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Whether you are traveler seeking to keep your travel documents organized, an individual looking for the perfect item to gift a friend or you just want to change your credit card and passport holder, a wallet is what you are looking for.

A good wallet comes customized to cater for the needs of that traveler who uses plastic money, the one that uses paper money as well as the one that uses both and wants to hold all these in the same place as their passport. The importance of keeping ones travel documents safe can only be understood by that person who has lost theirs just at the moment they most needed them.

Cash and travel documents are among the important requirements which determine whether or not you take that much necessary trip. You would find yourself stranded in a foreign country if you lost your credit cards while the loss of your passport can put you in unimaginable trouble. Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet protects you from such happenings at a fair price. It comes with the following features;

Features of the Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet

Here is the Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet Review:

Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet Review

The quality of a product is mostly determined by the material used in its making. Good material quality results in great products while substandard ones produce something of less value. The same rules apply in the wallet manufacturing industry.

As a customer keen on getting the worth of your money, Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet is only reasonable that you gauge which type of wallet to buy depending on the material used. You do not need a wallet that will break after being used in a single trip or one that drops your items. Top grain Nappa leather is popularly used in making high-end leather products.

By splitting the layers, a much thinner surface is reached that once sanded produces the material used in the making of this wallet. It is a material which is very resistant to stains and also gives the passport pocket an unbreakable finish.

Very Portable and Good Size

When traveling, your passport, ID and credit cards should never feel like extra luggage. These items should fit in as part of you with minimal disturbance to your movement, what this means is that you need a wallet that is cut to size.

Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet review gives you a product that measures an inch in height and ten inches in breadth. This is a very practical size for the savvy traveler and it takes in your passport, credit cards and money without bulging.

Having a size closer to that of the passport itself, the dimensions provide the document with a snug fit thus preventing it from coming out without your say so. Its size also enables it to hold a 28 page passport without extra bulkiness, getting torn or even distorting the shape of the other contents.

Wide Color Variety

Pink, blank, red, coco, blue and purple are just among the many colors a traveler can choose from. Whether you are a lover of neutral colors, bright colors or any color in between, you will be spoilt for choice regardless of your gender.

Royce Leather has collected all these color variations just to ensure your satisfaction. Having a great taste in colors will also help you pick a wallet that makes you stand out from the rest of crowd.

If you have a particular color theme for your luggage, all you have to do is pick a passport holder that goes with this theme. You can also match your outfit with your wallet or pick a shade that corresponds with the color tone of your passport.

Convenient Subdivisions

A good wallet should be able to give you access of its contents whenever the need of such arises. To achieve this, the Royce leather has been subdivided into small compartments that help the user to keep his items organized.

The sizes of these subdivisions are thoughtfully designed to hold the different items in their various sizes. There is a large cash slot fitted with a bill fold for keeping currencies of different sizes. A medium size passport holding pocket has been designated on one side while the other side has been divided into smaller sizes for holding credit cards.

The interior of the Wallet has been stitched quite firmly to give it a clean finish and a neat appearance. As a traveler, you do not have to break your head figuring out which item to put in a particular slot as the different sizes indicate the nature of the item it holds.

Fitted With RFID Blocking

Just as the name suggests, the Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet has gone an extra mile to ensure your safety. A wallet usually holds documents of vital importance and it is necessary to have measures of recovering it put in place in the unfortunate event it gets lost.

Should you lose the wallet, the tracker fitted in the wallet is used to locate it and get it back to you. The tracker is fully functional and is very practical to the regular traveler even for when they misplace the wallet.

Cases of identity theft are also kept to the minimal by the use of top grain nappa leather which blocks radio frequencies that are usually embedded in passports and credit cards. This is a wallet that has been built with the clear intention of keeping you safe and ensuring that you enjoy your trips in a safe relaxed manner.

Great Craftsmanship

A simple look at this product shows that great artistry has been employed. Its construction has been put in great consideration and Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet is clear by the quality of both the exterior and interior finish.

Most wallets come with badly done sleeves that succumb to tear and wear after a few months of use. The Royce wallet however has significantly thinner sleeves that help the product slip into your pocket without much friction.

The neat and firm finish are also designed to withstand long years of use without caving . Great creativity, good art and quality handiwork have all been combined to come up with this incredible piece, these are attributes that you will love if you have a taste for good wallets.


  • Variety of transgender colors.
  • Genuine high value material.
  • Conveniently subdivided.
  • Practical size.
  • RFID-blocking fitted for security.


  • Size is suitable for heavy cover passports.

Features at a Glance

  • RFID tags are now being placed in US Passports, credit cards and other forms of identification.
  • Protect your information from hackers by using a Royce RFID blocking Passport Wallet.
  • This first-class Top Grain Nappa Leather passport wallet offers you a safe place for your passport.
  • 3 credit/business card pockets, ID window for security checks, a full pocket for foreign currency.
  • Half depth pocket for U.S. currency and two additional pockets for travel papers.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 5.2 x 4 inches.
  • 1″ high & 10″ wide.
  • Linear Inches: 9.7″.
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Color: 15+.
  • Material: Top Grain Nappa.
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Would the product fit a 52 page passport?

A: No, designated passport pocket not big enough.

Q: Is it suitable for coin holding?

A: No, there is no slot for that.

Final Verdict

As far as the choice of travel wallets goes, the Royce leather passport &currency wallet is among the leading ones whose performance has not disappointed. It is not every day that you come across a wallet that is fitted with the RFID blocking technology, holds your items without tearing or looking bulky and has different slots for keeping its contents organized.

Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet will not only meet these demands but will also do this with class and style. Don’t spend anymore in the search of a quality , well designed wallet made of great leather as you have already found what you are looking for.

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