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Travelling is perhaps one of life greatest pleasures. For a large number of people, travelling is a hobby of sorts and it's thought to have a therapeutic effect. It's the therapeutic effect that makes a large number of writers choose to take a travelling break' when they're experience the dreaded writer's block.

However, you're probably more adventurous than the average writer and your travel expeditions need to have a dash of adrenaline here and there. In this regard, here are a few ideas you might want to consider as you make plans for the next travel expedition. Read along.

No Cell-Phones!

A good number of people wouldn't last a day or two without regular access to their phones. It makes them feel connected' to the world-so to speak. There's nothing particularly wrong about that.

But what's the essence of travelling? Is it not to get away from the people and the environment that you're connected' to every other day? On an ordinary day, your phone is a must-have device. When you're travelling however, it's bound to be a distraction. It will stop you from getting fully immersed in the activities of the day at the destination in question.

You’re bound to have access to a phone (landline or otherwise) at the hotel/motel and so keeping in touch with friends and family should not be a problem. For photos of the various places and landmarks you'll visit, carry a camera instead.

Remember to leave out the cell phones and tablets next time you're packing bags in preparation for a vacation and/or adventure.

Carry a Backpack

Extreme backpackers often only carry the most basic of supplies required for their survival. Backpacking is the art of travelling light. The name backpacking' is derived from the fact that all luggage for a backpacking expedition should fit into a backpack.

Backpacking is thrilling because it brings in the element of survival during a travel expedition. It‘s also an economical way to travel. The less the luggage, the less your luggage transportation costs will be. Similarly, you could easily skip on travel insurance if you're backpacking because you wouldn't really have much to lose in the event that luggage is lost.

Backpacking is as exciting as it gets when it comes to travel expeditions

Fewer Clothes Is Better

If the idea of a backpacking expedition doesn’t appeal to you, try and limit the number of clothes that carry along during the vacation. You don't need to pack half your wardrobe if you're going on a week-long holiday. You'd rather choose 7 complete outfits from your wardrobe that you'll wear during the entire vacation. One for each day.

With fewer clothes, you're less likely to use laundry services at the chosen accommodation establishment. When you do use this service, you're not likely to spend as much. This should come as welcome news considering that laundry-related services are often responsible for a large portion of traveler's expenses. Perhaps more important is the fact that the less you arrive with at the travel destination, the more you’ll be able to carry (items sourced during the expedition) on the return trip. Be sure to cut down on the number of clothing items you'll pack next time. After all, you'll be headed on a travel expedition and not the New York Fashion Week!

Head Off to An Unknown Destination

Places you're already familiar with often make for great travel destinations. Perhaps because travelers are often assured of a great holiday experience and sometimes because they allow you to visit famine and friends.

However, there's so much to see and do around the world yet so little time. Exploring travel destinations you're unfamiliar with is definitely an exciting prospect. Pick up a map and look for a place you've never heard of and drive/fly there just to break the monotony of your regular destinations. You're bound to bump into a number of new picturesque scenes, new finger-licking delicacies and interesting cultural practices/beliefs at the very least.

However, be sure to inform your bank/credit card company that you'll be going on holiday before you leave for the trip. Without this information, the unusual expenditure at the unusual location is likely to raise an alarm and it might be read as suspicious activity' by the bank/card company.

Your account(s] might be frozen until the card company can verify that the said transactions are not fraudulent. Considering that this could take more than 24 hours in some cases, you might find yourself stranded in an unknown destination for a while with no access to your money. This would certainly not be the best position to be in.

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Have you ever heard of the phrase "medical tourism"? It refers to a situation whereby a patient seeks medical attention in an overseas country. Reasons for choosing to this are often as varied as the travelers themselves. However, a large number of travelers go for cosmetic procedures rather than for actual medical treatment

For example, you could choose to have braces fixed on your teeth or you could choose to get breast implants while on vacation. The main force that drives the concept of medical tourism is that the desired treatment procedure is often more affordable in the travel destination than it is back at home. However, remember that you might not get the same quality of service and level of expertise that medical facilities at home provide.

Should you choose to embrace the concept of medical tourism, be sure to establish the reputability of the overseas medical professionals you choose beyond any reasonable doubt.

You probably wouldn't have thought that a planned visit to the dentist could be part of your itinerary during the next travel expedition. But it doesn't sound like such a bad idea, does it? Medical tourism essentially allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Your travel agent might even have a travel package meant specifically for those interested in medical tourism.

Ultimately, everyone has a different opinion on what the perfect travel expedition should entail. However, you won't know what you're missing out on during these expeditions until you open up to new ideas and until you incorporate these ideas in one of your future expeditions.

That's food for thought. Go ahead and spoil yourself with a vacation. You deserve it. Here's to many more future expeditions filled with fun, laughter and good vibes!

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