Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4 Piece Set Review

I enjoy trips with my family. They stay in San Francisco. It’s almost three years since my parents traveled out of USA. I am in Singapore for my higher education. It’s almost two years since my parents gifted me the Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4 Piece Set. It held up very well on my first trip to an International country.

I like the three Pullman luggage in the set. It fit my needs as a student on an educational trip to a new country. The tote bag is my shopping bag even now. I am all set to use this 4 piece set for the month-long trip to Europe with my family.

My parents bought this great set on Amazon for a ?% discount. Nautica Blue/White is the color of my Luggage Set. I was certain the color will fade before long. On the contrary, it is still brand new after 5 trips. I know I will easily claim it from the luggage carousel at the London Airport.

Features of the Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4 Piece Set

Here are reasons why I am still over the moon about my bags even after two years:

Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4 Piece Set Review

I casually told my parents that I will shift my full wardrobe to my room in Singapore. My parents made this true by choosing this reliable set. This set did the best for me. I am a happy traveler now. The suitcase expands for extra storage.

The zippers are sturdy and work flawlessly even when loaded to the rim. The pockets inside the luggage help organize better.

A rectilinear-shaped luggage is easy to pack and accommodates more. This shape provided most packing space than any other shape I have used before. The outside pockets are easily accessible even with a full load. They make great extra storage space. I use locks on my zippers for security purposes.


This Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4 Piece Set arrived in less than a week’s time after my mother placed the order on Amazon. The bags are more on the heavier side for a person with a smaller frame like me.

The luggage is made of rugged fabric and has quality stitches. This helps it withstand rough handling. This is a high-quality Luggage Set than the ones I had in the past. I will meet my parents at the London airport.

How I handles this luggage will surprise them. I am glad it survived my product testing experiments. I can count on this for my next 10 trips! This is a really well-constructed bag and it has beautiful variants. The tote bag is my favorite shopping companion. It’s worth every penny spent.


All the three Pullmans have the same design. My luggage set has the brand name printed in white color. This is convenient to claim the luggage at the airport. I usually piggyback the suitcases one over the other with the straps and pull it around as a single luggage.

I recommend this technique for your solo travel. It works great without damaging the bags. I am not a fan of spinner wheels. I thank Nautica for designing this set with inline wheels. They are smooth to move around even on cobble-stoned streets.

The extendable handles on the luggage are sturdier than most I have used. For the load I carried on my first trip, I expected broken handles. My bag has survived the rough handling at the international airport.

Extension Handle

The extension handle is strong and handles weight better than most bags for this price. The telescopic push button Lock system stops me from being over-cautious while pushing or pulling the luggage around.

The front and side carry handles deals with weight equally well. I am waiting to test more during this month-long trip in various parts of Europe.

I expect a lot of transits on this trip. My load for this trip is just over 40lbs. I am expecting it to reach 50 lbs by the end of this trip. This is my 3rd international trip and there are no signs of wear and tear.


There are many colors and I adore the Combinations. I have ordered the chic Navy/Yellow set for my parents. The color is the same as advertised. It Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4 Piece Set is easy to wipe dust that settles on the bag. It is stylish and durable.

The smaller Pullman easily fits in the overhead compartment of a selected few airplanes. On a total, my luggage weighed 50 lbs on my first trip. The weight did not change the shape of the bag.

It holds up very well. The highlight of this luggage is the inline wheels. They are smooth and hasn’t broken in 5 trips. My first trip handled a lot and the luggage survived it. The high-quality stitches on the sturdy polyester fabric hold the luggage strong.

Sturdy Wheels

The inline back wheels are properly placed to push and pull the luggage. This is a better design compared to the spinner wheels which break often. It’s easy to move on any surface.

These wheels have not caused damages to carpets. I wasn’t stuck anywhere due to these wheels. I have had bad experiences with spinner wheels.

One of my bigger bags rolled over the other and fell on the wheels. It’s sound and strong as new even after the fall. These wheels are smooth and run great on all surfaces without making me anxious.


  • This set will easily last for 5 solid years.
  • Worth every penny.
  • Expandable storage space.
  • Sturdy and Stylish.
  • Recommend the tote bag for daily use.
  • Long handles are convenient to pull without straining your back.
  • The inline wheels roll easily.
  • First class interior and exterior lining.
  • Hassle-free replacement of damaged bags.


  • Difficult to replace broken parts.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Polyester.
  • Durable, easy care polyester fabric.
  • Lightweight frame system.
  • Inline skate wheels for easy rolling.
  • Riveted striped pull out web handle.
  • Interlocking main compartment zipper.
  • Integrated ID tags.
  • Large mesh pocket on the interior lid.
  • Fully lined interior.

Product Specifications

  • Exterior Dimensions: 28″ x 18″ x 10″.
  • Interior Dimensions: Not Available.
  • Linear Inches: 56″.
  • Shipping Weight: 31.8 pounds.
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Material: High Density 1200×900 Denier Polyester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the size of the entire luggage set?

A: The 3 Pullman are 28”, 25” and 21” and a 17” tote bag.

Q: In the case of damages, how long does it take to get my luggage replaced?

A: Randa Luggage handles Nautica’s warranties. In the case of a replacement, it will take 4 to 5 weeks for the process to complete. If it’s fixable still it takes around 3 weeks.

Final Verdict

There are many sets from Nautica which are solid as a rock. However, it’s the Nautica Luggage Helmsman 4 Piece Set that has attracted more buyers. I like the brand name printed on the luggage set, it helps me claim it easily from the luggage conveyor belt at airports.

It’s the must-have set if you love to travel. These work great for solo trips and family trips. It suits me every travel need as a student and an explorer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-day trip or a month-long trip, these travel bags are the best for me. When empty, it accommodates very less space in my closet.

These sturdy extendable handles and inline wheels will make you a proud owner of this adorable set. I have ordered another set as an anniversary gift for my parents. I chose Amazon and they made my shopping a hassle-free experience. This is your best travel companion and it will stay with you for years.

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