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Have you ever had so much luggage in your hands that you could not see the area around you? Travelling, shopping or moving stuff from one point to another is hectic. It can even be made tougher by how you choose to carry these things. However, having the right bag simplifies all this process and makes it hustle free.

Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote is the perfect solution to all your carriage problems. This bag has many colours that makes it appealing to the eye. Not only will it facilitate the carrying of your items but it will also stand out.

There are many aspects that will persuade you to choose the Olympia luggage cosmopolitan rolling shopper tote. All of them come together to fortify it and make it suitable for all its uses. These aspects include;

Features of the Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote

The following are the features that you should know:

Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote Review

Most linings are just done to give a product clean finish and are therefore not given much thought. When it comes to the Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote, it is not just business as usual.

Since the bag is designed to carry luggage ,everything has been done to ensure that it has the capacity to do this without any disappointments. The textile lining has therefore not been used by chance. Its purpose is to ensure that any tear and wear emanating from the weight of the load is kept to the minimal.

It does this by shielding the outer cover from straining and this extends the lifespan of the bag. The textile lining will also allow you to pack your items with ease as they will slide on top of each other without friction. Without it the friction would damage your luggage before reaching your destination.

100 % Tarpaulin Material

The worth of any good thing is determined by its longevity. When you land your hands on something good you will definitely want to hold on to it for some time. Otherwise you will only be left disappointed and yearning for more.

The Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote will most definitely not leave you high and dry. It is made of strong material that has been designed with one mission-to protect. This means that the material can withstand any elements meant to destroy it.

That is how the protection of your items is guaranteed. Tarpaulin also ensures that everything you are carrying in the bag remains dry. The water-resistant nature of the material as well as it’s coating and flexibility gives more safety to your goods.

Zipper Closure

You would not go shopping unless the items you are Buying are important to you. You would not bother carrying your stuff around unless it held value. Everything we already own or intend to acquire will always hold some value.

This brings us to the essence of a luggage bag with a zipper closure. Knowing your bag is zipped up instantly gives you an assurance that your luggage is protected. This could be protection from stuff falling off and getting lost or protection from weather conditions.

Whatever the case, a zipper ensures that your mind is at ease when ferrying your luggage. It guarantees more safety than you would have if you were using clasps or tying the top of your bag.

A height of 20 and a length of 18

Trying to forcefully have your luggage fit into a bag is frustrating for anyone. When travelling, you do not want to have to leave something that you will need just because your bag is too small.

You also do not want to go shopping for items, stuff them in a bag and get home only to find that they have been damaged or their looks distorted. This will happen if you are using a bag that does not have enough room for all your needs.

The Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote will save you from these frustrations and any damages that might be caused by the same. With a height of 20 and a width of 18, there is enough room for your items.

Metal ball bearing in-line skate wheels

Carrying items to and from your car, the grocery shop or just anywhere for any length of distance is tiring. This process is more Cumbersome if you are carrying the items on your arms. Your arms will be sore and ache for days if you have to repeat the task everyday or several times a day.

All this work can however be done by a single stress free trip with the shopper tote. All you have to do is place whatever it is you need to carry and pull. The wheels make your work much easier.

You use less energy in pulling than you would lifting a bag onto your shoulders. Not only will you break your back but your shoulders will hurt like hell during and even after the task . The metal in-line skate wheels have the ability to withstand the allowed weight without breaking down and this is an advantage to the user.

Light Weight Retractable Handle & a Top Load Opening to Spacious Main Zipper Compartment with a convenient front pocket

Some bags are just difficult to use. You can actually get a headache trying to understand what the designer of a certain bag had in mind while working. When shopping for items or pulling your bag your focus will probably be on other things. Imagine you are taking the bag out of your car and it decides to roll over.

You bend to pick it up but the handle is askew. You will most probably feel the need to scream at it especially if it does this repeatedly. To avoid this what you need is the Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote. It’s handles are retractable and you will only pull them out when you need them. They are also light and can be controlled with ease. In addition, they do not get in your way unnecessarily as you can zip them out of sight when not in use.

When getting ready to travel you will need to pack your luggage in an orderly manner. There are items that you are sure you won’t be needing soon and so they go to the bottom of the bag. When shopping you might also have the need to place your items in different compartments maybe due to their nature or size.

What then happens when you find that you placed stuff that you needed at the bottom or you have items that you don’t want mixed up with the rest? This bag has a spacious allowance where your small items can be kept. This way you do not have to dig deep into your shopping bag to get your purse or other relatively small items. Neither will you have the need to get everything out so you can find a certain item. This compartment gives you the convenience of accessing your luggage whenever the need arises.


  • Suitable for bulk carriage.
  • Convenient if carrying many items.
  • Easy to tote around.


  • Cannot be used for carrying very heavy material.

Features at a Glance

  • Constructed of PE Tarpaulin.
  • Recessed metal ball bearing in-line skate wheels.
  • Lightweight internal retractable handle with hideaway zippered closure.
  • Top load opening to spacious main zipper compartment.
  • Convenient front pocket.

Product Specifications

  • Exterior Dimensions: 19″x17″x8″.
  • Tarpaulin: 100%.
  • Linear Inches: 44″.
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Imported – Textile lining – Zipper closure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bag contain any toxic material?

A: No it does not.

Q: What is the maximum carry on weight of the bag?

A: It can carry at least 22lbs or more.

Final Verdict

Your shopping experience can be determined by the kind of bag you are using. No matter how your budget is the need to get something that will work to your satisfaction will always be there. Don’t just tote any bag around with you. Use the one that gives you maximum benefits, the Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote.

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