Perfect Backpacking List Ideas and Ultimate Guide

Backpacking is the ultimate embodiment of adventure. There's a sense of freedom to it and it carries the spirit of timeless expeditions and explorers before. Tossing a number of items into a rucksack and travelling to scenic locations on a map, however, may not be as attractive as it sounds. This is all on paper though. When it comes down to it, sadly, there are a number of factors that should be put into consideration. Here are some of these things: Cost of travel, safety, and living in a modern world, visas and border control. All these put aside at the top of the list is one of the greater concerns. The luggage, You must agree with me travelling is fun. This is hardly debatable.

There’s a thrill in discovering new places, meeting new people, exploring new cultures while indulging in their traditions, food and history. The entire experience shouldn't be cumbersome and tiring. Its arguable but having to pack for a trip has to one of the biggest drawbacks in planning for one. It ranks way up there along with the cost and planning for one to start with. The main thing to consider here is what is essential and what is not? Will they keep up against the ruggedness of the trip? Are they going to be too heavy? How expensive is all the stuff you'll be cramming inside and ultimately will they all fit?

Whether you use public transportation methods or decide to drive there, ideally you would like to travel as efficiently as possible while simultaneously not cutting back on the experience. Hence the reason for putting a lot of thought into what should tag along with you on the journey there.

There is the short solution of hiring an RV, or recreational vehicle as they are known in full. Sadly, on this edge of the continent where I'm from the concept is not as common as it is in the western world. Hence their unavailability or the otherwise overpriced cost of hiring one if you are able to find a place to begin with. RVs are a miracle of the automotive world. They are used the world over for travelling, tours and even some are completely nailed down as houses. They live up to their promise as homes away from homes because they literally are. Completely furnished with appliances, beds and often cooking areas, some with completely designated rooms for all these they certainly do not fall short of expectations. Until we adopt the concept, however, existing methods will have to do.

I have always wanted to backpack and through my research along the way I have come up with a list of timeless essentials that are a must have while considering what should be in your luggage.

Apparel! the bag

Before we get to what should be carried it would be highly appropriate to consider what should carry it all. It might seem like an obvious choice to rush for a large tough suitcase. Rather canvas bags, backpacks or duffel, are more appropriate, lighter and more durable.

The Clothes

Trendy but rugged clothes come off as the obvious choice here as most of the time will be spent on the road up and down. Cargo pants are also ideal because of the endless number of pockets to carry the stuff you want easily accessible and not to fish though the bag for. Prior recon can be done on the location of travel for factors such as weather and culture appropriate clothing in order to determine what else to carry.

Pouches and Cases

We each have dozens of electronics under our possession, which more often than not accompany us on our travels. Laptops, portable consoles, tablets, digital cameras, phones and everything in between and the cords and cables to charge them all with. Travelling light should not have to make you sacrifice all this hence having pouches and tough cases for your gadgets ensures that they all remain neatly organized in your luggage while remaining protected from drops and damage in the same breath.


a.) Camera

A less than conspicuous appearance on this list. Whether you take photography professionally, as a hobby or just for the sake of preserving memories, a camera is an essential addition to your luggage. Luckily, electronics manufacturers have taken this into consideration and there are cameras built for everyone. Light and portable cameras for the average joe, action and sport cameras for the extreme sports enthusiasts and rugged cameras for those taking journeys to the direst of conditions. All while still producing perfect pictures for memories generations to come.

b.) Phone

A phone remains an essential item for less than a couple of reasons, one being in the modern world we can hardly live without one because we constantly need to stay in touch, and as the technology is constantly growing the advent of new and more impressive methods to use them ensures they are constantly on our person. As Kenyans we keep and transfer money on our phones and this speed up payments and purchases. Secondly, most phones nowadays are capable of taking pictures that rival those taken by conventional cameras. They are thus a good backup option in a case where a camera is unavailable. Most importantly, a phone could be used to call for help in an emergency, with emergency lines being toll-free in most countries. In this light, you need to consider knowing and saving the emergency contacts as well as having a battery pack for your phone.

Phones are not always for emergencies however. Mobile applications have amazing features nowadays Google maps for example is a must have app. It has completely rendered the conventional map obsolete and ensures that you don't have to keep stopping to ask for directions wherever you are. Google translate to break the language barrier and Google in general for everything else.

The Important Stuff

In conclusion, it is key to consider all the items mentioned on this list but it wouldn't be right if we neglected to point out the bare necessities. Your wallet completes with emergency contacts and information such as medical details like allergies, blood group and doctor's contact information first and foremost. Identity card, drivers' license, passport, ATM cards and some money that remains on your person at all times in case of an emergency are also good to take into consideration. Happy Travels!

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