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We had to get a new set of luggage for our trip to Las Vegas. My friends family was travelling with us and my husband wanted to show off with a beautiful set. After nearly three days of checking out many bags on Amazon, he picked the Ninewest Round Trip 5 Piece Luggage Set in Teal colour. The website had only four pieces on the display, however, he went ahead to buy it.

We got the luggage set delivered in three days, way earlier than expected. We were on a 10-day trip and I remember using every piece of the luggage set. So far, we have been on three trips with this luggage set and it is as good as new!

Features of the Ninewest Round Trip 5 Piece Luggage Set

All these activities are made possible by the following features;

Ninewest Round Trip 5 Piece Luggage Set Review

I have always liked the handbags and shoes from the Nine West. I always admire them in the airport shops. I never expected a luggage set with a cheap price Tag from the company.

It was awesome. The luggage set on the Amazon website had only 4 pieces on display and I was not very sure if we could buy them.

Hubby was very positive that the 5th piece would come along and it did. It was a great set. I loved the small toiletry bag and I use it almost on every short trip. Mostly we take the 20-inch spinner along with the small toiletry bag.

Long Handles

On the previous luggage set we had, I had to bend over to hold the handles of the suitcase. It is very annoying at times. I had worse problems like back pain cropping up after the trip too.

My husband is taller than me and he never offers to pull the small handles. He used to carry them if I got tired. This Ninewest Round Trip 5 Piece Luggage Set is perfect for us. We both love to carry it along with us.

The handles are very long and very easy to pull along. They are very strong and sturdy too. The four-wheeled spinner wheels match the long handles and it was very easy to move around with this set.

Stand Out Colour

On our first trip, we had all the five bags from the set. They were awesome! They held well throughout the trip. We had back to back travel plans and it was a 10-day trip to Las Vegas. On the next trip, we took it from the flight to the bus and then to the train and after a short stay, we took it again on a train and then a bus and a flight.

It held up well on all the trips. I love the teal colour. Some of the reviews that I read before I got the luggage set were very misleading. They said the bags did not look teal but looked more of a green.

That’s not right. It is a very beautiful and bright luggage set. Perfectly teal. I was able to spot it easily from a distance. The luggage carousel is always full of black bags and these simply stood out.

Extra Space

I loved the suitcases for their extra spaces. They are extendable up to 2-inches. I did not need them when I was on my way to Las Vegas but I had to use them on my return trip. These were very good.

The duffel with the wheels works great on shorter trips. It is the best carry-on we ever had. The suitcase is very spacious and with an extra 2-inch space.

The duffel bag would suit women better than men for their stunning looks. I took them on a road trip as well and they had more than enough space to pack up dresses and other things for a week.

Value For Money

I am admittedly very frugal and did not want to buy a new luggage set. The cheap price tag on this luggage set made me agree to buy this set. The brown trim around the bags make it look very expensive.

They are also branded. I’m sure you would not get such a beautiful set for a cheap price anywhere else except Amazon. It is simply awesome.

The Prime day sale is the best time to buy this set of luggage in my opinion. I got them for a slashed $$$ price. Some of my friends got it for $$$ too. I think that is a very good deal for the price.


I was not very confident with getting this Ninewest Round Trip 5 Piece Luggage Set as I felt that the price was very cheap. I was very disturbed that many reviewers felt that it was a counterfeit product from nine West. After using this, I’m very sure it is the original Nine West.

It is very durable and you can rely on the bag set to go anywhere. We travelled over 10 days in Las Vegas and it was so much fun to have this luggage set around with us. They were very comfortable to carry around. I did have a few scratches on my 20-inch spinner but they do not look bad.

I walked for almost 45 minutes with these bags and I did not have any problems with that. I took the spinners on the cobblestone path. I really wish that the wheels were a bit bigger. They kept getting caught on the bumps on the stone path.


  • Beautiful teal colour that stands out.
  • Looks exactly as shown on the Amazon link.
  • It has ample storage.
  • It is also expandable.
  • Very durable set of luggage.
  • Quick shipping of the luggage set.
  • Stylish set of luggage.
  • Value for money luggage set.


  • The wheels are very small. They get caught or hung up when you are on a bumpy path.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Polyester and Imported.
  • Top and side carry handles.
  • Suitcases expand for added Packing capacity.
  • Front zipper pocket.
  • Solid brown fully lined interior.
  • Interior mesh zipper pocket and adjustable valet straps.
  • 21″ upright features a flat frosted interior pouch.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 28 x 17 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 25.5 pounds.
  • 800D Oxford weave polyestser fabric.
  • 28″ Upright: 28″ x 19″ x 9.5″ (10.35 lbs).
  • 20″ Upright: 20″ x 14.5″ x 6.75″ (6.8 lbs).
  • 22″ Bowler: 22″ x 11″ x 13″ (3.45 lbs).
  • 16″ Duffle: 10″ x 16″ x 8″ (.85 lbs).
  • Toiletry Kit: 6″ x 9″ x 3″ (.3 lbs).
  • 4 Wheel spinner system for easy 360 degree rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a warranty?

A: Yes. It has a tag that says 5 years manufacturer warranty.

Q: What are the dimensions of the bags?

A: It has 5 bags -
28 -inch spinner 28X19X9 suitcase with a 2-inch expansion.
20-inch spinner 20X13.5X6.5 carry-on with a 2-inch expansion.
A rolling bowler 22X13X11
A satchel 16X10X8
A small toiletry Kit 8X9X3

Q: Is the rolling duffel bag a carry-on?

A: Yes. It is. I had it and the smaller suitcase as a carry-on when I travelled to Tennessee. No complaints.

Final Verdict

We just loved this set of bags from Nine West. It worked well on all the trips we went and I’m sure it will see much more with us. The friend’s family that came along with us also ordered for a set when they saw us use the set. The cost of the luggage set is very cheap too.

I almost saved $$$ when I got them on Amazon compared to buying another set from another website. We are very happy with the luggage set that I am thinking of getting another set as a gift for my mom on her birthday this month. I highly recommend the Nine West Round Trip 5 piece luggage set for any long travel.

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