Know the Purpose of Different Types of Travel Bags

People are usually born with the never-satiated intrinsic wanderlust. Consequently, they are always looking for an occasion to pack their bags and set out for a holiday to uncharted or familiar destinations. Whether you are on a business trip or travelling for enjoyment, your luggage is not supposed to wear you down.

Nowadays, travel bags come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, according to the traveling needs of men and women. This article offers you information about different types of travel bags, their purpose, and the best brands, so you can narrow down your search for these bags while buying the one.

Types of travel bags and their purpose

Traveling is not just heading out without packing your luggage. There are many options when it comes to deciding your travel bag. in this section, you can find useful information and uses of different types of travel bags.

Know the Purpose of Different Types of Travel Bags

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A briefcase is ideal for professionals who want to carry vital office documents during their business tours. Usually, these travel companions have firm surfaces both inside and out. They will offer necessary protection to vital documents and will prevent them from crinkling.

However, the major downside is that they can be easily lost if you are careless. It is highly sensible to buy a briefcase with a combination lock. Some of the renowned briefcase brands include Samsonite, Kenneth Cole, and McKlein USA.


These travel companions are perfect for those who have many things to pack. They are also ideal for travelers who do not like to strain their arms while carrying a weighty bag. Small backpacks are ideal for kids, so they have no necessity strain themselves by carrying heavy luggage.

The downside of this type of travel bag is that it will put the maximum strain on your shoulders and back when you stuff the bag with lots of things.

You can find best deals by buying JanSport, L.L.Bean, Herschel, Quiksilver, Nike, Magellan's, and Osprey backpack brands.


A carry-on is a small travel bag, which is specifically designed for travelers who want to put their luggage under their seats or in airline overhead cubicles. They usually come with wheels and handles with the maximum dimensions of 22 x 35 x 56 centimeters (9 x 14 x 22 inches).

The major drawback of this kind of travel bag is that you can pack it with lesser number of items. The best carry-on brands include Samsonite, Delsey, American Tourister, and Briggs 8. Riley.

Duffle bags

Duffle bags are the ideal travelling companions for those who often bring sports tools. They are also perfect for those who want great versatility in carrying their luggage. They come with the biggest middle compartment to accommodate almost any wearable stuff. These bags are flexible, as well, and they come in small as well as in medium sizes to keep them into an overhead cubicle with immense comfort.

The downside of Duffle bags is that they can put the maximum weight on your arms and shoulders. This means that they are not ideal for the extended periods of transportation around.

The highest quality and the best brands of duffle bags include L.L.Bean, Tumi, Piel, Magellan's, Briggs Riley, eBags, and Eagle Creek.

Luggage sets

Luggage sets consist of numerous pieces of luggage that come jointly as a single group. They usually come with a minimum of two pieces of boarding sets and a maximum of five pieces of boarding sets. A luggage set will usually come with the combination of carry-ons, uprights, cosmetic bags, duffel bags, and travel totes. They are the suitable travelling companions for those who travel in groups of friends or with their family. Although the luggage sets are the most convenient travelling accessories, they will occupy more travelling space.

Some of the leading brands of these baggage sets include Tumi Inc, Victorinox, Samsonite, Travelpro, and Hartmann.

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Suitcases are the perfect travelling companions for tourists who have many items to pack. These travel cases do not harm the arms of the travelers. They come in rolling models, as well, which are perfect for kids, as they have no necessity to travel by carrying the heavy luggage. If you want to shop and bring items back to your home, then a rolling suitcase is the perfect option for you. Additionally, you have no necessity to carry the baggage weight yourself. You can simply roll it by making use of the retractable grip.

The single major downside of this travel companion is that it is difficult to carry it up the stairs, as it accommodates many items.

You can find the best suitcase brands that include Travelpro, Nautica, Travelon, Magellan’s, bestlugage and SwissGear. Now, you can choose the best possible travel bag from the above-mentioned list that will best suit your travelling and packing needs.

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