Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote Review

The Olympia rolling shopper tote is the perfect pull bag tore smooth shopping experience. This bag saves you the energy and strain that is experienced while carrying shopping and grocery bags. It is very convenient especially for people who make a lot of trips to and fro and with heavy items. It can be a very good option for affordable transporting bulky or heavy items from one place/position to another with several trips.

It is however not limited to shopping alone, it can serve a variety of different purposes like carrying multiple books to school, products to trade fairs and expos, and personal equipment. It comes in different colors and has a polka-dotted design. This Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote bag has been considered by many a favorite and is the perfect load and carry bag. It can be used by different users and is not limited to the uses or items it carries. 

From multiple but small, to awkwardly shaped items this bag is the best fit for users who often carry heavy loads like electronics and heavy machines to lots of papers, files or clothes. It allows you to pull your items without limiting you to specific weather or conditions in which to use it.

Features of the Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote

The following are some of the common features that you must know:

Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote Review

It is made of nylon and strong polyester which give it this feature. It allows you to carry heavy items or belongings without adding to your weight load itself. If being used to carry less heavy items they seem lighter because of this feature. The nylon and polyester materials also allow it to accommodate items with abnormal shapes as it is not rigidly built, it will wrap itself around and take the shape of such items. 

This factor also makes pulling very easy and can be used by anyone in regards to age. Although this product supports a lot of items considering its weight, this does not affect its stability. The nylon properties of the bag allow it to be waterproof and offer extra protection to your items.

Measures 14 inches high by 5inches wide

This makes the perfect size for lecturers or teachers with a lot of books to carry as it has a large deep compartment which can fit multiple books or items. The size does not limit the user to the amount of items or size which they should carry. It allows you to stuff all your items and also squeeze them through spaces if need be, due to its flexible material.

It also has a spacious feel for delicate items which need not knock onto hard or rough surfaces due to easy breakage, i.e items made of glass. It is this size that saves you the need to carry an extra bag in case the items fail to fit in the bag. The size is a perfect fit for any occasion or type of belonging. This Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote bag is great for camping, as well as traveling or visiting friends and family.

Side mesh pockets

The side mesh pockets are very convenient for people who carry items which are small yet keep the hands busy. It provides a safe haven for shopping list, handkerchiefs, phones, scarfs, umbrellas and hats where they can be put away if not in need at that moment but also be easily reachable when required. The mesh property also allows you to reach for the item exactly where it is as opposed to finding a place to settle in order to look for your item. 

You can easily retrieve it when you see exactly where in the pocket it is. This pocket ensures your handy items stay within reach and not too far where it may take you a few minutes to reach for. It also saves you the effort of stuffing excessive things in your pockets.

Hideaway zipper

Apart from having strong and durable zippers, the bag is made with a cautioning design to protect zippers from dangers and camouflage the zippers from pickpockets as they cannot easily be traced, when you zip up, nobody can tell which position your zippers are on. 

The zippers are also very stable and in case the bag would be full to the brim, all your items would be safe and intact without anything peeking out due to slipping zippers. To add onto this, the stitching is well done and this ensures that your bag will be tear free in the most likely place where most tears happen.

Interior Pockets

Apart from having multiple compartments which allows you to categorize your items, this Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote bag has an interior pocket which serves as a storage for small items which may be valuable or not very flattering to look at. This pocket also ensures valuable items are safely tucked away from any danger of theft or chances of getting lost. 

As much as the interior mesh pocket is a small pocket, it is large enough to fit items of standard sizes such as tablets and mini-laptops. This pocket also allows you to place particular or similar items where they can easily be found. It also saves you the need to carry smaller bags and pouches.

Telescope pull handle

The telescopic ability of the pull handle makes it favorable for people of different heights as it can be pulled to specific heights for easier handling and movement. It has a sleek hold-on design that makes it easier and more comfortable to grasp and hold on to. The handle is long and suitable as it fits different requirements and can be adjusted to any size. 

Additionally, it has cloth handles that allow it to be carried when the situation calls for carrying, i.e moving up or down through stairs or lifting the bag to your car. The handle is also removable for cleaning in case of dirt or particles which may cause it to get stuck or make it challenging to swiftly move up and down. 

No bending is required to hold this handle and this makes it very comfortable when you are making a lot of stop overs on your way.

