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Whether you are on road trips or air flights, you possibly understand the importance of a strong, versatile and durable travel bag. This bag is the best guarantee that you will get to move around while being sure that your personal items and clothing are safe. The Olympia Luggage 29" 8 Pockets Rolling Duffel Bag is apparently made to suit all your travel needs. 

The bag is lightweight but sturdy giving you exceptional services during your trips without any hassles during airport checks. Made of polyester, this duffel bag is durable enough to offer the traveler assurance and impeccable durability. This Olympia bag model is an excellent choice particularly due to it eight pockets. 

You can find plenty of storage space for stuff all the items you need for the travel. I love the skate metal wheel system because it eases moving around during the cause of the trip. Here are features which make this bag the perfect choice for travelers.

Features of the Olympia Luggage 29" 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

The following are some of the common features that you must know:

Olympia Luggage 29" 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag Review

You possibly want a bag that enables you to pack everything you need for the trip. There is also the issue of being able to access your personal items with a lot of ease and convenience. The manufacturer has made it easy for you to accomplish all these with the large U-Shaped opening at the top of the bag. This U-Shaped Opening system serves as the main storage compartment of the travel bag. 

The packing space is not only spacious but also very easy to access it This is the best way to ensure that all your personal effects are put together and can be easily obtained in the course of the travel. You now need to decide where to put the clothing and other items as per your need and how to access them. The opening of the case just made traveling much easier and stress-free.

Made of Polyester

Travelling needs a strong and sturdy bag material. Otherwise, it is more likely for the case to crack and cause you undue travel stress. The Olympia bag beats all that by the use of denier polyester fabric. Polyester is sturdy and offers the best material for the construction of the bag. 

Made of 1200 denier polyester fabric material, travel is now perfectly assured of quality. You now get to move knowing perfectly well that your entire luggage is safe from being exposed all over by weak material. The polyester material further makes this Olympia bag be durable and give you continuous travel service.

This makes the bag economic in the long run and reduces costs incurred to buy and maintain a travel bag. The polyester denier fabric material makes the Olympia Luggage 29" 8 Pockets Rolling Duffel Bag the best bag to travel with around the globe. The durability and sturdiness go a long way in giving you an enjoyable trip.

8 Pockets Storing Space

Whether it is a business or leisure trip, you will need to carry possibly a lot of stuff with your Personal items such as clothes, documents, electronic gadgets and shoes all need to be packed well This will also make the travel bag look organized. An organized travel bag makes it easy to retract easily whatever you need in the cause of the trip. 

This is also an excellent way to save on packing space. The Olympia bag has up to 8 pockets to meet all your packing needs. You have the ability to store each item separately in its pocket and zip it When it comes to getting what you want, you will simply get to go to a nice pocket and get it You need not fumble through all your stuff and disorganize everything in the process. 

The bag is, therefore, a fantastic way to pack all the essentials with guaranteed ease when it comes to retrieving. Worry no more about having to fumble through all your packed stuff for a single element.

Fantastic Rolling System, Hideaway Retractable Handle

A bag's rolling system makes it very easy to move around with your luggage. It is even worse in case the bag lacks a wheel rolling system. This is because one will have to carry the bag all over and to get unnecessarily fatigued. The Olympia Rolling Duffel Bag has solved all the stress by coming up with an in-line skate metal ball bearing wheel system. The wheel system is powerful and makes dragging the bag very efficient and indeed enjoyable. You now only need to adjust the retractable handle and pull your luggage along with you hassle-free. 

The wheel system has a stake metal connected to the handle and is an entire system. It is robust and can withstand even harsh terrains. Even if the luggage is heavy, you will simply have to pull it very effortlessly. There is absolutely no worry about having to carry your travel bag. Go to business and leisure trips with enhanced confidence with the Olympia travel bag. The bag is, therefore, easy to roll and absolute fun to travel.

