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My scrapbooking Blog is my introduction on the Internet. I have gathered a lot of friends within the US and across the globe through it. As a result, I conduct many contests and share the prizes to other Scrapbookers within the blogging community without stepping out of my house. My blogger friend and I decided to attend scrapbook crops together. We decided to meet other friends from the blogging community at the crops.

I wanted a bag to fit all my scrapbooking supplies. My friend suggested Darice Rolling Scrap Book Tote, Black on Amazon. I liked this tote since I can push it like a cart when I can’t carry it. It has many zippers easy to organize my materials in it. I decided to go for it and ordered it. The package from Amazon came within 72-hours after I placed the order.

For the last eight months, I have traveled to contests and crops within the US with this tote. My friends call it my “Survival Kit”. My friend and I have decided to host a contest very soon. We will gift this tote bag from Amazon to the winner.

Features of the Darice Rolling ScrapBook Tote

Here’s why I decided it is one of the best gifts for a Scrapbooker:

Darice Rolling ScrapBook Tote Review

I love scrapbooking and I have tons of material in my room. I worried if the bag could handle all my accessories. My room is clean and spacious, ever since this bag arrived home. This large black nylon bag accommodates all my ScrapBook supplies.

The compartments help organize my supplies properly. During travel, I prefer to push it around like a cart when I can’t carry it. It has held up well in all my 30 trips.

I am still counting on it for more trips ahead. I use public transport to visit my friends at crops held at various places. It’s a relief it has held up appreciably without any wear and tear after running it through gravel and rough pavements at the train stations.


To my surprise, the bag is sturdy than I anticipated. The sturdy nylon holds up well and has an inner compartment that fits my 14” bead box. It fits all my brushes, files, papers and other accessories in the suitable compartments.

Many Velcro-styled pockets make it easy for me to find things quickly. I am 5”9 and I feel the handle is right for my height. Once in a while, my sister takes this Darice Rolling ScrapBook Tote bag to her painting classes and my brother uses it for his dance competitions.

After receiving compliments for its durability from their friends, I feel it’s time to gift them a set to safeguard mine! I have dragged it great distances, but not much trace of it on the rubber in the wheels.


There is ample space for all the supplies. There are a couple of removable zippers that adds an extra inch of space to keep my big boxes. Most times, I pack a few self-care items to save a handbag.

The side zippers are my place for personal accessories. I place my embellishments in the interior compartment over my bead set. I place my visiting cards and a signature pen set in one of the inside flap pockets.

All the different border punches, scissors, stamping accessories, stickers, cards, cutting machines and much more have their places in this bag. I organize this bag well enough to remember which goes where. This bag helps my craftwork at home too.


The pockets are the primary reason I bought this bag. The bag has pockets of various sizes. Before this bag came, I have misplaced items while I work on scrapbooks.

My scrapbook, cards and Bead set are the only things that stay on the table at workshops now. One look at the pockets and I know what’s missing and what I need to use and where it is.

My personal care items fit well in the side pockets. I stick to one bag on crop meets. The Velcro-styled pockets help items stay in its place! I gift supplies to friends when I meet them and I have them all set in a separate pocket.


Though I loved the bag, it was new using it. I never remembered where I kept things in the bag and used the zippers repeatedly. I don’t like to keep the bag full open and I use the zippers often.

This happened for two months from the moment I bought this Darice Rolling ScrapBook Tote bag. This continuous exercise of using the zippers did not break the zippers as I expected it would.

It took me four months to get accustomed to the supplies within the bag. I am happy with the zippers. I have loaded my bag to the rim only on a couple of occasions and did not notice any exceptional issues with the zippers.

Unique Design

I have searched for rolling totes many times, but I did not have much luck finding one earlier. This bag’s design is simple to use and easy to carry.

I have used carry-on bags earlier and they were always heavy and I never preferred to travel. I did not want to tire myself before reaching the crops. The rollers have made this bag a hit!

I don’t have to bear the weight and that is a huge relief. The bag stays on the floor or under my seat in public transport. Students pursuing various arts can use it as an alternative to heavy backpacks.


  • Simple yet uniquely designed tote.
  • Black Nylon holds everything together without wear and tear.
  • The main attraction of this bag is its pockets in various sizes.
  • The retractable handle is sturdy and tall enough for a person with a medium frame.
  • The wheels roll smoothly even on rough pavements.
  • Huge storage and all items stay in place due to Velcro-styled pockets.


  • The bag falls over when full.

Features at a Glance

  • Can be carried or pushed like a cart.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Loaded with zippered and velcro-style pockets.
  • Retractable handle.
  • Large black nylon bag for organizing scrapbook paper and supplies.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 17.5x17x9 inches.
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.2 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this bag suit a tall framed person?

A: This is an excellent tote for a tall framed person. I would suggest you use it as a carry-on instead of wheeling it around.

Q: Is international shipping available for this product?

A: This product is available only within the US.

Q: Does this bag come in different colors?

A: No. Only Black is available.

Final Verdict

I am a scrapbook addict. This tote has helped me step out of my house and attend various classes and conduct a few. There are many supplies that I have won at various contests and the spacious Darice Rolling Scrap Book Tote, Black is where they all belong.

I will be happy to gift this bag to the winners of my contest this year. There are times I have used this tote to move around books, for a couple of dance competitions and other art classes. The sturdy zippers, the handle, and the wheels have survived my careless tricks.

I recommend this bag if you want to keep your stuff organized. I ordered mine in Amazon and received it within 3-days without any hassles. Just don’t fill it to the rim if this is your only luggage! Otherwise, it’s a perfect bag for the person with a small to medium frame. This is a scrapbook party on wheels!

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