Travelers Choice Siena 2-In-1 Hybrid Hard-Shell Carry-On Wheeled Garment Suitcase Review





The Traveler's Choice's traveling bag is the best for business people that desire light travels. It is very convenient particularly for business people that are traveling for 3 or 5 days continuously. It is one of its kind in the market because it contains different types of material construction. One of the areas is light, at the same time durable in the form of a shell that is pressed and joined with a denier ballistic material. 

The other material allows the suitcase to be used as a garment bag as well as a traditional suitcase at the same time Therefore, this makes it a very unique suitcase in the market. It is designed for light traveling and guards your most delicate possessions. Also, it is able to hold many clothes such as your business attires, jeans or shoes and whatever else that you need to carry. 

It has an expanded section, however I have never experienced the need to use it The lowest section of the suitcase is made up of a very strong shell plastic and therefore the bag cannot be damaged easily. It contains very many pockets and sections that you can use to pack whatever that you will require as you travel. Lets look at the features that you should expect.

Features of the Travelers Choice Siena 2-In-1 Hybrid Hard-Shell Carry-On Wheeled Garment Suitcase

The following are the features that you should know:

Travelers Choice Siena 2-In-1 Hybrid Hard-Shell Carry-On Wheeled Garment Suitcase Review

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It contains both the garment pack and the traditional pack

The Traveler's Choice's bag can be used both as a garment pack and a traditional pack. It is the best for people that prefer not to carry different suitcases, for example the roller bag and another for garments. This suitcase is very convenient for business people that carry clothes such as sports coat and other clothes that are normally packed in the garment suitcase and an additional bag for the normal clothes. 

During my business trips, I normally pack one or two sports coat, two shirts as well as two trousers within the garment section of the suitcase. On the other side, I usually pack four t-shirts, a number of gym attires, which include clothes and shoes as well as other clothes. These clothes are perfect for two or three travel days. The other benefit of using the Traveler's Choice's bag is that it allows me to use a number of different planes, for example 757, 767, MD-80/88 (two and three seat sides), A319/320, DC-9 (two and three seat sides). 

This suitcase fits within the compartment section very well Anyone that desires to merge the garment pack and the roller pack into one carry on, then Traveler's Choice's bagis the best choice.

Hybrid hard shell material

The Traveler's Choice's bag has a unique hard shell concept with a back that is strong and appears very durable. The edges of the pack are also strong and therefore they provide additional support to the entire bag. The front is flexible and the suitcase has a convenient additional zipper at the center. You might realize that during the time that you are packing for your business trip, the suitcase appears neat but as you return home it might appear less neat and hence the additional space comes in handy at this point. 

The suitcase has two primary sections that comprise of the back area, which is the best area for you to pack your most delicate possessions because it is supported by a hard shell. The highest section contains a garment hanger that you can chose to use or not depending on your preferences. This is the area that you pack your general clothes. Also, the suitcase contains a useful zippered bottom within the highest section that allows you to reach the whole area In addition, the top section contains two tiny zippered packs that you can use for organization. 

At the front, there is a big zippered area that also comprises of another smaller one The handles of this suitcase are well structured and telescoped. Another website that also sells this suitcase highlights similar characteristics indicating that this is the perfect bag for you.


For the-women that are searching for a good suitcase to use during business trips at a cheaper price then you should go for the Traveler's Choice's bag. It is the best suitcase that I ever bought. While purchasing mine, I was very excited that I even purchased one for one of my friends. I purchased one that was brown in color and it looks very nice. It is a good color for a woman, with a small quantity of shininess to avoid being very flashy. 

One of the customers at the Amazon stated that as a woman, she finds it very good and lightweight. She was very surprised by how much she can pack in it yet still able to carry it She packed her heels within the traditional bag, and in additional all her documents and other items were able to fit. This suitcase is the best and after buying it you will be surprised by its organizations. 

It is the best suitcase for a light business travel where you need to carry a suit. It will carry all your clothes for a two or three day business trip and you will not experience any fatigue by carrying it around. Due to the fact that this suitcase is a hybrid bag, the edges are solid and they assist in giving the bag a good shape. The suitcase has dimensions that are good for a carry-on. Also, they are easily placed in the overhead sections. I have tried to fit it in the sizer within the airports and it fits perfectly. 

Therefore, this makes it the best suitcase for use during your business trips. In case you are male, you can use the folding garment section to pack your business attire and shirts. You will realize that they will be unwrinkled after you arrive in your destination. You should hang your clothes and this suitcase comprises of a wire bag that makes sure that your clothes do not get disarranged.