In my years of travel, I have come to realize the importance of a retractable handle. The handle makes pulling the luggage much easy. This bag comes with a hideaway retractable handle. The joy of it is that you only get to unleash the handle only when you need to use it There is, therefore, saving precious space with the Hideaway retractable handle. 

The handle is adjustable and gives the user the choice of adjusting it to suit personal preference. Once one is done using the handle, it is then pressed inwards so as to reduce space when storing or packing the bag. This is used to complete efficiently the ball-bearing wheel system and make the entire travel experience more worthwhile.

Self-repairing Excel Zippers

Damaged zippers may make a trip very dreary and disastrous. This is why every travel needs to invest in a bag with quality zippers. The Olympia Duffel Rolling Bag encloses all your personal items with self-repairing zippers. The zippers are of a quality brand. In case there is a problem with the zipping, consider it figured out without breaking a sweat. These are self-repairing zippers which are custom-made to ensure that in the event of a zipping getting damaged, its repair is easy. 

There is therefore absolutely no cause for alarm or the fear of your personal effects being exposed due to bad zippers. Ensure all your personal items are well contained in their pockets with the fantastic self-repairing zippers. These zippers are further robust to spoil but easy to open and access your stuff. As a traveler, you also have the option of locking the zippers with a padlock for extra security of your items.

6.1 IBS. Weight

A heavy travel bag can prove to be stressing during travel. This combined with your travel supplies can end up giving you undue pressure and stress. It is with that in mind that this bag weighs a mere 6.1 lbs. The bag is therefore relatively lightweight and easily portable. This makes the bag easy to tag along during travel without being unduly exhausted. 

Although this Olympia travel bag is lightweight, its sturdiness and durability remains top-notch. At approximately six pounds in weight, the bag will prove very comfortable to use during travel. There is also the additional option of carry more stuff bearing in mind the lightweight nature of the bag itself. The lightweight bag will make your travel experience fun and fantastic with the assurance of durability.


  • The eight pockets enable proper arrangement of personal stuff.
  • Spacious for extra special supplies needed for the trip.
  • The U-Shaped top opening enables easy access to personal supplies and clothing.
  • Lightweight and easily portable during travel.


  • The roller handles are a little thinner, but the rollers are sturdy enough for the trip.

Features at a Glance

  • Self-repairing excel zipppers
  • U-shape top
  • 8 pockets
  • Rolling upright bag
  • Hideaway retractable handle
  • Self-repairing excel zippers
  • 1200 denier polyester fabric
  • Hideaway retractable handle

Product Specifications

  • Exterior Dimensions: 29" x 13" x 13"
  • Size: Large
  • Linear Inches: 55"
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Brand: Olympia
  • Material: 1200 D Polyester
  • ASIN: B01IO12RJS
  • Line: Duffels, Totes, and Backpacks
  • Recommended Use: Travel Essential

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color options are available for the Olympia Rolling Duffel Bag?

A: Buyers have the option of choosing from Navy Blue, Hot Pink, Black, Red, and Dark Lavender.

Q: What is the weight of the travel bag?

A: The travel bag is lightweight and weighs 6.9 pounds.

Final Verdict

A travel bag is the best investment you can make if you indeed want to have a comfortable and stress-free journey. The Olympia Luggage 29" 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag Review aims at making your trip convenient and worthwhile. The eight pockets will indeed prove very helpful for a traveler who needs a well-organized bag for easy access to personal belongings. The bag is made of 1200 denier polyester fiber, the bag is the best choice for one who is out for a durable travel bag. 

The user will also find the U-Shaped top opening to offer a large compartment to store all the travel items. Furthermore, the opening is easily accessible anytime traveler needs clothing and other supplies. Its great features are wanted a traveler needs to transform a trip completely. I would recommend this bag to travelers who want a great bag for a remarkably affordable price. Get yourself this travel bag and efficiently change the ease and convenience of your traveling.

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