Solutions to 5 Common Luggage Related Travel Problems

You've worked hard for this. All of those months or even years of saving and preparing is about to pay off as you embark on a new journey. You've checked and re-checked everything, have your suitcases packed and ready to go, and you are soon to be walking out your front door and heading to the airport. Before you go, take just a few minutes to read this article. It will explain five of the most commonly occurring travel problems related to luggage and how to avoid or deal with them. Reading this article can help save you a lot of headache later on.

Solutions to 5 Common Luggage Related Travel Problems

Problem #1: Bringing Too Much Luggage

Now that you've packed and are ready to go, take a few moments to do a double take on your suitcases and bags. Have you packed up the entire house? A mistake often made by people who are going on a lengthy stay (one week or longer) is to bring too much. You may want your temporary domicile to feel like home, but remember - it isn't. Part of the entire point in taking a vacation is to get away from home. If you've packed things solely because they remind you of what you're used to, consider leaving them behind. Toiletries are another area in which you may be able lighten your load.

Most hotels and resorts will provide things like soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in your room free of extra charge. Unless you are particular to a certain brand, keep those things at home. It will make your luggage lighter and save money at the same time. Another way to avoid bringing too much is to do a few minutes of pre-planning. What is the climate like where you're headed? You may love that knitted sweatshirt your grandmother made for you last Christmas, but if you are headed to the Tropics, it will better serve you folded up neatly in your closet at home.

Likewise, if you are going to somewhere cold {or at least cooler than what you are used to), it may not be the best idea to bring your favorite tank top or t-shirt. Don't bring your dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, coffee maker, etc. They will have all of those things wherever you're headed. Bringing too much luggage can mean you Spending more time in your room watching your things than you wanted to or can really damper the leisure aspect of your vacation when you have to lug a bunch of your things everywhere.

Problem #2: Lost Luggage

Now that you've arrived at your destination's airport and cleared customs, it's time to grab your stuff and get on with your trip. Patiently, you stand in baggage claim and wait...and wait...and wait. Remember when you checked in all your luggage and you were given a baggage claim ticket? Now is when you need it. If your suitcases and bags don't come through the conveyor system, you will need to file a missing or lost luggage claim.

Most times this is done at a window or office within the baggage claim area. it may be the case that your things are not lost at all, but rather delayed. This can mean you will get your things in a matter of minutes or hours - or it may take several days. Depending on how long you will be without your luggage due to the delay and depending on your particular airline's policies, you may be entitled to some sort of monetary compensation - either in the form of a lump sum or a stipend per day until your things arrive. in the unfortunate event your luggage is lost, there are two things that may happen.

First, your things may actually be found. The second thing is that, in the event your belongings stay lost, you may be able to file a claim for restitution of monetary value. Note, however, that this will not be the face value of the items in your luggage, but rather a depreciated amount - and that in order to successfully make a claim, you will have to have proof that what you claim is lost were actually in the lost luggage.

Problem #3; Your Luggage Breaks

You've managed to get your belongings after waiting for five long hours and are finally on your way out of the airport. Just as you are about to walk through the rotating door, your suitcase suddenly bursts open and all of your things spill out on to the floor. While this can easily happen to anyone, it can also easily be prevented by anyone. The first step in preventing baggage breakage is to buy strong material. A cheaper suitcase may seem appealing at first, but it may do well to remember the adage, "you get what you pay for."

Get a suitcase from a company with a proven track record that is made out of a strong fabric or material. Also, be sure not to overstuff your suitcases and bags. Doing so only increases the risk of tear and breakage. One last thing to do to prevent your luggage from breaking is to provide extra security, either by using locks or duct tape perhaps even both.

Problem #4; Prohibited Items

The list of items that are prohibited in airports is not the same in all countries. Just because you were able to bring something through the airport where you departed does not mean your arrival airport will allow the same. Knowing which items are prohibited ahead of time is key to avoiding this potential nightmare that can include long wait times and even choosing between getting rid of something valuable or missing a flight.

If you do end up being flagged for having something that is not allowed in your carry-on luggage, so long as you have time, you can add it to your checked luggage or, if you drove, run outside the airport and leave it in your car. Depending on your flexibility and your airline's policies, you may even be able to reschedule your flight if you need the extra time resolving the issue.

Problem #5: Unwanted Guests

You've just arrived home from a wonderful vacation and can't wait to do it again. After lounging around for a bit, you unzip your suitcase and open it. To your horror, you discover a spider that you've never seen before. You do a little a research and quickly discover that it is native to the country where you were vacationing. Introduction of foreign species via luggage is a common, but avoidable problem. Following these three steps will help ensure your stuff does not become infested:

  • Keep open food out of your luggage.
  • Keep your luggage tightly sealed.
  • Keep your luggage off the ground.

There you have it - 5 common travel problems related to luggage and their solutions. Now you can rest easy and enjoy your vacation. Bon voyage!

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