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For many business professionals today, laptops, tablets and other smart mobile devices are vital for everyday work. Computer technicians, sales professionals, doctors, writers, office employees and college students rely on these gadgets to perform their respective duties. They also have to carry along work-related items such as pens, notebooks, and other supplies. 

All these stuff represent a significant investment for the owner financially and otherwise. Consequently, for an owner to ensure the security of the gadgets and the rest of the things, investing in a good business case is necessary. Without such a bag, it is difficult transport these items safely to where you want them to be.

That is where the Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote comes in for a number of years the brand has been designing bags that exude an air of non-nonsense capabilities. One of their latest additions to the collection, the Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is no different. 

Produced from a hard wearing twill polyester jacquard-weave with a natural, soft inner lining and adorned with the signature Kenneth Cole Reaction label, this bag will put you on a fast track to success. Regardless of your occupation, this bag will meet your needs perfectly. Below are some of the most important features of the Copy That Wheeled Business Tote:

Features of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote

What are the features that you must know?

Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote Review

Laptops or tablets are sensitive pieces of electronic equipment. A harsh and/or sudden impact can cause damage ranging from a tiny dent to broken screen to a hard drive crash. Perhaps you can live with a minor dent. However, laptop or tablet screens are hard and costly to replace, and a massive hard drive failure may cause loss of crucial data to lessen or avoid potential damage, laptop users must make certain the bags they pick not only provide transportation but also offer protection against impact and the elements.

The Wheeled Business Tote has a polyester jacquard outer body material with a leather-like trim and a zipper closure, as well as a carefully lined interior. The laptop and tablet compartments are fully padded providing sufficient cushion against impact incase these gadgets are jostled, bumped or dropped during transit. Additionally, since it is mainly a rolling bag, which users tow rather than carry, the chances of dropping it are nearly zero. The tough yet pliable exterior material is waterproof, offering a decent level of water resistance in case you have to walk through snow or rain. For people who live and work in areas with significant annual rainfall, this is a perfect pick.

Snug Fit

A snug fit is necessary for carrying laptops, tablets and other business essentials. When the laptop does not fit securely, it tends to wiggle around during transportation, and likely become damaged within a short time A tight fit does not necessarily mean the bag has to be compact or small. 

Provided the compartments are thickly padded and close fitting, the actual bag can be as big as you wish it to be Laptops and mobile devices come in many different sizes, usually labeled by their screen sizes. Screens can be as tiny as a 5-inch tablet or as large as an 18-inch laptop. Laptop business bags are typically designated according to the laptop size they are meant to carry.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is designed to accommodate most laptops up to 16-inch screens (though most customers report that it fits their 17-inch laptops perfectly). It is also compatible with iPads and most tablets. 

The main compartment has a padded tablet sack, a padded computer pouch, 2 open top shoe accessory pockets and a zipper pocket. It also includes a front outer concealed zipper pocket with an extensive organizer to hold a wide range of business essentials. The bag offers swift access and everything is easy to pick when you need to.

Ample Space

A good laptop bag should have adequate space for all of the users' day-to-day business items. When carrying a laptop and/or tablet to class or work, you typically also have to carry the chargers, flash drives, USB cables, and sometimes even a wireless mouse (if you prefer it to the laptop touchpad). You also need your mints, a snack, tissues, paper clips, pens, receipts, notebooks, folders, forms, and other work-related documents. Hence, it is crucial that the business case you choose can hold all the things you need in a typical day.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is equipped with extra compartments and enough pockets, with more than enough space to accommodate all your stuff. The large zipper pocket on the outer front has all the slots for sticky notes, pens, an agenda, etc. In additional to the laptop and tablet, the inside can even fit two 1-inch binders if you put them vertically. You do not even have to worry about the weight of all those things because it is a rolling bag.

Easy to Move Around

As aforementioned, many people today have to carry laptops, tablets, textbooks, personal items or business essentials in their backpacks or business bags. All these gear cause the bags to have a weight distribution problem and weigh down on your back and shoulders. Imagine a salesperson carrying a 30-pound briefcase from office to office all day, or a college student hauling a 40-pound backpack from class to class during school hours. It cannot only drain their energy and weigh them down but also affect their health due to muscle strain, shoulder ache and back pain. The only logical solution to this is to buy a wheeled laptop case that you can easily tow around regardless of how much it weighs.

As the name suggests, the Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is essentially a rolling business bag. This offers a number of benefits. The foremost is that you can move it around effortlessly no matter how many items you have packed in it The wheels are made of high quality material and are spaced correctly ensuring that they roll nicely and maneuver corners swiftly. They also offer a decent level of shock absorption, ensuring your devices are safe from shock when rolling on bumpy sidewalks and streets. It stands steadily on the floor of the car while you are on transit. The retractable handle is firm and comfortable for any height.

