Samsonite Fiero 24 Inch Spinner Review

Samsonite is an American luggage manufacturer and retailer, who have been producing quality and durable luggage since 1910. Samsonite are known for their high standards and only the best luggage makes it on to the market. The Fiero 24-inch features four 360 degree spinning wheels that allow for excellent upright maneuverability when travelling. 

The Fiero is a hard case for better protection of your belongings from rough baggage handling. Although a hard case it is manufactured from 100% poly carbonate to be lightweight and durable. Available in 5 colors and three sizes in the same style for co-ordination your travel luggage; there is choice for all travelers.

Features of the Samsonite Fiero 24 Inch Spinner

What are the features that you must know?

Samsonite Fiero 24 Inch Spinner Review

All Samsonite products are rigorously tested to meet stringent standards. The case is made from a lightweight 100% polycarbonate which is very durable. The micro-diamond texture is scratch resistant and will leave your case looking like new trip after trip even with the roughest treatment.


The Samsonite Fiero is actually available in 3 sizes. A compact 20" suitable for carry-on luggage or short breaks. The Samsonite Fiero 24-inch spinner is the perfect size for most travellers. Not too small, not too large so you don't get hit with oversize baggage charges on some airlines. 

The largest size in the Fiero range is the 28 inch. For convenient storage the 20" fits inside the 24", the two will then fit neatly inside the 28" for storage. Take the 24" away on holiday inside the 28" and bring back both cases full of new clothes, shoes or other travel souvenirs. 

The dimensions of the Samsonite Fiero 24-inch are 24" high x 17.5" wide x 10.8" deep. The case weighs in at a very lightweight 8.71b (4kg). Note: the wheels on the base add 2" to the height so 26" officially not 24 inches.


A spinner suitcase has four wheels on the base. Each wheel can spin 360 degrees. The ability for each wheel to spin through 360 degrees (a full circle) means that the case can very easily be maneuvered in multiple directions whilst upright. No carrying, dragging or lifting means no effort and no strain on your arm. 

The case can be tipped on to two wheels and pulled along by the extendable handle in a more traditional manner if the terrain is not entirely flat or paved. Uneven flooring may cause an issue for the 4 spinning wheels. Having four wheels on the base means the case is less likely to tip over when you stand it upright unlike traditional two wheeled luggage. 

When you need to place the bag on scales or collect from the conveyor belt or carousel there are two additional handles to the extendable handle. A handle on the top and a handle on one side allow for easy pickup.


No need to buy additional padlocks to secure the zip as the Samsonite Fiero 24-inch has a side mounted TSA (transport security administration in USA) approved locking system. Airport security have a key to open if they need to without damaging your lock. 

The security combination code is sent on a card with the case, often hidden in an inside zip pocket - don't lose it when unpacking! Follow the instructions to set the code to one you can remember.


The Samsonite Fiero 24-inch spinner suitcase is available in 5 great colours. The blue is very bright and would be easy to spot on the carousel when collecting your bag. Classic black for simplicity; try adding a coloured strap or tag to easily identify yours when collecting as many travellers have black luggage! 

Charcoal grey is quite dark so won't look dirty too quickly on its travels. The teal option is a very nice blue-green colour, definitely a more subdued colour than the bright blue option. There seems to be some confusion over the pink (purple). The Samsonite website lists the colour as purple. Amazon lists the colour as pink and the pictures look pink. 

However, reading some of the reviews customers bought expecting pink and got purple! If you like pink or purple then you won't mind what colour it actually is will you? Remember that monitors can vary in how they show colours too.

Packing Features

The entire interior is fabric lined for additional protection for your belongings. Lining can be spot cleaned if necessary. The case opens out flat in to two halves for easy packing and un-packing. One side is slightly thinner and a mesh so you can see what is there and it has a zip to hold items securely in place. On the larger or base side there is a long pouch or pocket that zips up - handy for small items you want to find quickly. 

There are elastic cross straps that fasten with a clip to hold items in place when closing/opening and during travel. Should you need more room the case expands with a zip and fabric to an additional 2 inches, giving you almost 13 inches of depth? The zipper ends fasten securely in to the side-mounted lock for security.


  • 5 great colours
  • 360 degree spinning wheels
  • Lightweight (8.71b)
  • Durable (100% polycarbonate)
  • Scratch resistant
  • Expandable
  • TSA approved side mounted lock for zip


  • The pink case may actually be more purple (cooler varies between monitors)

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Polycarbonate
  • One (1) 24-inch upright
  • 100-pecent polycarbonate
  • Color: Blue, charcoal
  • Zip closure
  • Wheeled
  • Expands for extra capacity

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 17.5 x 10.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.2 pounds
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Feature: Spinner
  • Color: Blue, Grey
  • Type: Hardsided, Lightweight, Upright
  • Item model number: 55843

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the 20", 24" and 28" nest?

A: Yes, the 20" fits inside the 24" and they both then fit into the 28" for easy storage - or you could pack the 24" inside the 28" for when you need to bring two cases back from your trip full of souvenirs or new clothes!

Final Verdict

This Samsonite Fiero 24-inch Spinner review gives you an overview of the features and benefits of purchasing a Samsonite quality luggage item. It is a great size for travel, not too large and not too small at 24" x 17.5" x 10.8" with capacity to expand an extra 2 inches. 

100% polycarbonate hard case and scratch resistant for durability and years of travel. Lightweight so you don't use up too much of your weight allowance. Warranty covers manufacturing defects. Available in 5 great colours and with spinning wheels for easy movement it is a great choice.

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