables such as jewelry are safer in a well-zippered pocket of this kind of luggage to safeguard against possible loss.

Having a change of clothes in your is also essential as you may need to change or freshen up at the time of travel.

NOTE: It is important to ensure that there is enough room for your feet under the seat in the case of long flights and therefore this luggage should be as small as possible. What not to carry in the luggage.

Sharp objects which include knives,
corkscrews, scissors, skates, and tweezers should not be part of what is packed in the carry-on luggage as they are dangerous items: lighters, for example, cigarette lighters should not be carelessly handled due to the danger they pose, Liquids of more than 100ml should also not be included in the carry-on bag.


  • Pack the content in resealable plastic bags.
  • This will protect it from undesirable exposure while/if they get checked- Expel all the air in the bags to avoid bursting in high altitudes.
  • Place luggage tags both on the inside and outside of the luggage for ease of identification. The tags should contain crucial information such as addresses and names: Any unprocessed films should not be carried as exposure to rays during the inspection will cause permanent damage to them.


This is the kind of luggage that is mostly made up of big bags and is inaccessible to the traveler during the travel period as they are kept away.

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