Exchangeable Handles

A good rolling business case should be convertible. This means, it can be carried on your hand when you do not want to pull or push it around. Not all places are suitable for rolling your laptop case. For instance, it would be difficult to drag the bag in downtown New York during rush hour. Some road terrains and conditions would also present challenges for the wheels, especially if the bag is packed to capacity. 

In those situations, you need a bag that you can either put on your back or hold in your hands. The Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote comes with exchangeable handles. This means, you can put the retractable handle down and carry the bag by its side handles. Since the wheels are set in. you can simply carry it like a handbag when you feel embarrassed to tow it around like luggage.

Perhaps you can roll it around through streets, subway stations or airports to save your back. Carry it when you get to a conference, meeting or library to minimize noise, and so that you do not look like you have your luggage with you.

Stylish Make

Your laptop bag is an extension of your own professional presentation and appearance. You go to office with it daily, carry it to meetings with important clients and even take business trips with it College students who are also serious about their careers should concern themselves with the style of their laptop bags. These bags represent their person style to their peers and tutors. Therefore, whether you are working or studying, it is essential that your bag have a professional, elegant look. Style should be a major factor when looking for a laptop case.

Kenneth Cole ranks among the top brands for professional and stylish laptop bags. The Wheeled Business Tote in particular comes in high quality polyester exterior material in black and tan tones. Traditionally, rolling bags have more of a lollygagged look' and less of a formal appearance. However, the Wheeled Business Tote is not your standard laptop bag. It looks appealing and professional and has an all demand bag look'. Its design is unisex and thus suitable for both adult male and female users.


  • Provides a snug fit and a soft inner lining to protect your valuables.
  • Holds most laptops up to 16-inch screens.
  • Comprises of 100 percent quality man-made exterior materials and lining.
  • Very lightweight weighing only 5.5 pounds.
  • Has zipper closure and offers water resistance.
  • Comes with 8.5-inch shoulder drop and convertible handles.
  • Has an impressive 10-year limited warranty
  • Has sufficient space to carry your laptop and all business essentials.


  • The wheels are not made of softer rubber, making the roller somewhat loud in most surfaces.

Features at a Glance

  • Padded ipad / tablet pocket
  • Hidden Exterior Zipper Pocket
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Business Accessory Organizer
  • Multiple Accessory Pockets
  • Locking Retractable Handle System
  • In-Line Skate Wheels
  • Tote Style Carrying Handles
  • Securely holds laptops up to 17"

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 18 x 15.5 inches
  • High: 13.5"
  • Wide: 17"
  • Linear Inches: 41"
  • Weight: 5 lbs, 8 oz
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Brand: Kenneth Cole Reaction
  • Material: 600D Poly Jacquard
  • Line: Copy That

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the bag small enough to be regarded as a purse or personal item on a plane?

A: No, it is not The Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is essentially a carryon bag, which fits a laptop, tablet and a few other items. It is too bulky to be considered a personal item or purse. It does not even fit under the airplane seat. For most airlines, the rule of thumb of a purse or personal bag is that it has to fit underneath the airplane seat. The wheels certainly do not help, especially because they are not detachable. However, they are set in such way that they are barely noticeable when you are not rolling. They are also very lightweight and will not add any unnecessary baggage if you choose to carry the bag on your shoulders or hands. The entire bag weighs less than six pounds.

Q: Can this bag hold a laptop and a portable scanner at the same time?

A: It depends with the size of both your laptop and scanner. The items will most likely fit if the portable scanner is slim, but you also have to check the dimensions of the items against the dimensions of the bag. Both items cannot fit if either of them is too large. The good news is most users are reporting that their laptops and slim portable scanners fit in the bag along with a few files.

Q: Is it possible to return the bag if you do not like it?

AYes absolutely if you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, which offers free returns. You will have a few days to try out the product and send it back if it is not what you had expected. Nevertheless, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is guaranteed to surpass your expectations.

Final Verdict

There is a popular saying that goes, all you get what you pay for'. In most cases, this is true. Many of the less expensive rolling laptop bags easily tear. They can tear from the bottom or from the handles at the top and sides. Some even tear on both ends shortly after they hit the streets. That is the difference between a substandard handbag and a high-end quality bag. The latter ones have superiority durable fabric that is tough to tear and can endure the harshest of streets, sidewalks, stairs, and even wet grass. Their wheels are typically recessed and set wide apart to enhance stability and mobility. Their interior has a smooth lining, and the compartments are properly padded. Their frame and edges are reinforced and have a nice finish.

Such bags do not often come cheap. You usually have to part with hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, the Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is one of the few high-end computer bags that have affordable prices. Enjoy a massive sixty percent discount and free shipping when buying it from Amazon, at only $98.99. The initial price was nearly three hundred dollars. The bottom line is, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy That Wheeled Business Tote is the most resilient, professional and elegant rolling handbag available out there at this price.

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