Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22″ Expandable Airline Carry-On Review

The Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On was designed the traveling gentleman. It has compartments to contain all your important items. This classic upright case also comes with a number of impressive features, which you can read more about in the following sections. Additionally, you can expand the main compartment to add up to 20 percent more capacity. 

Similarly, the front zipper pockets are designed to offer extra space for transporting last minute add — one and small items such as combs and grooming accessories. Overall, it is a great piece of art that will make traveling easier and more convenient for you, which maintaining the elegant style and elusive allure that Olympia is known for.

Features of the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22" Expandable Airline Carry-On

The following are the features that you should know:

Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22" Expandable Airline Carry-On Review

The Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On is designed superbly well It features 3-tone polyester fabric, with the mandatory push — button retractable handle common in all travelling carry-ons. It also comes with an EVA — foam front panel. Although the construction is lightweight, the design is made for strength and durability.

Each carry — on has double 360 degrees spinner wheels. Therefore, you can be sure of incredible mobility pushing this bag through hotels, train stations, airports, and just about any other location you can imagine.

The interior is fully lined, and has a zippered mesh lid pocket. Inside, you will get plenty of space where you can store your portable electronic devices, toiletries and clothes for more efficient traveling.


With the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On, you can be sure that your mobility will never be curtailed as is the case with poorer — quality travel bags. The manufacture designed an impressive 360 degrees spin — wheel system. This system allows for sideway rolling capabilities. As a result, you will get free movement in every which way and in all directions. The sturdy build also means that the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk Expandable Airline Carry-On provides easier aisle access.

Added to the above, the carry — on has a push button retractable handle. Made of plastic and metallic parts, this handle will enable you push your bag through airports, malls, railways, and other points of entry and departure.


In the same way. Olympia constructed the Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On to allow for more capacity, which can even be expanded. To expand the space within the bag, please us the expanding feature. It will add 20 percent more packing capacity whenever you have more stuff to carry than you usually do.

Additionally, this carry — on from Olympia has multi — front zipper pockets that you can capitalize on should you ever be in need of extra packing capacity. The superior lightweight construction also means that you do not have to worry about the weight even when you have loaded the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On to full capacity.


For more convenience, this expandable airline carry-on has an extra zipper mesh pocket. Added to this, you also get a dual buckle tie-belt and an interior top hanging zipper-pocket. The front panel is also EVA foamed, meaning that your travels will now be rejuvenated once you get your Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On.

The Skyhawk brand, as you might garner from most online reviews, is actually the epitome of convenience. Therefore, it is not surprising that the bag also has a water bottle pocket. Actually, if convenience and confidence are at the top of your priority list, this carry — on spinner bag is just the thing to get.


From the exterior to the interior, from the material used to the smaller bits and pieces comprising this carry-on, style is clearly evident. One of the most noticeable aspects about the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On is the full interior lining, which is elegantly imprinted.

The super lightweight construction also signifies the value of quality over quantity. Similarly, this carry — on spinner bag comes in a dark color, making it the classier for men looking to travel in style. Combine these aspects with the chrome handle, the full-rotation wheels, and the beautifully-shaped zippers and you have yourself a bag that you can truly be proud to be seen pulling.


  • The expanding feature adds 20 percent more capacity.
  • You get a retractable push button handle for easy pulling, stories, and retrieval of the carry-on.
  • There's an extra zipper mesh pocket and multi-front zipper pockets for additional packing capacity and convenience.
  • The super lightweight construction makes it easy to move around with this travel carry-on, even when it's full to capacity.
  • The 360A spin - wheel system on the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On allow for sideway rolling capabilities, and free movement in every direction.


  • The price tag is a bit too high for some people to afford; however the many positive attributes the bag offers show that it actually provides great value for money.

Features at a Glance

  • Water bottle pocket on carry-on
  • Fabric/Polyester
  • Eva foamed front panel
  • Push button retractable handle
  • Super lightweight construction

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 22 inches
  • Size: Domestic Carry-On
  • Weight: 9 lbs, 8 oz
  • Shipping Weight: 10.6 pounds
  • Linear Inches: 43"
  • High: 22"
  • Wide: 9"
  • Brand: American Airlines
  • ASIN: B003EIRFI0

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On come with a zipper to expand its size/capacity?

A: Hi! Yes, the suitcase comes with the zipper than you can use to get 20 percent additional capacity.

Q: Has anyone used this luggage carry-on on a JetBlue flight? If yes, does it meet the requirements set by airlines for such bags?

A: As the name suggests, the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On is designed for air travel. The size, weight, and capacity all fit the prescribed allocations for all American airlines. If you are looking for a great travel bag that you can carry with you into the plane, then consider getting the Olympia 22".

Final Verdict

Are you looking for a travel suitcase that is lightweight, roomy and small enough for air travel? Then get yourself an Olympia Luggage Skyhawk Airline Carry-On. Not only is this expandable carry-on expandable, it is also durable, easy to maneuver and provides ample space in the main pocket and outside pockets. The interior is great for electronics, toiletries and clothes while the exterior pockets have enough space for laptops, books and boarding pass.

The unit is particularly well — constructed. The zippers feel solid and nice and you get no loose threads lurking out. Additionally, the great looks, the collapsible/expandable handle and the overall construction are the reason this airline carry-has a distinct advantage over most of the other travel bags in its range.

Overall, the Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On is wonderful. The many pockets, the zippers, handle, wheels, and extra compartments all look and feel awesome. If we had to rate the bag out of 10, we'd give it a 9.5.

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