Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote Review

In life, there are activities that we cannot escape. They include traveling and shopping among others. In as much as everyone can do these things, the way of doing them varies from one person to another. When you look at the thousands of people traveling you will see that they have one thing in common. Visit shopping malls and grocery stores and again you will find a common denominator.

Your traveling and shopping needs will never leave out a bag. This Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote bag determines the ease with which you shop or travel . We can all carry bags but every bag has its unique features. These features can make or break your travelling and shopping experience.

Having the right bag takes off the stress that comes with travel plans as you do not have to worry about how to carry everything you need. Shopping with the right bag will also make you enjoy the experience. Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote allows you to shop without worrying about the weight of the items. It allows you to carry everything you need on all your travelling escapades without limitation.

Features of the Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote

All these activities are made possible by the following features;

Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote Review

The importance of observing safety measures when travelling can never be over emphasized. What predicament would you be in if you arrived at the airport and realized that your passport is missing? How about going to a business meeting and when you reach for your laptop only to realize it is nowhere to be found?

Worse still, imagine rushing to class and all your books are no longer in Your Bag? Having a bag with a zipper eliminates the possibilities of all these scenarios. Once you have packed your items and zipped up the bag you automatically minimize the possibility of any unpleasant surprise.

This makes the Olympia Luggage rolling shopper tote your most trusted partner. A zipper closure is a necessary precaution to observe when buying a bag. It is cheaper to ensure the safety of your items by using this bag than it is to replace lost luggage . Prevention is always better than dealing with the aftermath.

Nylon Canvassing and Lining

One of the major characteristic of nylon is its strength and durability. This aspect has made the bag the perfect travel and shopping partner. You can trust it to carry your favorite books and personal computer without worrying about breaking the bag. There is no limit to the number of the things the bag can carry.

The outer casing of the Olympia Luggage rolling shopper tote is made of nylon. Nylon has been proven to be the strongest material in the textile industry. As a traveler, you will surely need assurance that your luggage is safe.

Apart from the safety offered by travel agents, the initial safety measure starts with you. This bag takes care of this important factor. In addition to the outer casing of the bag, it’s lining is also made of nylon material . Now the safety of your items is two-fold. What else in terms of a safe travel and shopping bag could anyone ask for?

20” Shoulder Drop

Although the Olympia bag is designed to make your travel needs simple, it is understood that you do not travel every single day of the year. Sometimes you just need to rush to the Nearby store for household items. It is possible that there are times you will only have one item in the bag.

This bag caters for all these needs. When the weight of the items is relatively low; when you do not feel like pulling a bag behind you, take the option of lifting it to your shoulders. With a shoulder drop of 20” you will not just be able to carry your luggage around but you will also do so with ease.

This shoulder drop provides comfort when carrying stuff. Alternatively, if you are going on a shopping errand you can carry the bag on your shoulder since it is empty and light. Once you have shopped and placed stuff inside you can then pull out the handle and get you items to your destination without sweating.

A 9.25 Handle Drop

Having a bag with a handle is no guarantee that it will perform. There are important features of the handle that need consideration. One of them is the length. You do not want a bag whose handle is so short that when you pull it bumps against your feet.

You do not want to have to bend so that you can pull your bag because the handle is too short either. Apart from projecting a funny outlook you will break your back while at it. The Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote has just the perfect drop of 9.25 . Whether you are short, tall or very tall you will still enjoy the suitability of these handles.

They pop out to whatever length you need . You do not have to bend down to pull your bag when connecting your flights at the airport or crouch to class. What’s more, you can buy and gift it to an elderly friend, family or relatively as it is a great back saver. Help someone get their groceries home without complaining about their backs today.

A height of 20 and width of 15 worth of size

The convenience of a Travel bag or a shopping bag is determined by its size. It is essential that the bag you are using meets your requirements. Anything less will only inconvenience you.

Not only will you be forced to leave some stuff behind but you will also damage what you are carrying if the bag is too small. This problem can easily take away your travelling joy or put a dent on your shopping experience.

Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote will never do this to you. It has a height of 20 and a width of 15. This size facilitates all your needs. It accommodates your items and ensures their safety up to the moment you reach your destination.


  • It can be used as carry on.
  • Holds huge amounts of stuff.
  • Can hold heavy items without tearing.
  • Lasts longer due to its material.
  • Can be carried on the shoulder or pulled behind.


  • Cannot be folded due to its handles.

Features at a Glance

  • Metal ball-bearing in-line skate wheels.
  • Lightweight
  • Retractable handle system with hide-away zipper-ed closure.
  • Top load opening to spacious main compartment.
  • Side mesh pocket.
  • Capacity: 2300 cubic inches.
  • Distressed: No.
  • Exterior Material: Polyester.
  • Fastening Handles: Yes.
  • Lock-able: Yes.
  • Airline Carry-on Size: Yes.

Product Specifications

  • Size: International Carry-On.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 20″ x 14″ x 8″.
  • Linear Inches: 42″.
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Capacity: 2300 cu. in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have side pockets?

A: Yes, it has a mesh pocket on the side that can be used to carry a bottle of water.

Q: Does the size of the bag vary depending on its color?

A: No. What is on the specifications does not change.

Final Verdict

Thousands of people travel every single day. We all have needs that take us to the shopping malls all the time. College students need to attend their classes without failure. These and other needs drive us to acquire bags. It is possible to go on a trip and fail to enjoy because you lost all your luggage or the bag broke down on the way.

You can go to the grocery store and be unable to carry everything you need because the bag you had was too small. You may fail your exams because the books you relied on fell out of your bag and got lost when you were going to class. All these are possible scenarios that can be avoided by having the right bag all the time. Olympia luggage rolling shopper tote is the bag for you.

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