How to Choose the Travel Luggage for Planning Your Trip

Whether you're scheduled for a business trip or are planning a weekend getaway, choosing the right travel luggage is important. For a stress-free vacation, packing your gear in an appropriate bag isn't a difficult task. However, a number of obstacles can spoil your traveling experience if you're using an unsuitable travel bag. What if you can't fit all your essentials into a single bag? Maybe you constantly misplace your items because your bag doesn't have enough compartments. Perhaps your bag is bulky, heavy and inefficiently heavy during the trip? If you want the right travel luggage for planning your trip, there are certain things to consider. There are different kinds of travel bags available online, with distinct designs and features to suit your trip. Here's a list of the commonly used travel bags.

Types of Travel Luggage

Duffel Bags

Traditional and absolutely non-dramatic, duffel bags are most commonly used by passengers for carrying sports equipment, apparels etc. They are ideal for short trips, easy to use and incredibly mobile. Traditional duffel bags don't have wheels or a pulling hand but they are lighter than most bags. This travel luggage folds up easily, is lightweight and cost friendly. It can have a huge storage space, up till 130 liters of space, zipper for securing your items and is ideal for students on the move.


May it be a laptop bag, a day packer or a hiking bag backpacks are easy to carry around, are cost friendly and ideal for techno geeks! These urban on-the-sleeve bags feature padded compartments inside, miniature pockets on both sides or at the front for holding in adapters, charging cables, pen drives and other trinkets. Backpacks are used by IT professionals round the clock, even if they have to travel for short ventures.


Briefcases are purely meant for business trips, are sturdy and allow travelers to carry minimum and most important documents. If you are planning on attending a business meeting, hop onto your flight with a briefcase that can always be carried into the cabin. Because of its staunch frame, briefcases protect your documents from getting crinkled and torn.

Travel Tote

A travel tote is a fashionable luggage for women, who wish to travel in style. It is easy to carry around for short events, has miniature compartments and comes in a variety of designs. You can carry all your essentials like cosmetics, mobile accessories, and clothing. For those who want to travel light, a travel tote is spacious and affordable especially since it adds a classic touch to your traveling experience.

Wheeled Bags

Large, spacious and secure, wheeled bags are ideal for families who wish to travel for long vacations. Such bags typically feature sturdy construction, compact sizing and organized compartments for storing all your essentials. When you know you need space to collect souvenirs, 1 wheeled bags are ideal for road trips and family vacations.

Rolling Duffel Bag

The rolling duffel bag is usually luggage used during adventure travel. It provides a suitable combination portability and packing efficiency. Adventurers who need to carry equipment of different sizes and are constantly on the move, such bags are a blessing. Imagine coming back from a tiring hike and you just don't have the strength shoulder your bag the very next day!

Travel Luggage for Planning Your Trip - To do's

Kind of Travel

Once you know the purpose of your trip, it is easy to pick out the right travel luggage. Individuals who need to make short business trips prefer using briefcases and certain professionals need laptop bags for carrying a limited number of technical gear. If your family is planning a vacation, choose wheeled bags that have ample space to fit in belongings. For those who simply want a short weekend getaway, duffel bags are a cost friendly option. Travel luggage can be picked with respect to certain features like compartment space, shoulder straps, wheels etc.


The size of your baggage should be appropriate to suit your traveling plans. A general rule is that you should pick a carry-on bag that is around 45 inches while checked-in luggage can measure 65 inches and above. Every airline has specific rules regarding the size and weight of your luggage depending on domestic and international travel. Choose accordingly and ensure you have all details confirmed before buying the ideal bag.

Soft or Hard Bag

A soft bag is commonly ideal for squeezing into overhead compartments of your flight so it is useful when you're traveling light. Such bags also absorb shook efficiently and can have features like zippered locks, wheeled mobility and much more. Hard cased luggage usually refers compact designed cases that help meet size and weight requirements for easy travel. Such bags are usually tightly knit, secure fragile items and are easy to maintain in the longer run.


The best indicator for durability of your travel baggage is its structure, material and a steadfast that should be at least a year. Depending on the length of your journey and the place you are visiting, picking the ideal bag can get tricky. If you are planning an escapade into the wild (for example a jungle safari) you should pick a bag that is resistant to wear and tear. Bags that are waterproof are perfect for adventure travel.

Hard Luggage Durability

Some travel bags are made from aluminum, polycarbonate, thermoplastics like ABS and other such robust materials. You may not find a variety of designs for hard cased luggage but you will get the resilience of a bag that can withstand constant wear and tear.

Soft Luggage Durability

Cardura nylon, ballistic nylon, polyester are materials used for making soft case luggage. Such bags are resistant to tears, so ruffs and abrasions. They are tough, easy to clean and provide a good value for your money.


Getting security accessories for your luggage is a simple means of protecting your gear. There are some bags that come with secure locks like in a briefcase but it's a safe option to opt for more. Anti-theft travel luggage feature TSA approved locks and RFID blocking systems to enhance security. Multi-zippered compartments, slash proof straps on the bag, chains and E-readers are certain features to look out for while choosing the right travel luggage.

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