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Our daughter is a competition dancer and we wanted a sturdy and good-looking Duffel for her. I read some The Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle Reviews on Amazon and decided to get it. It was perfect for our intentions. I did not want to invest a fortune in a duffel bag and this was just right for us. It is available in many patterns to choose from.

Get rid of boring duffel bags and get a great looking duffel from Rockland. It is worth the price. You will never again have the same boring bag like everyone else does. Apart from great looks, the bag also has some awesome features. They are:

Features of the Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle

Here is the Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle Review:

Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle Review

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Easy Wheeler

I am a big fan of wheeled duffel bags. Unlike suitcases, they are more comfortable to carry around. I love the simple wheelers in the Rockland Duffel.

The wheels are not placed far apart and it seems perfect for me. Some reviewers have felt that the wheels make the bag difficult to pull it along. I would like to differ, they are super easy to take it. They do not tip-off to one side at all. They work fine for me as well as my daughter.

Very convenient bag. We have taken it on a few trips for my daughter’s dance competition and we had no difficulties to move around with it.


Very sturdy bag. The Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle makes a great choice for durability. I loved the way it held up on one of the dance competition trips. We had to take it around cobblestone path to the venue and it looked lovely.

It moves around fine. I was very worried that it would break off half way. It did not. Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle bag has a lot of space too. Perfect for any teenage or smaller children too. They do not handle the bags carefully like fully grown adults, but this duffel holds well.

My daughter always drags it along when she goes alone. I prefer carrying it for her. Works great either way.


The bag is very spacious. It does not have any Unwanted gimmicks. Plain and simple – Very easy to pack. You could fit in three rolled up sleeping bags in it! It is so spacious.

For my daughter, we take an 18-inch folding stool, Tripod drying rack, makeup bag, snack bag, accessories bag and 4 to 5 costumes. It still has more place. Some of her friends were very impressed with the bag that they ordered a few on Amazon.

Great bag. I have taken it on a long road trip as well. Holds a lot of things. I have not used it in a flight, but if you do, make sure you weigh it before the trip. The bag would be easily overloaded if you are a heavy packer.


The material seemed very thin and fragile when the bag arrived at home. I was too worried that it might not last a long time. I was wrong. So far, it has been great.

It is not a High-End bag, So I really cannot bother much about the material. I am very happy that it did not fall apart. It also doesn’t have any straps inside to hold your things. We use it for the dance competition and we really do not need the straps.

I also wish it had a few more zippers but looking at the price, it seems really alright. It would also make a great grocery store bag in my opinion. You can keep a lot in the bag and drag it along.

Adorable Look

There are a lot of prints in the Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle. I loved the pink zebra and chose that for my daughter. She loved it too. Looks very feminine too.

On the dance competition venue, we feel very proud of having this bag with us. A unique design and feels fabulous. A show stealer looks for a very affordable price. Highly recommend buying it on Amazon.

The bag seems very thoughtfully made. I could just dump the bag with a lot of things and it would roll just fine. The colour is bright but does not seem too gaudy. Great value and look.


A great bag for under $. I saw the same bag in Target and they were around $. I got them on Amazon for $ with free shipping. Great value on the bag.

I did not expect the bag to look good. To my surprise, the bag was beautiful. It did not look cheap at all. My daughter is a very picky person. She would not use the bag if it looked cheap. To our delight, she loved the duffel at first sight.

She finds the bag lucky for her. I never like to invest a lot of money in luggage. No bag would last a lifetime. I am very happy with the price on the Rockland 30-inch duffel.


  • Great choice for designs and colours.
  • Two wheels and handles for easy movement.
  • Lightweight bag.
  • It weighs only one pound when it is empty.
  • Very sturdy and well-built.
  • Super-cheap price.
  • Makes an awesome gift bag.
  • Perfect for kids – To camps, competitions or sleep-overs.


  • Easy to overload the duffel. Take care if you are planning to fly with it.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% polyester.
  • Imported
  • 43.18 centimeters high.
  • 78.74 centimeters wide.
  • Wheels
  • Zipper
  • Large u shape top pocket
  • Four front pockets
  • Internal handle

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 31 x 17 x 7 inches.
  • Size: Checked – Extra Large.
  • Linear Inches: 55″.
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.6 pounds.
  • Color: Black, Camouflage, Pink Zebra, Pink Leopard, Charcoal, Red.
  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Condition: New.
  • Material: Softside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My son has a sleep over coming up this month. Would it be a good choice?

A: It would be perfect! I am very happy with it. Holds up well and very sturdy. It has a lot of space too.

Q: Does it fit in the overhead bin?

A: No. It is gigantic. You could check-in the bag. It is sturdy to handle the rough baggage handlers at the airport. I haven’t used it on an aeroplane.

Q: How many wheels does it have?

A: It has two wheels and a handle. Exactly as said in the description.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable bag, look no further. Some of the Rockland Luggage 30 Inch Rolling Duffle Reviews on a few online websites seem misleading. I read a review that said the bag had a strong chemical smell when it arrived. I did not have any problem.

My daughter is very fussy and she would want everything perfect for her dance competition and as parents, we make sure she is at peace at the competition. We feel the bag is very lucky for her. So far, she took it with her in three competitions and she won all three. Great bag! I would gladly get another one at Amazon again. Grab it!

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