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A very thoughtfully designed check-in bag! I enjoyed my 6-week tour to Spain and Andorra with the High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle bag. I had to walk for a long time, travel on bus, train, few cabs and a Limo.

I switched 4 flights too. The beautiful bag held up beautifully and it was very convenient on the trip. I pulled it along, lifted it at times, carried it on my back when the bag was light weighted.

Overall, had a lot of fun without any “luggage concerns” that I usually have on any 6-weeks trip. This was my only luggage for my husband and me.

Features of the High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle

The best features of the High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle are below:

High Sierra AT3 32" Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle Review

The High Sierra 32″ is a very spacious bag. Easy to carry around, the duffel is held upright or rolled on the wheel, you can carry it as a backpack or as a regular duffel bag.

It has a big compartment, divided into two. The lower part is easy to hold folded dresses and the upper part is the best place to keep anything else from shoes to any irregularly shaped object. The two sections are easy to reach through many zippers. You can opt to make it as a big compartment by removing the division between the two sections too.

If you go to the trip with a partner, you can decide to have one section for each. If you prefer, you can use one section to keep the clean folded dresses and the other to hold dirty stuff like I did. It is your choice!

Delightful Straps

The High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle has very comfortable straps. The padded straps for the backpack put your shoulder to stress-free luggage carrying experience.

My hubby enjoyed taking it on his shoulder when we were on the trails. He said he never had any back pain or shoulder pain that he usually gets when he carries heavier backpacks. When you are on the stairs or when your hands have enough to carry, these straps make it a delight to have this bag on your trip.

There is also a flap that covers the part of the bag on the floor. This makes your dress stay clean, without a sign that you had the bag on your shoulder

Three in One

The High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle bag surprises me with its versatility. It is a three-in-one bag. It is a three-in-one bag. I have travelled a lot with this bag. I have had it tossed around, Packed, unpacked, transported and taken in many multi-city trips.

I enjoyed taking it in all the possible ways. The upright wheelers were a great option on all even floored places like the airport, bus stations, roads and malls. I loved the shoulder backpack on all uneven trails and hiking trips.

I also liked to take it as a backpack when my hands were full or when I had some other bag to wheel around. The duffel option is great on the stairs, when they are few or when the bag was not really fully packed.


The bag is very convenient when you start using them I have taken them on many trips. They do not look good as new anymore.

I like the way they look Now. It is like saying the world that the bag is enjoying every trip with me. It is with me on almost every single trip after I got this bag. I don’t want to miss the convenience offered by my High Sierra on my trips anymore.

My hubby also likes the bag and he got one for his outdoor adventures that he prefers to go alone with his friends.


High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle bag has many compartments. I love the upper part of the duffel that has a lot of space. It is the place where I keep all my durable small things like the mobile charger and the camera charger.

I can find them easily when I look out for them. I also keep my short snack packs that I enjoy when I am on the go. A flashlight and an umbrella always in the section as it is handy to use. If you get wet, you can keep your wet clothes in the pouch too. Maybe a raincoat too. Very spacious.


I got them on Amazon after reading the High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle Review on the website. I am very happy about the price too.

Amazon gives a huge discount on all the products. I loved the fact that I got this High Sierra 32″ for $. I got it for a % discount on the original price of the bag.

The discount keeps changing and you may happen to get the bag for a lower price than what I got for. It is worth checking the price on Amazon before you pay anywhere else for the bag.


  • The back straps are very comfortable.
  • Padded for extra comfort.
  • There is a roomy pocket on the top of the duffel that holds a lot.
  • Very durable design.
  • Zippers are very easy to close and open.
  • Very uniquely designed bag.
  • Secure bag with a lot of pockets.


  • Very easy to over pack the bag.

Features at a Glance

  • Large main compartment.
  • With front-load access.
  • Expands 2" for additional packing capacity.
  • Fabric/Nylon/Duralite Tech-Weave.
  • Top-loading front accessory pocket.
  • It is three bags in one!
  • Use it as a wheeled upright.
  • A duffel or as a backpack.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 32 x 15.5 inches.
  • Size: X-Large.
  • Linear Inches: 63.25″.
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Capacity: 8360 cu. in.
  • Material: Duralite Tech-Weave.
  • Weight: 11 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 15 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this bag oversized?

A: Not at all. I have been on many international flights and I have never been charged for over sized luggage with the High Sierra 32″.

Q: I love Skiing. Can I use this bag for my outdoor adventures?

A: Yes definitely. It has a lot of room in it for any outdoor sport. Pack it in the right way and you get a lot more than you expect in space.

Final Verdict

My High Sierra AT3 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle Review is on my experience with this bag. I had a great time with this bag and I am sure you too will. It makes a great companion on any trip. It works great on any long or short trip as it has parts that expand and compress, making the duffel useful for any trip across the globe.

I have many instances where fellow passengers wanted to know where I got this bag from. I proudly say them I got from Amazon. A quick and easy way to get the High Sierra 32″ in a hassle free way!

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