Luggage Choices to Consider This Travelling Season

You might not be a traveler nor traveling is your hobby but when it comes to travel, luggage bags are the most essential part of traveling. A Good travel bag should give one peace and comfort throughout the journey. There are different types of luggage bags that suit different travel occasions that you might want to consider before going for that road trip, adventure mission or tour. What you settle on will depend on material, design and even price.

Factors to consider before buying a luggage bag

Luggage Choices to Consider This Travelling Season


You want to spend a lot of time observing and getting intimate with nature while achieving your goals of traveling. A good luggage should be comfortable to carry, load and store in the mode of transport you are using e.g. It is embarrassing when your luggage cannot fit into the store place in the plane and have to get help to disfigure it to fit.


Most of the time when traveling, we want this and that to fit in. this will affect the durability of the luggage bag. However, this will depend on how often you travel and weather you want to use the same bag for all your travels.


There are actually bags that weigh more than the luggage due to the material used. They give a puffed up sturdy look but other than that, they protect whatever is inside 1003-5.


Luggage bags come in various designs that serve all classes. There are those that are fashion conscious while others just want a bag to carry luggage; where you fall in will determine which look you will go for.


Sometimes it does you a good deal to know luggage manufacturers. Leave alone designer bags, but there are manufacturers that are just known to deliver the best luggage bags while others are recognized by their fake products.

Types of luggage bags

Duffle bags

These are bags that come in different designs, material and size. They fit every occasion as they can be customized to be lightweight, tough, adventure or signature leather duffle. They are favorable travel mate because of the many compartments they contain and ease of accessing the pockets. They rank the best in reviews concerning travel bags because of their variety and convenience they give.

2, 4, 8 wheels luggage bags

There was an era when bags had no wheels and had to be carried up however heavy they were. Then came a time when someone introduced 2 wheels on a bag. Before long, every bag had two wheels but others decided to make them 4. And now recently, I have seen one with 8! Just why all these wheels and what does it mean for your travel. How they affect your comfort ability and the ease of moving around should guide you in which one to get.

Luggage sets

These are bags of different sizes and design but of same color and company. They are known as the best companion for most travelers but others have rejected them due to the high price they retail. They give a smooth travelling experience by making your stuff look organized and tidy. They are expandable and can fit in any type of luggage given the different designs each give. Apart from comfort, luggage sets set a positive mood for travel.

Pattern bags

Extroverts and those with outgoing personality get attracted to such kind of bags. They do not just fulfill their purpose of carrying luggage but also allow you to make a statement while at it. it adds pomp and color especially if going for that exciting trip. They can be polka dotted, have animals prints or with camouflage exterior.

Leather bags

These are normally used when one is travelling on an official duty. You do not want to be seen in a polka dot luggage when arriving for that conference. Leather bags vary in size and come in few colors to choose from. Mostly brown, black or grey, they are versatile and beautiful. They also last for ages such that you can just buy one for carrying documents and forget about it. Next time you will buy for clothing and relax.

Bags below

Unfortunately, most of us have associated travelling with a lot of expenses thus the need to budget. Many times, 1/4. of the budget falls on luggage bags. This should not be the case as there are several bags that are below and gives the same experience. Shop early for luggage to avoid last minute rush thus ending up buying expensive luggage bags.

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