Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase Review

People travel so that they can see new places; others travel to meet new people while a big percentage travels because well, they love traveling. There is an inexplicable feeling one experiences when driving away, when the plane is taxiing along the runway ready for take off. Traveling brings different feelings to people but whatever they are, Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase is clear that most people love the possibilities that come with the activity.

The savvy knows that a single piece of luggage does not come close to covering the needs of a traveling escapade. Each trip is different from the other and this determines what bag to choose depending on how long they intend to stay away.

A parent will also know that the backpack their kids use to go to school cannot hold half the load a vacation bag can carry. The market is filled with an extensive variety of packs, luggage sets and bags to choose from and a parent will need to pick what best suits their kids. This Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase Review will highlight some of the features that make it a favorite to kids.

Features of the Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase

What are the features that you must know?

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase Review

Buying luggage for a kid is harder than it is to buy one for an adult. Getting a child to really appreciate your effort needs some serious work. Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase is because the things that appeal to you as an adult may have little or no effect on a child.

Children identify with different characters that they see in the shows they watch and getting them a bag that has artwork with the same is a sure way of melting their little hearts. Almost every child who is over a year old has heard or seen the character referred to as Lightning Mcqueen in the film show Cars.

This is a film that has several talking cars of different models as its cast. The Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase is a spitting image of the Mcqueen character. The artwork used on it makes the wheel feature to appear raised as in a real car and this appearance is very exciting to kids.

Main Compartment and Front Pocket Fitted With a Zip Closure

Any bag designed for kids and does not come fitted with a zip closure is no good. Zippers ensure that the contents of the small suitcase do not fall out or get lost and the Disney pack meets this need. It has even been made better by the availability of two zip pulls, if one happens to fail then the other zipper can do the work.

The design with which the zipper has been fitted is very useful as well; it forms a U shape that opens the top part of the case providing easy access to the items inside. The smaller pocket on the front side also has a zipper closure.

Its strategic placement makes it a great compartment for packing small items which are easily accessible to the kid at all times. Both zippers are characterized by sturdiness and this ensures that they do not fall apart and that they are also simple enough for a child to open with ease.

Retractable Handle and a Top Carrying Strap

Kids need to bring several clothes, books and sometimes even a few toys when they are going on a trip. Once everything has been packed in the case it becomes quite heavy for them to lift up and Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase is where the handle plays an important role.

Pulling the loaded suitcase behind them lessens the feel of the weight load and they can navigate their way across airports with ease. Since the handle is retractable. It can be folded out of sight when boarding to allow the bag to pass as a carry on that can fit under the plane seats or in the overhead compartment.

The top carrying handle provides easy handling of the bag when it is not being pulled. Parents can also use the carrying strap to carry the case when their kids get tired of wheeling it.

Two Wheels on the Rear

The suitcase has been fitted with two wheels on the rear sides. These wheels are strong and carry the weight of the bag without breaking down. The wheels are well placed with good spacing that provides balance when pulling.

They make it easy for a child to maneuver and make his way across terminals without the bag toppling over or going askew. The stability provided by the wheels enhances ease of movement on both rough and smooth surfaces.

Durable Canvas Material

Like any other outdoor activity, traveling will come with its costs. It is important to keep a close eye on your spending habits to ensure that the vacation does not leave a big dent on your finances. A good buy is characterized by durability and longevity of the product in question.

Purchasing a quality item means that you will not be going back to the shops soon for the same item as it will take some time to wear down a strong item.

Canvas has over the years been used in tent and sail making where sturdiness is highly considered. A suitcase made of Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase material is therefore trusted to be able to withstand any tagging and pulling by kids as well as the pressure exerted by its contents.

Greats Size With Enough Packing Room

If you settle for a particular bag, it means that you have gone through its specifications and loved the design. The storage compartments need to suit your needs perfectly to ensure that you are not forced to leave items that you might need.

There are some packs that will need checking in and paying for at the airport. The Disney case comes in a perfect size that does not need to be paid for at the airport.

In addition to this, the space in the main compartment has been proven to hold enough child clothing that can last more than a week. Traveling is made much simpler if you are traveling light. Having this case ensures that your kids clothing is packed in a single bag which makes luggage handling much easy.


  • Artwork features very appealing to kids.
  • Smooth zipper and soft material are kid friendly.
  • Front pocket facilitates easy access of items.
  • Handle pulls up and down easily making maneuvering simple.
  • Perfect size for a weeklong vacation.


  • Unsuitable for a older kid’s long vacation.

Features at a Glance

  • Durable Canvas material.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Front zip compartments.
  • Retractable handle.
  • Top carrying strap.
  • Sturdy wheels.
  • Artwork features raised wheel detailing.
  • Features sound effects.
  • Made in USA or Imported.
  • Two rear wheels.
  • ID tag holder with clear window display.

Product Specifications

  • Disney Cars Rolling backpack 17H x 12W x 6D.
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds.
  • Handle extends to 37” H.
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 16 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it pass as a carry on at airports?

A: Yes, most airlines do not have a problem with it.

Q: Is the bag’s weight as advertised or is it heavier?

A: Exactly as advertised.

Final Verdict

When hunting for a kids travel bag, it is important not to let your personal preferences take precedence. It is very unlikely that you have the same tastes as the child so let your focus be on the specifications, design and most importantly your needs.

You will enjoy your vacation more when everyone is happy with their luggage. Kids can be quite a handful to deal with especially when they are excited by an upcoming vacation and you cannot afford to take chances.

You do not have enough time to have fun, deal with unpleasant surprises brought about by substandard bags and watch your kids all at a go. Be a smart planner and make every minute of your vacation count by getting the best travel gear.

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