One of the customer that bought this suitcase from states that she travels very much for business together with her husband. Therefore, they both desire the way the suitcase functions especially the fact that it contains a different section for packing their business clothes. She says that their suitcase spoiled after using it for six months. The zipper of the suitcase broke at the section that it was connected to the bag. 

She attempted to contact ebags but the warrant period had already elapsed and hence she was advised to contact the manufacturer of the suitcase. She contacted Traveler's Choice and was requested to make a claim and email her receipt and evidence of the broken zipper. The manufacturer responded after fourteen days informing her that a new suitcase is on the way and that there was no need to use the spoiled bag anymore. 

The customer was excited because the manufacture, Travel's Choice, kept their word in relation to the warranty. If you are planning to purchase a traveling bag then go for the Traveler's Choice's bag. With this you do not have to worry your bag getting spoiled because the manufacture will exchange it for you with another one just as the customer stated at the review sections.


The Traveler's bag is a solid carry on I normally travel many times and this bags gives me great service. It is made up of very high quality and its price is fair. It is very unique since there is no any other suitcase that contains the kind of hybrid design that it does. This makes it perfect for you business travels especially airline travel. 

I purchased my suitcase in September 2012 and I can confidently state that I am extremely happy with it I go for business trips at least twice a month. During the time that I purchased mine, I realized that one of the straps that protected the toiletry pack had been damaged. Interestingly, it tore completely while I used the suitcase for the following business trip, however that was not a big issue because the suitcase has different toiletry packs that contain two belts aimed at protecting them. 

The manufacturer made sure that there were extra straps in case yours broke. I have seen some reviewers statina that they have received replacement after the handle of their bags broke indicating that Travelers Choice has the best customer service and therefore you should purchase their bag because you will be assured of receiving a replacement in case your bag spoils. The Traveler's Choice website states that the warranty for this suitcase is six years hence there is no reason why you should not buy this bag.

Luggage Fees

If you are tired of paying luggage fees at the airport then this bag is for you Since I purchased it, I have never paid any amount for my luggage during my business trips. I have only experienced minimal problems while using this bag. It is perfect for business trips. It fits very well into overhead compartments within most airplanes. 

During one of my business trips, one of the American Airline employee requested to see if my suitcase would match 'the carry on measurement item.' Interestingly, despite the fact that I had carried a lot of clothes, shoes and make-up, it fit. It is basically what you need to go for your business trips and I love mine. 

It is the most unique in the market and hence you should also buy it I pack some of my clothes at the top, while the shoes and other normal clothes I pack at the bottom of the bag. It is perfect for your business trips due to fact that it is lightweight, expandable and versatile. One of the reviewers at Amazon states that it is a very nice bag. 

Although she has only used it for two business trips, she loves the experience so far. Her business suits were not wrinkled and the suitcase fit perfectly in the overhead compartments. Also, the handle and the zippers are still functioning properly.


  • 2-in-1 Hybrid bag
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It contains both the garment pack and the traditional pack
  • It protects your delicate possessions
  • It contains many strategically positioned pockets and a detachable garment sleeve


  • It contains only 2 wheels while four wheels would enhance navigation.

Product Specifications

  • 50% polycarbonate
  • ABS/50% 1680 d nylonImported
  • Buckle Zipper closure
  • Spot clean
  • 11" high
  • 17" wide

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 10 inches
  • Size: Domestic Carry-On
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 11.1 pounds
  • Linear Inches: 48"
  • Luggage Size: 21"
  • Material: Polycarbonate/ABS Shell
  • Model: TC0424E
  • Brand: Traveler's Choice
  • Line: TC Luggage
  • ASIN: B002VQ7VY4
  • Item model number: TC0424K-Black-One Size

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if my bag is damaged.

A: You should email Traveler's Choice with pictures of the damaged back and fill in the warranty claim form. You will receive your replacement after two weeks.

Final Verdict

For a business person that has very little time to shop for a good suitcase, go to Amazon and purchase the Traveler's Choice bag. After purchasing, the suitcase can be shipped to wherever you are making your work easier. Saying that this is the most excellent bag that I have come across is an understatement. I travel many times using airplanes and this bag caters for all my needs. 

Before, I had bought many suitcases in different sizes and hence I always had many luggage to carry but that changed at the time that I purchased the 2-in-1 Hybrid suitcase. I fully recommend that you purchase the Traveler's Choice bag as I did and enjoy a light business travel. Simply click on the link below and get yours today.

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