Solution to All the Luggage Issues and Problems We Face

Travelling and visiting new places has become a major part of lifestyle of most people all around the globe. Whether we are travelling near or far, no matter whichever mode of transport we take, luggage is a common thing that we always take good care of. The various problems and questions associated with luggage are described as follows.

Solution to All the Luggage Issues and Problems We Face


#1. Luggage Damaged

A very common phenomenon while we are travelling is the damaging of our luggage. The damage to our luggage can happen irrespective of our travel in train, bus, ship or flight. In most modes of travel, the luggage is kept at a separate bin or placeholder. Due to the negligence in the supervision, the luggage can get damaged.

The damage information should be reported immediately to the travel agent or the mode of travel that was taken. Damage report is expected to be officially filed after this to keep a track of the process of refund, if valid. However, if the damage happens due to over packing or over loading of the luggage, for example, zipper teeth broken, then there almost no possibility of getting a refund.

#2. Luggage Delayed

The possibility of a luggage to get delayed is mostly in the case of flights. It is a very common phenomenon when even though we arrive, our luggage does not. This can happen due to several factors but the most important thing to do in such cases is to opt for a PIR, that is, Property irregularity Report. The rules and actions for such reports vary in the case of national and international levels of travel. However, it is always mandatory for us to retain the receipt of confirmation for PLR.

If the delayed luggage takes more time than expected to reach, depending on the Airline policies, cost refund for the initial few days, on the basic necessities to live, are provided to cover the basic necessities. However, luxury items like perfume and cosmetics are not covered in the refund.

#3. Luggage Missing

If the delayed luggage is not found within the first few days, then it becomes the case of luggage missing. This case is also covered in the Property Irregularity Report or PIR. We are mostly required to submit a list of contents while filing a complaint to ease the process of searching for the missing luggage. All the documents, tickets, invoices, etc. are submitted since the case of luggage missing is taken very seriously by the airlines.

The refund for the initial expense without the baggage mostly takes less than 20 days to get transferred. Therefore, everyone is always suggested to apply or opt for all sorts of insurance options that appear while booking for travel.

#4. Luggage Theft

This is the extreme case when the missing luggage is not found and then it is declared as theft. Before doing so, all the IDBTV footage and clips are checked properly and compared with the description provided by us in the legal complaint.

The formal complaint although remains open and valid for almost two years, however, if the luggage does not arrive back with two months, there are higher possibilities of luggage theft.


Although the lost, misplaced or damaged luggage during travel does not occur due to fault of the owner, few tips and tricks are provided below as solution to avoid such situations from occurring.

#1. Try to avoid check-in luggage

Although it may sound a little absurd but unless extremely important, unnecessarily checking in the luggage could increase the possibilities of all the problems associated with it while travelling. Instead, keeping only hand luggage, which can be kept nearby and checked from time to time reduces a lot stress. Also, there is no need to do any extra insurance for the luggage missing possibility in this case.

#2. Try to avoid luggage that has straps

To avoid the luggage being trapped in the conveyor belt of double checks due its straps, it is always suggested to pick one without straps. This at times may make the experience of carrying the luggage a little difficult but these days all places are well equipped with trolleys so help us with carrying the luggage.

#3. Always attach business card

It is a wise practice to attach our business card in our luggage. Once any abandoned luggage is found, the search parties first try to find any business card to get in touch with the owner and to validate the complaint details. Even if someone does not own an official business card, one can always make one at home, with all the necessary information like name, phone number, address, email-id, and attach it to the luggage at a place which is easily accessible to anyone who finds our bag and wishes to return it or validate its ownership.

#4. Always be covered by travel insurance

We very often overlook the option of travel insurance while booking for our travel. These days when so many people are always travelling all around the globe, the chances of the luggage to get misplaced have increased by many folds. In this case, if our luggage is not covered by travel insurance, we would never get a refund for the initial days that the airlines or travel agency takes to search for our luggage.

#5. Always use bag tags

Although attaching our business card is a brilliant idea, we can also get used to the option of bag tags to our luggage. The bag tags can be made at home, bought from a local shop or ordered online. However, these bag tags should be big enough to be noticed by everyone. The bag tags are of biggest use when someone else had the same kind of luggage, which is a very common scenario for luggage missing.


It should be always remembered that traveling is an important aspect to lead a happy life and small hurdles like luggage problems should never stand on its way. Therefore, use of customer helpline numbers and feedback for all the actions associated with luggage handling should be opted to have the best experience.

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