Heavy plastic base and wheels

This function enables you to pull the bag across rough pavement without the risk of tearing the material of the bags. The wheels are sturdy and strong; this makes them durable and less susceptible to noise and squeaky sounds as they age. The wheels are also coated with strong rubber; this makes them less prone to wearing out and guarantees durability. The wheels also allow you to roll forward or backward as they are multi-directional. 

This small function saves you a lot of time, energy and effort of going in rounds in order to suite the direction in which the bag can move. The heavy plastic base and wheels also make it stable if in case what is inside is a light item that can make easy to knock over or make it unstable.


  • The bag is light enough and easy for anyone to pull around.
  • It is as well strong and stable which makes it very durable.
  • The bags multiple compartments make it easy to stay organized and categorize your items for easy finding.
  • It is a good fit for small business owners who carry product demonstrations along with them.
  • It suites any occasion from trade expos to holiday or vacation travel.
  • It is attractive and nice to move around with and suites people of all ages and professions.
  • The wheels are coated with strong rubber, a feature that ensures its durability.
  • It comes in a variety of different colors to suite different tastes and preferences.
  • A strong base and wheels protect your bag from easy wear and tear which ensures that you use it for longer.
  • It is large and strong which means it can not only carry multiple items, but heavy ones as well.
  • For the benefits and functions that it serves, this bag is extremely affordable.
  • The gaping top makes it easy to fill and empty your items.
  • A combination of polyester and nylon gives the bag its waterproof ability which ensures that your items are safe from damage in case of unexpected rain.


  • The wheel will wear out if drugged through rough pavements continuously and also at frequent intervals, this happens to almost all pull and push bags with a wheel feature.
  • The nylon material of the baa does not make it safe to store around fire or near extremely hot places. Although the same feature gives it its waterproof and easy cleaning ability.

Features at a Glance

  • Top carry handle
  • Retractable pull handle
  • The bag is very easy to clean and can be wiped.
  • Made in China
  • Nylon
  • Zip closure
  • Supreme Polyester
  • Front & side mesh pocket

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 5 x 14 inches
  • High: 14"
  • Wide: 5"
  • Linear Inches: 42"
  • Brand: Olympia
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Type: Fashion, Rolling, Softsided
  • Dimensions: See details
  • ASIN: B002I9ZBBY
  • Item model number: rs100-Black-One Size

Frequently Asked Questions

Some customers on Amazon.com raised the following concerns about this product.

Q: Is this bag Waterproof?

A: The bag is made out of canvas and lined with what looks like water resistant material. It rained here last week and my daughter used her tote in the rain. Her stuff didn't get wet at all. It keeps rain off of whatever is inside.

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: It weighs a little over 3 pounds. The straps are long enough that it can be carried over the shoulder from the car to the store, or on my way to the bus or train when it is empty.

Q: Could this rolling bag work for heavy duty use; like carrying about 40 lbs of textbooks? I'm a nursing student with tons to carry.

A: I bought this bag for my friend to use for her cleaning business. I'm surprised it has held up so well because she is very hard on stuff. She uses it 3-5 times a week and it's always overloaded with her cleaning supplies. Books are a lot heavier than aerosol cans, bottles of cleaner and rags so it's not a like for like comparison. She has had it 10 months and the wheels haven't broken and the material hasn't torn.

Final Verdict

If you have been struggling to carry a load of heavy or bulky items with a paper bag or backpack, this product was made to specially meet your needs. It allows you to pull it on the ground with minimum effort. It is not only handy and convenient; it also comes at a low cost which does not drill into your pockets as much. This product also suits your specific need such as colors and multiple pockets.

It can also be kept stationary as you do other things and will stand very stable on its own. The handle favors different user requirements for easy operation and maneuvering. It allows you to pull it both forwards and backwards, this multi-directional ability makes it convenient for the user as it can be driven in any direction.

The Olympia rolling shopper tote is the perfect pull bag for a smooth shopping experience. This bag saves you the energy and strain that is experienced while carrying shopping and grocery bags. It is very convenient especially for people who make a lot of trips to and fro and with heavy items. It can be a very good option for affordable transporting bulky or heavy items from one place/position to another with several trips. It is however not limited to shopping alone, it can serve a variety of different Demises like carving multiple books

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