Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set Review





I got the luggage set delivered just a week before my trip to Bangladesh from the Dominican Republic. I travel often and I went on 8 trips that year. The bags are still in good shape. I recently read a lot of negative reviews on The Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set Review page on Amazon. My bags are simply awesome.

The airlines abused my bags, thrown by the baggage handlers in front of my eyes, dragged along. It is still good although it had a lot to go through. I got the plum color luggage set when they were on sale and I am very happy about it.

Features of the Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set

The best features of Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set luggage set are:

Traveler's Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set Review

The first thing I noted when the bags arrived at home were the bag’s weight. Unbelievable! The biggest bag of the three was just 9.5 lbs.

Not even 10 lbs. I could not believe that! A lightweight bag is the best partner for a person like me. I always bring back a lot of brand new Garments. I do not have anything else mostly on the bags.

The material of the bag was also much softer that what I expected in a hard case. I was not sure if it was durable but it was. I am very satisfied with the quality bags. I highly recommend them.


The plum color looks exactly as the one displayed in the image on the Amazon website. The bags also have many pockets inside for organizing your things.

The best part I love in Traveler’s Choice Luggage Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set bag is that I can keep my shoes away from my clothes. I usually bring new clothes fresh from my garment factory and I cannot imagine carrying my used shoes with the brand new dresses.

I sometimes also bring newborn clothes too. There are many pockets to keep my accessories bag. Also, there is a separate place for toiletries. I always bring my dresses with the new dress fragrance.


The straps are a great feature. I usually travel alone and they help me a lot to pull my bags as one. Very convenient.

Once I had a transit flight from Dubai when I flew by Emirates. The airport is so huge and I would have collapsed if I did not have those beautiful straps. I take all three with me and I did not have a through flight on that trip.

It meant I had to take my luggage as well with me. It was very easy for me to grab a bite and have a cup of hot chocolate before I took the next flight.

Combination Lock

The best feature of the bags are the combination locks. I prefer my bags locked even if I do not have anything very important to them.

Earlier I did not have locks at all in some bags and the zipper had opened by itself on some road trips when I loaded or unloaded them from the car. The locks are simply useless on a flight trip as they are not TSA compliant.

I wish they were but it is ok as I still lock them. My bags have never been pulled out so far I guess. They are still intact.


The bags look like they are polycarbonate material. They are sturdy and well-built. The material is not very stiff like a hard case on a few brands. The bag bounces back when you apply a little pressure to the bag.

It doesn’t seem to crack open like stiff hard case bags. My friend who saw me with this bag commented that hard cases do not last for a long time. I asked him to touch the bag case and he said it is impressive. The next time I saw him in an airport, he had another set like mine. The same Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set.


The bags perfectly nest into each other. I do not like my luggage set taking a lot of space for storage. The Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3-Piece set was perfect for me. The bags nest inside each other.

I did a bit of comparison before I got this luggage set. I could have paid a lot more for a lesser quality if I had chosen any other than this luggage set. I got them on a flash sale and I bet that is the best time to get luggage sets on a huge bargain price. Perfectly fit my bill. I love it.


  • Great luggage set for the casual traveler.
  • Zippers work fine.
  • The quality is very good.
  • The hard-shelled suitcase feels very soft and it bounces back to shape.
  • Inexpensive lightweight luggage set.
  • There are straps to pull the bags along as one.
  • The scratches do not show much.
  • The bags nest inside each other for storage.


  • The handles are not sturdy as I expected.

Features at a Glance

  • Luggage set includes three spinner uprights.
  • Made from polycarbonate ABS materials.
  • Hardshell suitcases protect your belongings.
  • ABS material for a lightweight, durable and scratch-resist.
  • Convenient removable add-a-bag straps for carrying additional bags.
  • Multiple-stage self-locking retractable 2-tone aluminum handle system.
  • Four multi-direction spinner wheel system.
  • Riveted 2-tone top and side carry handles.
  • Packing compartment features a center pocket.
  • Fully lined imprinted interior with a divider.

Product Specifications

  • Small suitcase depth measures 9″.
  • Medium suitcase depth measures 10.5″.
  • Large suitcase depth measures 11.5″.
  • Small suitcase weighs 7.2 lbs.
  • Medium suitcase weighs 8.5 lbs.
  • Large suitcase weighs 9.8 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 37 pounds.
  • Exterior of small suitcase measures 20″H x 13.5″W.
  • Exterior of medium suitcase measures 24″H x 16″W.
  • Exterior of large suitcase measures 28″H x 19″W.
  • Interior of small suitcase measures 18″H x 13.5″W x 8.5″D.
  • Interior of medium suitcase measures 22.5″H x 16″W x 10″D.
  • Interior of large suitcase measures 26.5″H x 8.5″W x 11″D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does each bag weigh?

A: The bigger one is 28″. It weighs 9.5 lbs. The middle one is 24″. It weighs 8 lbs. The smallest one is 20″. It weighs 6.3 lbs. Very lightweight luggage set.

Q: Does it have side handles?

A: Yes. It does. Very conveniently light weight to carry them if you have to.

Q: Are they expandable?

A: No. They do not expand. They are hard-shelled bags with semi-hard plastic and no zippers for expansion.

Final Verdict

I am very satisfied with the quality for its price. I saw the bag on Amazon recently and they were a lot more expensive than the last time I saw them. I feel that the discounted price is a great bargain. I travel once in a month or two as I have a factory in Bangladesh. I usually bring back a lot of dresses for my family here.

The Traveler’s Choice Cambridge 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Set Review may not be impressive but the bags definitely are! Very durable and functional luggage set. Get them!

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