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I love to go hiking! There is no stop. I enjoy going on a hiking trip every month. Recently I got the High Sierra AT3 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle from Amazon. It is awesome! A dream come true bag for my passion on hiking.

I believe that an active vacation will make up all the sedentary days you spend in the office. Making yourself sit at desk and work makes your life so dull and boring.

An active vacation with one or two hikes makes my life fresher. In fact, my hiking journeys bring life to my life!

Features of the High Sierra AT3 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle

The High Sierra AT3 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle is the best in my opinion. Here’s why:

High Sierra AT3 26" Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle Review

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I’m not a very careful person. I have rolled down the High Sierra 26″ several times but it has not fallen apart.

The best part is that it holds anything beautifully. It looks like it has a flimsy type construction but the bag is very functional proving the Opposite! Some of the parts in the bag look like they have only a single line of stitches, like the divider inside.

I was thinking that it will come off on the first trip. So far, I have been on 4-weekend adventure trips. It has not fallen apart. It works just fine.


You name it and you get it! I loved the bag’s versatility. I love to take anything on my back. I can use the High Sierra AT3 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle as a backpack when I want to.

If I’m at the airport, I love to wheel it around. When I use it on my hike trails I enjoy wearing it on my back. Other times when the bag is not stuffed, I carry it like a normal duffel.

I love this. I have only dreamt of having a bag like this before. I am head over heels in love with this masterpiece now. I take it along on every outdoor trip I plan for.


I would say that many people might not find this set attractive when they see it. Rather they find it very attractive once they start using it. I did not like it very much before I got them for myself.

They look rather plain and mine was quite different from the display picture on Amazon. I was very fussy, but I started using High Sierra AT3 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle anyway as I had an upcoming trip that weekend. I was very surprised how the bag worked. I loved it.

Simply felt that I was being very unreasonable to say, anyone, that the bag doesn’t look attractive. It is not a show stopper, but if I don’t take it with me on my hiking trip, I feel like something is missing big time.

Holds More

The bag looks very small when you see it for the first time. It holds a lot. I had my shoes in the divided part in the bag. I had all other things that I wanted on my hike. I kept my dirty things and shoe in one part and the good things on the other.

There are compression straps that will Help you make the bag small when it is not overloaded. I enjoy carrying them as usual duffel bags when they are not loaded. The bottom part is the place to keep all your folded clothes. It has hold-down straps as well.

The top part is like a usual duffel bag. You can keep any irregularly shaped thing or a hard object in it. The two compartments have two different zippers. A soft nylon cover separates them both. If you want to use them as a whole, you can do it.

Never Tips Over

As an upright, the construction is simply brilliant. It never tips over like any other upright bag. It never keels over, making it a delight on any airport or bus or train.

Earlier I had an upright suitcase that would fall when I had to stop. Imagine having to fill out a form and your suitcase falling down straight on the floor. High Sierra AT3 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle is very inconvenient and embarrassing.

I never had any problems so far with High Sierra 26″ after all my adventurous trips. I have taken them on flights, trains and cars. I must admit that they are very good.

Affordable Price

If you buy them on Amazon like me, you can get it under $. Great value for the money spent. I first saw them on an outdoor sports exhibition in my city and they had it for double the price on Amazon.

It was for $ in the expo. I got it for $. Unbelievable discount. More than %. If you see it anywhere else, check with Amazon for the price. I am very sure that you will find it at a cheaper price.

The service and quality are very good too. I would recommend to buy it on Amazon. The bag has a good review on Amazon too.


  • The bag is very cleverly constructed.
  • It is easy to take it as a backpack, a duffel or a roller.
  • Very spacious bag.
  • It seems bottomless.
  • The padded handle is very comfortable to hold.
  • The bag has an internal divider which helps in organizing.
  • The bag never tips over.
  • It is a surprise for a bag of this size.
  • You can buy this bag for under $ in Amazon.


  • There are no internal zipped pockets.

Features at a Glance

  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 14.5 inches.
  • Size: X-Large.
  • Linear Inches: 55.5″.
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Capacity: 6120 cu. in.
  • Material: Duralite Tech-Weave.
  • Weight: 11.8 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 12 pounds.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Duralite Tech, 900-denier Duralite, 1200 x 1800-denier Duralite
  • Overall measurement: 26 by 14.5 by 15 inches
  • Capacity: 5655 cubic inches
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 26 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 11.5 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I compress the bag into a suitcase?

A: No. I feel that this bag is pretty big for its size. There is a hard bottom frame on the duffel.

Q: Any experience about using the bag as a carry-on?

A: I would suggest you to check-in the bag. If you try to use it as a carry-on, you may have trouble fitting them in the overhead bins the flight.

Final Verdict

If you love adventure, don’t miss out the High Sierra 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel bag. It is very spacious and holds up everything you need for an outdoor adventure. The shoe compartment makes it very comfortable to separate your beautiful garments from getting soiled because of your shoes.

I got them on Amazon with a % discount. I saved almost $. It is a good deal for the price. I will definitely recommend this bag to anyone who loves adventure and outdoor sports. I would say that this is the only luggage that you need on your outdoor trip. In fact, it is the only checked luggage you will ever need unless you are Steve Nicks!

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