Samsonite Lift Spinner 21″ Expandable Wheeled Luggage Review

Travel is inevitable in today's world. We may be travelling to other places for various purposes like business, leisure, visits, etc. Luggage plays an important role for travelling and choosing a right luggage is pretty important. Selection of the apt luggage makes our tour more comfortable and convenient. 

Samsonite's new luggage, the Samsonite Lift Spinner 21 Inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage, is all about providing a pleasant journey for us. The company has already earned its fame in the field of luggage and this particular product has lived up to the expectations of the customers. This wheeled luggage comes with various favorable features that make the customers satisfied. Some of the key features of this luggage from Samsonite are its light weight, reliability, adaptability, etc. 

It is designed to be robust to be carried across various conditions of the floor or ground. The luggage can also be easily navigated from one place to another due to its low weight feature. In the following sections, let us discuss the various features that make this luggage stand unique among others.

Features of the Samsonite Lift Spinner 21" Expandable Wheeled Luggage

The following are some of the common features that you must know:

Samsonite Lift Spinner 21" Expandable Wheeled Luggage Review

The luggage comes with a good storage capacity. It is good enough to accommodate items for a short trip. There is a provision of two external compartments that are available on the front lid of the luggage. The first one is at the top. It is suitable for housing items like magazines, books, water bottles, etc, as it extends up to the bottom of the luggage. The second zipper compartment is more suitable for narrow items like keys, passports, glasses, etc.

This is because the second compartment is located at the top occupying about a quarter of the front lid. In the internal compartment, there is a hidden zipper that helps the case to be expanded for about 2 to 3 inches in size. This paves the way for incorporating a large number of items while packing.


This Samsonite Lift Spinner 21" Expandable Wheeled Luggage will be very much suitable for the people making frequent airways travels. The lightweight of the luggage enables packing of more items in them. It is more economical to use this luggage in the airplanes as it does not impart unwanted luggage weight. 

When compared to other luggage, this comes as an advantage. The reduced weight of the luggage can be utilized for increasing the item capacity that is being packed in the luggage. The lightweight feature also comes favorable for the elderly and physically challenged people. This is one of the key features that keeps attracting the customers who look for a travel luggage.

Adaptable Wheels and Stability

The wheels are built to be more robust and provide a stable movement of the luggage. It is designed with the spinners that are capable of rotating to 360 degrees. With minimum effort, the luggage can be easily navigated with these spinners. The feature of spinners has made it possible for the luggage to be used by the people of all the age group. 

The weight of the luggage is largely reduced and there is the minimum burden of carrying the luggage. The stability of the luggage can be maintained with the proper packaging of the items within the luggage. Improper packing may cause tipping issues. Also, care needs to be taken while moving the luggage as they are easily slid able.


The luggage comes in four attractive colours - charcoal, black, navy, red. These colours are all liked by most of the customers and are very attractive. The looks of the luggage are classy and trendy. The use of high-class materials for its construction makes it more appealing in its looks. 

The zippers, compartments, and the handles are designed to give a more elegant look. These are built to perfectly fit the design of the luggage. The fabric material used for the making of the luggage is soft and gives a smooth texture. Most of the reviews by the customers for the appearance of the luggage are quite promising.


The luggage is made of tri-core polyester fabric. It is resistant to fabric breaches like tears, abrasions and punctures. The use of this fabric has enabled the luggage to retain its durability while retaining the lightweight feature. This is because the tri-core polyester fabric is lighter in weight than nylon. This is due to the innovative design technology involved in its construction. 

The luggage is also built to resist scratches that may occur by placing one luggage over the other. Even after frequent usage of the luggage, one can hardly find any scratches on the surface of the luggage. This also remains as one of the key features that makes customers buy this Samsonite Lift Spinner 21" Expandable Wheeled Luggage.

Customized Handles

The handles in the luggage are available in an integrated way. There are two types of handles - the lifting handles and the telescopic pull-up handles. There are three lifting handles located at the top, side and bottom of the luggage. The lifting handles aid in the easy lifting of the luggage. 

They are built to be visually appealing and elegant. These are well built and rightfully placed to make the navigation and lifting easy. The telescopic pull-up handle is provided so that the luggage is usable for both the tall and the short people. It comes with a height-adjustable feature. The luggage can be glided easily without any pain with this handle.


  • It comes with very lightweight.
  • The looks are very classy and stylish.
  • It is built to be very robust and sturdy.
  • There is a provision of three integrated and well-designed handles.
  • The zips and locks come with the self-healing feature.
  • The luggage is spacious with an expansion zip to adjust the size.


  • The packing should be done properly else it may get inclined to the top.

Features at a Glance

  • Lightweight
  • Zipper closure
  • Soft sided luggage
  • Top handle
  • Side handle
  • Wheeled luggage
  • Upright Luggage
  • Expandable pockets
  • Made from polyester
  • Spinner carry on bag

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 15 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Brand: Samsonite
  • Line: L.I.F.T.
  • ASIN: B004UKD7W4
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item model number: 43861

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Samsonite's 21 Inch Luggage comply with the Delta's Carry-on Regulations?

A: This luggage complies with this regulation and this is one of the main reasons for opting this luggage.

Q: Does the dimension mentioned in the product include the wheels?

A: The dimension including the wheels would be 23 Inches, hence, the mentioned dimension do not include the wheels.

Q: Is it possible to lock the zippers?

A: There is a provision of tabs with lock holes, so the zippers can be locked with the small padlocks.

Final Verdict

Having discussed the features, pros and cons of the Samsonite Lift Spinner 21 Inch luggage, we can draw few conclusions about the product. This luggage will be a suitable option for those making short trips owing to its capacity. Although stability issues might occur during the packaging, the proper reordering of the items may avoid this problem. 

The majority of the user reviews show that the luggage has fulfilled the expectations of the customers. Since this Samsonite luggage is intended for the carry-on bag purposes, the luggage serves well for the people making short trips or one-day business travels. One can say that the customers would be definitely satisfied and never feel sorry for buying this product.

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