Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage Review

When it comes to matters traveling, several things flash through the mind. The first thing that will come to mind is how much it is going to cost you. The amount you spend will be determined by your mode of traveling and the kind of place you are visiting.

In as much as all these aspects are important, one common factor that most people tend to forget is the luggage issue. It is strange how this critical detail escapes people since everyone travels with a bag.

We forget that in order to make a trip work, we have to get the proper type of gear which does not have the common shortcomings found in many luggage sets. Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage blue, red , yellow review focuses on the bag’s important features. It is a review that aims at giving you tips on what to look out for when purchasing travel gear for kids.

Features of the Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage

Here is the Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage Review:

Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage Review

Among the widely known properties of the ABS material are its toughness and sturdy nature. As a parent who understands kid behavior, you would know how active they are. Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage active nature can sometimes be destructive especially when it gets out of hand.

Buying travel gear for your kids requires the same keen attention you employ when buying a car. The way you inspect its features is the same way you will need to inspect the features of the product you are buying to avoid getting a raw deal. Traveling exposes luggage to situations that may cause them to tear quickly.

A kids traveling case will even tear faster since children are not as careful as adults when it comes to luggage handling. The strength and toughness of the ABS material will keep the bag in shape even if your kids sit on it. This is a buy that can be used for a number of trips without showing any signs of wear.

Set of a Suitcase and a Back Pack

Children have different needs and getting them travel gear that comes in a set will help them meet those needs comfortably. The set is very unique and practical for kids; the number of things a kid can use this set for is countless.

When going on vacation, the bigger case with wheels can be used to pack the child’s clothing and books. Weight is not really an issue as children will not be required to lift the bag to their backs, rather, pulling will get the luggage to whatever destination it is going to.

It is understood that kids cannot stay still for the whole duration of a flight and Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage is where the smaller bag comes in. It has the perfect size for a child to stuff his or her carry on items like toys to keep them occupied for the length of the trip. What’s more is that the size of the bag allows it to pass as a carry -on acceptable by most airlines.

Hardshell Protection and Light Weight Material

The kind of material used to make a traveling bag determines how heavy or light it is. When packing you will be careful enough to ensure that Your Luggage weight does not exceed the acceptable limit of 50 lb. The wrong bag will be heavy even with nothing packed in it and this could force you to under pack.

Being forced to leave some rather important items because of a weight limit will ruin your trip even before it begins. Now, as an adult you can make do with less but it will be harder for a child to understand why you did not bring their crayons along.

The likelihood of such an event has been curbed by the use of the ABS light weight material. This bag is kid friendly as it does not require a lot of energy to handle. The hard shell on the other hand goes on to ensure that no harm or damage comes to the contents of the bag.

Wheelable Luggage With a Retractable Handle

The ease with which luggage gets moved from one point to another is determined by the lack of or the availability of wheels. Simply put, moving any load by the use of wheels is simpler compared to moving one without use if the same.

The fact that a child can be entrusted with the task of carrying their luggage which often contains clothing that can last them a week is only made possible by the fact that they can wheel it. Once the case has been loaded and it’s weight evenly distributed, it takes very little effort to move it.

The fitting of a retractable handle is another measure that helps children control the movement of the suitcase. The length of the handle can be adjusted to a height that the kid can comfortably pull from. Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage is also long enough for an adult to use without having to bend over. In addition, retracting the handle of the case greatly reduces its size allowing it to take less space while in storage.

Back Pack has Hand Carry Handle and Back Straps

Since the bag is specifically designed for kids, it is only natural that it comes fitted with a handle and Straps from which they can hold it. When traveling the child’s hands will most probably be on the handle of the suitcase pulling it.

The straps on the smaller bag will ensure that it stays on the shoulders allowing the little one free use of his or her hands. All this goes to help a child handle their luggage with ease without necessarily seeking their parents assistance.

Weight and Size of the Set

As a parent you will always be on the lookout for anything that threatens the well being of your child . This means that you will be watching out for any load whose weight can get in the way of your child’s physical development.

Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage blue, red, yellow set meets the minimum requirement for kids luggage weight. The bigger case with wheels weighs less than 5 pounds while the backpack has a weight of 1.5 pounds only.

These are weights that are safe for an average kid. The different sizes of the set allows them to nestle within each other comfortably. This provides for easy storage when both bags are not being used.


  • Tough material endures strain caused by kids.
  • Suitcase can hold up to a week’s clothing.
  • Small backpack holds small toys for kids to use when in the plane.
  • Rusty robot artwork very kid friendly.
  • ABS material can last for years.


  • Small kids may have trouble handling both pieces at once.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% ABS – Imported.
  • Matching luggage and back pack.
  • Easy Roll integrated wheels.
  • Internal zip storage and garment straps.
  • Matching 13″ back pack with straps.
  • Carry on approved.
  • Cute eye catching design.
  • Designed by kids for kids.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 12 x 17 inches.
  • Item Weight: 6.1 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.8 pounds.
  • Material_composition: Hardsided.
  • Additional product features: Rolling.
  • Specification met: certified frustration-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the product suitable for a 2 year old.

A: Yes, a two year old would enjoy the set especially the smaller backpack.

Q: Does the backpack have wheels?

A: It does not. It is fitted with shoulder straps and a carry handle.

Final Verdict

Traveling with children is an activity that most parents do not look forward to. The reason some parents do not like to bring their children along is not because they do not love them. It is a fear; children have many needs and can be quite a handful and most care givers will choose to travel alone so that they can have an easy time.

This review however provides factors that simplify this activity. Planning with the perfect traveling gear in mind ensures that your children are able to handle their luggage thus taking your hands off this duty.

It shows you that a smart purchase can help you have a great time during your vacation even with the kids around. Do not leave your loved ones out of a beautiful experiences just because you haven’t found the perfect luggage set. Try this the next time you go on a trip and see if the highlighted features work for you.

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