Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag Review

When traveling with suits the main goal is usually to keep them wrinkle free until you get to your destination. Regardless of whether you are going for a business trip, a meeting, a family gathering or a wedding, the last thing most travelers want to grapple with is paying for a last minute stream or struggling with unreliable hotel iron. Any regular bag that you find out there probably won't save you from all that This is where the Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag comes in handy.

The bag keeps clothing flat and does not allow important items in the bag to get attacked by other toiletries, clothes or shoes. The bag allows you to zip through the airport smoothly with it's in line skate wheels without worrying about your suit. You can easily pack dresses, suits and other clothing that require little or no folding to look great.

Another handy and kind off spiffy feature about the bag is that even though it is tall, it can fold over so that you can carry it more easily. The travel bag allows you to arrive at your preferred destination with angelic clothing thanks to its inner tie straps which keeps clothing secure. In addition to that, It is made of polyester and industrial quality material perfect for any business traveler and comes with an ID window just in case you misplace it.

Features of the Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

What are the features that you must know?

Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag Review

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High Tech Luggage Carrier

It is a business rolling garment bag that resembles a carry on The bag can zip onto itself so that everything you are carrying stays in compact space. It also features other high tech features like in-line skate wheels, an internal handles system and a detachable and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

Its main compartment is very spacious and has zippered mesh pockets with several outside gusseted pockets which make it easy for users to pack. Its fold out design also helps minimize wrinkles in suits while the tie straps helps in securing items inside the bag.


Unlike other travel bags, this carrier is designed with portability in mind. In most cases you would think anything that is called a travel bag would be very easy to carry, but that is usually not the case in most carry bags. 

This bag is lightweight, so you do not have to lug anything heavy your shoulder and it folds from the top so it actually looks like any regular bag. This typically means that the bag does not only keep your suits well preserved, but it also keeps your arms free and about.

Great Design

When you open the bag, its full zippered panel leads you to the main interior compartment. On the top there is a hook with zippered mesh corner pockets on both sides for small garments. There are also cross compression straps which help to keep your items in place. On the lower part there are 2 zippered pockets on a snap on side by side.

On the outside, the bag has 2 grab handles, an integrated one at the top for easy lifting and another one at the bottom to help haul it up. Another light extendable handle allows users to roll it easily. In addition to that, it moves on 2 smooth wheels and is supported by 2 front feet when it is standing up which means you do not have support it all the time when travelling.

Space Age Structure

Its fabric is designed to resist stains and remain clean. The polyester makes it easy to wipe it if it gets messy for any reason. And even though it has a very soft exterior, its water resistant rugged protection makes it as strong as its competitors.

Spacious: It is spacious enough and can accommodate enough items including suits for at least 4 days. You can easily pack up to 5 formal outfits in the bag! This plus the guessed pockets and the mesh pockets mentioned earlier allow it carry more items than most travel bags available on the market right now.

Everything & More

One of the most impressive things about travel bag is that it can be used for much more than just dresses and suits. In fact there are some people who use it as their only travel bag for when going for a trip. 

It has many extra pockets that can hold toiletries and other small items In addition to that, the hanging compartment can keep almost anything on a hanger. The lock can hold up to 6 items, but if you are a dab hand at packing you could perhaps pack more than that.

Wardrobe on Wheels

Even though it is a garment travel bag, it can be used for virtually everything. It is not just limited to items that hang. There are 2 packing pockets on the front and there are also other pockets on the inside including a panel for longer garments, compression straps, a tie pocket, several masse pockets and a pocket for damp garments. The bag can easily hold enough for a 3 to 4 day trip.


  • Durable
  • Very light and compact.
  • Good value for money.
  • Can fit in most overhead cabins.
  • Flexible and portable.
  • Has lots of pockets and storage compartments for organization.


  • It is a bit cumbersome to roll it on narrow aisles.

Features at a Glance

  • Interior handle system.
  • It has in line skale wheels.
  • Several gusseted pockets.
  • Spacious compartment.
  • Tie traps that help secure items.
  • Industrial quality hardware.
  • Top carry handle.
  • Has a fold out design which reduces wrinkles in suits.
  • A Center strap that you can use for carrying an extra bag.
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with a non-slip pad.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 24 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 11.2 pounds
  • Linear Inches: 52"
  • High: 22"
  • Wide: 24"
  • ASIN: B002VP6O9I
  • Item model number: TS6944K
  • Gender: Women, Men
  • Brand: Traveler's Choice
  • Material: 1200D two-tone polyester and 600 D polyester

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a suit and a long evening gown fit into the bag?

A: The suit will fit excellently, but the long evening gown will fold, though nicely.

Q: Is this bag sized for a carry on?

A: This will depend on the airline you are using. But checking a chart this would be a recommended carry on option. Nevertheless it is recommended that you check with the specific airline and compare their carry on policy.

Q: How many suits can the bag hold?

A: 3-4

Q: Does the garment bag meet the airline carry on limits?

A: Yes it does.

Final Verdict

The Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag allows you to take your formal wear or business wear from the closet to a hotel room thousands of miles away wrinkle free and hassle free. The 2-tone polyester wheeled bag boasts a very spacious main compartment plus a fold out design and zippered mesh pockets for your accessories and tie down straps to reduce shifting of your items. 

It also has several multiple gusseted pockets for easy packing and is designed with industrial quality hardware for durability. The amazing travel bag features a center strap for carrying any extra bag and a top carry handle making it easy for you to lift it A great bag for great people! Get one today and experience what it means to travel hassle free!

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