Top 10 Tips to Solve Your Luggage Problems when Travelling

Traveling is lovely. It can be exciting and fun filled, especially for the holiday traveler. One issue with traveling though, is having to carry your belongings with you. Luggage management is very important for any traveler, because even a small problem with the luggage, can ruin an entire trip. Following are 10 tried and tested tips, based on experience. They will help any traveler to properly manage luggage problems that may spring up, or to even prevent the problems from occurring in the first place.

Lost Luggage, Delays, and Other Problems with Air Travel

Top 10 Tips to Solve Your Luggage Problems when Travelling

1. Your Luggage is Delayed

If you are like most people, you may not give much thought to loosing sight of your luggage during a trip. The truth though, is that your luggage might not be on the same flight with you, or it might have gotten mixed up somehow. It could have gotten lost in transit, either through mechanical or human error. The important thing is that your luggage is not lost in this situation. The airline can either tell you where it is, or when to expect it.


One solution to this problem, is to always check-in your luggage early enough. Security officials like the TSA, are usually suspicious of late check-ins, and this might cause your luggage to undergo manual inspection, and probably miss your flight. Certain credit cards like Discover, offer you a delayed-bag insurance. Discover just after a 3-hour delay. This assumes though, that you booked your flight with the card.

2. Your Kid's are Stressing You Out

If you have kids, then you'll know that they can sometimes have a mind of their own, especially in situations when you need them to be at their best. If you have such a kid, who might decide that he wants to be carried around in the airport, or anywhere else during a trip, then you know how disorienting and potentially frustrating the experience can be.


Kids are kids, and will always see the world differently from an adult's perspective. The kid is simply revolting for not being an integral part of the process. Get them involved with their very own suitcase. You could even take it further with a trunki, which is a riding suitcase for kids. Now they have their clothes all packed up in their own suitcase, and you can either pull them along, or let them do the riding on the suitcases.

3. Your Luggage is Completely Lost or Even Stolen

Things could get tough at times, and your luggage might not be simply delayed, but rather lost. The airline might not know where they lost your belongings, or someone else could have mistakenly taken it. Whichever the case, you might never see your belongings again, in this situation.


The simplest method of preventing someone else from mistakenly taking your suitcase, is to properly tag it. Whether you are using the airport or a travel bus, a distinctive suitcase always helps. Tagging inside your bag with your full contact details has also proven helpful many times. One more thing you could do, is to pay for the ticket, using a credit card which offers lost-baggage protection. Depending on the card, you may get reimbursed up to a few thousand dollars.

4. Too Much Luggage

Although initially not apparent to most travelers, carrying too much luggage can actually bring up many problems. Having to manage more than a few suitcases can ruin a vacation, or any other recreational trips. It takes the fun out of a holiday trip, unlike a backpacker, who packs very light.


Unless the extra baggage is professionally relevant, there is usually little advantage in packing a lot of baggage. A few items are usually enough for most trips. No need for more than one camera, 1 hat, sunglasses, and just a few personal effects and clothing.

5. High-Value & Important Items

If you lose your baggage during a trip, or if you are in anyway temporarily unable to access your belongings, and you have a medical emergence, then you do not want your medications in the baggage that you checked in. Same goes for a lost or stolen baggage. If you have very valuable items like jewelry, expensive electronic devices or money, then you have a problem.


Pack your most valuable items in a small hand luggage that you have with you at all times. This way, you will avoid all kinds of surprises. Also consider clothing with large pockets, for your cameras, other gadgets and important items. A fanny pack is usually a good idea as well.

6. TSA Destroys Your Lock

In an effort to improve travel security, the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, might be force to inspect your checked-in luggage. Since your presence is not required if they decide to open and inspect your checked-in bag or suitcase, they can simply destroy your look, and force entry.


The simple solution is to use a TSA-approved look. These TSA-approved looks can be opened by the TSA, using certain universal-keys. The standards for a TSA-approved lock are set by a company known as Travel Sentry, whose logo is a red-diamond. All TEA-approved locks also have the red-diamond.

7. Paying for Overweight Luggage

This one is strictly for air-travelers. Most airlines have a weight limit for baggages. If your hand baggage is over the weight limit, you will need to check it in, but keep in mind that it will then count towards your checked-in baggage limit. Haying to pay extra fees for crossing the weight limit is a painful experience that few people want to relive.


Weigh your baggage at home, if you can. Buy a lightweight suitcase, pack light and you will be fine. Also know the weight limits to work with. Most airlines have a free baggage limit of around 56 lb (30 kg).

8. Too many Souvenirs & No Space

For travelers on holiday and those who had time to do a lot of shopping, the souvenirs may pack up. The problem is that many travelers forget to leave enough space in their bags or suitcases, to accommodate the souvenirs. The combined weight can easily cross the airline's weight limit and lead to extra fees.


If you visited a tourist location for example, then you should make inquiries in the store where you bought the items. Many offer specialized services, like shipping the item home for you. Alternatively, you could ship the items home by yourself.

9. Luggage Hard Shell is Dented or Cracked

Hard shell luggage’s can, and do crack. You hard shell suitcase may crack during a trip or just get dented. A crack makes your belongings vulnerable, while a dent may still become a crack.


The simple solution is to find a shop which sells tapes, and just tape the suitcase's crack shut. For dents, open the suitcase and use a hair dryer to blow some hot air, moving it around to avoid a hot spot. If the dent does not spring back by itself, use a piece of cloth to pad a piece of wood, or use any soft hammer to press against it.

10. Baggage Wheel Issues

If your baggage is having wheel issues, like worn-out wheels, or if the wheels are even broken, then you might find it difficult pulling your belongings along on a trip.


One solution is to buy suitcases with detachable wheels. This way, you can easily replace them, when there are any issues. You could also replace the wheels using inline-skate wheels, which are usually more durable. Just make sure you get the right size.


By following the above tips, you can be sure to avoid a lot of mishaps during your trip. Other unforeseen circumstances could still come up. In such a situation, you will have to get creative, and use your imagination, in order to remedy the situation.

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