New Travel Carry On Suitcase On Wheels With Extendable Handle Review

Whether you are going for weekend getaway or an extended vacation overseas, it is important to have a good luggage with you. A carry-on luggage piece is perhaps the most important one of this respect. 

While the ideal carry on suitcase should be compact, it should also offer a versatile set of options for carrying a variety of important items as well as a host of knickknacks. This Jet stream carry on suitcase with an extendable handle and polyurethane wheels offers all these qualities and more.

Product Features This is a carry on suitcase brimming with features. The six summarized below are however the most important for the conscientious traveler:

Features of the New Travel Carry On Suitcase On Wheels With Extendable Handle

The following are some of the common features that you must know:

New Travel Carry On Suitcase On Wheels With Extendable Handle Review

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Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate Construction

The main material used in the construction of this suitcase is Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate (PVA). PVA is a synthetically-engineered, organic co-polymer material combining polyethylene and vinyl acetate. Offering excellent elasticity, the material can withstand the stresses which come with the hustle and bustle of travel without tearing or compromising the contents held within. 

It brings together the toughness of canvas and the resilient flexibility of rubber to guarantee you a carry on suitcase that suits all your travelling needs. Moreover, unlike latex rubber, PVA does not give off a distinctive odor. It is also very much waterproof to offer protection for your belongings even when you carry your luggage on the car's rack.

Fitted with a Secure Locking Mechanism

The suitcase's main compartment is fitted with a locking mechanism to keep your belongings secure. You can easily slide the lock into place and change the code to customize it. The lock itself is foolproof and tamper-proof, giving you peace of mind as you travel.

Lined Interior: The interior of this Jetstream suitcase is lined with a soft textile material all around. This not only offers padding but serves to ensure your packed clothing do not get wrinkled no matter how long your keep them in the confined interior.

Extendable and Reinforced Handles for Ease of Carrying

This Jetstream suitcase comes with a set of three handles for ease of handling and movement while in transit. On top of the case is a conventional grip handle that is well padded so that you can lift the case without hurting your fingers.

The top also comes with an extendable handle with reinforced telescopic metal rods which make it easy to drag the suitcase along when walking on paved surfaces. 

On the side too there is yet another grip handle that is reinforced to help you lug the suitcase if dragging it on the wheels is not practical or convenient.

Compact yet Versatile Storage Space

The entire case measures 19 x 13.5 x 7 inches. This is compact enough to fit even the most restrictive airline carry-on luggage specifications. In short, this is a piece of luggage you can take with you comfortably wherever you go. Even when travelling by car, the case will easily fit into the trunk or under the seat no matter what else you have chosen to bring along. That said, it should be noted that the suitcase offers a wide variety of options for stowing away your belongings with ease. 

It is fitted with a full complement of pockets and pouches both to the exterior and its interior. You will be pleased by the interior's mesh pocket which comes with a convenient zipper as well. You can reach all your important documents, accessories and knick-knacks with ease. All the zippers open and close with ease, guaranteeing that packing up for travel will be a breeze.

Smooth Rolling Polyurethane Wheels

A suitcase or luggage is just as good as its ease of moving from one place to another. This Jetstream carry on suitcase comes fitted with a set of polyurethane wheels for easy mobility. The wheels have been optimized for easy rolling while making a minimum of noise. 

They have sufficient grip on a paved surface so that all you need to do is hold the extendable grip in place and the suitcase will roll along as you walk. In terms of sheer convenience, few other suitcases come with a set of wheels which can match the functional value of this Jetstream product.


  • Wide variety of pockets and pouches.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Fitted with an innovative extendable handle.
  • Available in a wide selection of colors and patterned finishes.
  • Compact enough to fit on most overhead luggage bins on airplanes, buses and trains or even under the seat in your car.


  • If you are considerably short (5' 4" and lower), you will find the extendable handle hard to use. It does not extend or collapse in stages. This may mean you may have to hold the bag at an uncomfortable incline to drag it easily on paved surfaces.

Features at a Glance

  • 500 Denier Rugged Polyester
  • Jetstream mark of quality
  • Easy grip handles.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 6.8 x 17.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • ASIN: B019EF8DSM
  • Item model number: C0229_18_NPUR_STAR

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this Suitcase Exceed Carry on Baggage Requirements Set by Airlines?

A: Absolutely not. Even the most restrictive airline baggage requirements will allow this case as it is only 13.5 inches wide and 19 inches tall (wheels included). Most airlines will restrict personal carry on luggage to dimensions of up to 15 inches wide, making this one smaller by at least an inch and a half for that purpose.

Q: Is it Suitable for Both Men and Women?

A: This carry on suitcase is suitable and convenient for use by both men and women. It is available in variety of colors and finishes to suit your preference. Pick your selection from black to royal blue, purple and red as well as a set of alluring, patterned finishes. If you like to travel in style, you will find this suitcase a perfect fit for your needs. It doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy.

Q: How Much Does it Weigh?

A: The suitcase weighs only about 4 pounds when empty. This means you will find it easy to carry around even when fully packed.

Final Verdict

This Jetstream carry on suitcase with an extendable handle and polyurethane wheels is a perfect for choice for someone who loves to travel in style and convenience. Other than this collapsible handle. the suitcase comes with two other aria handles to help with convenience on the move. 

The strong and durable construction makes it a suitable carry-on luggage it you travel often. Even under inclement weather conditions, you can rest assured that your belongings will always be safe.

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