Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag Review

From the moment a parent brings forth a kid and holds them in their hands for the first time, an unbreakable bond is forged. As the little one advances in age, it becomes necessary for them to start schooling hence the need for the parent to let go. This can be very hard for the parents as they have become very attached to the child, some believe that their kids cannot be safe enough when they are away from them.

Because of Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag, a parent will seek to do everything they can to ensure that their school going kids are comfortable and this brings in the need for a great back pack. There is a limitless range of kids bags in the market today and it is easy to get overwhelmed as a parent.

Shopping online for your toddler’s first backpack can be a lot of fun, however a parent should not allow themselves to be carried away. There are critical aspects that need serious consideration when making this purchase; whether the bag functions as expected determines its suitability for the child. Let me now Review Stephen Joseph Little Boys’ Go Go bag and take you through some of its most outstanding features.

Features of the Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag

Here is the Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag Review:

Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag Review

The kind of bag you choose for your little one will be determined by the material used in its making. There are hundreds of fabrics in the market and different techniques have been used in their manufacture, most of the processes involved in these manufactures are Eco friendly while others are not.

As a kid is young and their bodies are still developing, Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag is very important to go for a light material since this will ensure that the bag does not feel heavy on the child’s back. Vinyl is a very strong synthetic material which is widely known for making durable products.

It is produced in a variety of solid colors which will give a parent unlimited options to choose from. Over half percent of Vinyl production involves the use of naturally occurring substances like common salt making the process very friendly to the environment. Vinyl is also one of the materials that can be recycled and this ensures that its products are not very costly.

Zipper Closure

Toddlers are not very much aware of the activities taking place around them and can easily drop the items they are carrying in their bags without noticing. Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag makes a zipper closure a must-have characteristic.

As important as a zipper closure is, toddlers need zippers that are sturdy and easy to open and close and not heavy duty zippers that could even harm their small hands. A good zipper should be able to grant a child easy access to the contents of their bags.

Most toddlers carry toys in their bags and it would be frustrating for them if they are unable to reach them with ease. The zipper closure also ensures that the items packed by the parent such as a lunch box or a nap blanket do not get lost forcing the need to buy more every other day.

Hand Wash

Kids are very active and always on the move; this makes their packs highly prone to dirt necessitating frequent washes. The need to keep a kids bag spotless all the time can never be overemphasized, it is therefore vital to choose a material that can be washed often without looking beaten.

Stephen Joseph’s Little Boys’ Go Go is made of hand washable material. As a parent , there is no limit to the number of times you can wash this bag. In cases where the child spills food daily, wiping with a damp cloth can help keep the pack clean until the next wash.

A variety of trans-gender colors with different applique designs

A wide range of colors have been used in the making of these toddler bags with more than three colors being incorporated in one bag to enhance its looks. Bright colors always appeal to kids and the older ones can even identify their personalities with particular shades.

The provisions of colors like pink and blue can also be used to identify girls from boys respectively. With modern technology, kids of today are exposed to television sets at an early age and they even have favorite shows.

In these shows they get to see animals which are linked to certain educative stories. Most of these animals have been brought out in the Applique designs used on each of the bags.

A height of 13.25″ and a width of 12″ provides enough packing space

When buying bags, most people’s decisions tend to be swayed by size. Stephen Joseph Little Boys Go Go Bag is easy to purchase a bag that promises to hold more. However, bigger is not always better when the purchase involves a kid’s pack.

Different graders have varied needs that determine the size of their backpacks. A parent should have clear-cut needs, they should know the exact role they want these bags to play. A toddlers bag should only have enough room for essentials and should not be loaded with unnecessary items.

Anything that surpasses the minimum weight requirement can be detrimental to the kids growth and development. Some of the basics that should be added to this backpack include a lunch box, nap blanket , a change of clothes and probably a toy. These are items that will take up the available space without being too heavy for the young one.

Availability of Stephen Josephs lunch boxes to make a set

The Stephen Joseph line is a renown household name famous for the production of many Kid Products. If your child is old enough to identify himself or herself with a certain color or differentiate animals, it is likely that they will notice whether or not their bags match with their lunch box.

It would be a great idea to get them the Stephen Joseph lunch box that matches their bag to complete the look. This trend of matching items can go a long way in sharpening their wit as they will be able to tell each color apart within a short time.


  • Transgender colors provide options for every kid.
  • Single zipper closure provides ease of item access.
  • Vinyl material is light enough for kids.
  • Different colorful applique design appealing to kids.
  • Hand washable material promotes cleanliness.


  • Single undivided compartment may not be appealing to many parents.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Vinyl – Imported.
  • Wipes Clean with a Damp Cloth.
  • Zipper closure – Hand Wash.
  • Vinyl Bag with Applique Designs.
  • Zipper-ed Top and Adjustable Straps.
  • Wipes Clean with a Damp Cloth.
  • Perfect for Rationalization.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 13.2 Inches.
  • High: 13.25″.
  • Wide: 12″.
  • Approximately 12 inches x 13.25 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 12 ounces.
  • Origin: USA.
  • Made in: China.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other available sizes of the product are there?

A: All bags come in one size, only the colors are different.

Q: Is there a specified age for kids who can carry this bag?

A: No, the bag is made of very light material and can be carried by any kid who is over a year old.

Final Verdict

Kids are a blessing and their care has been entrusted to parents who do everything they can to ensure their safety and well being. As they take little steps towards being independent, it is the role of a parent to make this transition as smooth as possible by offering different supportive measures.

It all begins at ensuring their physical well being, getting them the best bag packs that are friendly to their backs literally ensures that we don’t subject them to more weight than they can carry. Stephen Joseph’s Little Boys’ Go Go bag gives your kid the ability to take tentative steps as they he/she goes up the education ladder.

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