Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags Review

Beside owning great travel bags, luggage tags are among the most crucial accessories that every traveler should have. And it does not matter how far or close you are traveling, you will still need to easily identify and access your luggage. The essence of tagging your luggage can not be overemphasized and this becomes clear when you lose or misplace a piece.

Luggage tagging is not restricted to a certain age group, adults are prone to luggage loss as much as children are and vice versa. As wide as the travel gear market is, Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags is very easy to find an exact replica of your suitcase placed with another at check in.

Such a coincidence will frustrate you especially if there is no visible tag to identify either of this pair as yours. In the process of determining which bag belongs to who, you will have wasted a lot of time.

Sometimes the confusion could even cause you to lose your valuables if someone gets access of your case before you. Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags Review guides you on how to avoid such scenarios. It does this by taking a closer look at the specifications of this product. These specifications include;

Features of the Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags

The following are the features that you should know:

Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags Review

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Availability in a Set

To properly tag your luggage, you will need at least two tags for each particular piece you are carrying; One to stay inside your bag and the other one on its exterior.

The reason you need two tags for one bag is that if the one on the exterior gets destroyed due to mishandling or gets lost, the one on the inside can be used to identify your luggage. This way you will be assured of easy retrieval in the event your case gets misplaced.

Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags, just like the name suggests comes in a pair and you can use them on either side of the case. Luggage loss is not relegated to certain bags, each piece is at risk hence carry- on bags and backpacks should be tagged.

Color Variety

Manufactures understand that you like traveling in style and that you have a particular fashion sense that is sometimes dictated by colors. These tag sets are available in both bright and neutral colors and it should not be hard to pick your preferred shade. The colors include neon yellow, aqua, lime and black.

Most of these colors tend to lean on the bright side and Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags is not a chance occurrence. Besides being visually appealing, the tags are meant to be able to stand out for fast detection even when they are mixed up in a lot.

As a traveler you will be better placed to locate your luggage from a distance and the colors enable you to follow it up with your eyes until you physically reach it. It is usually recommended that one pick tags that clash with the color of their luggage; this is because having the same color on both could deter the visual effectiveness of the tag.

Tags That Only Show the Name

Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags is true that as identification tools, tags should clearly show your information. It is also true that too much information is sometimes unnecessary and detrimental when it falls on the wrong hands.

It is because of this reason that the travelon set of 2 luggage tags has been constructed to reveal ones name and shield all other information. Your email address, full names and other specifics of your identity can be reached by a swift swivel of the tag after removing the strap.

This revelation of additional information is only done when the airline needs more information or when there is trouble identifying the luggage. By being able to show only your name and the extra information when needed, the recovery of your bag is more guaranteed when misplaced, lost or stolen.

Use of Plastic Material

Plastic can be manufactured in many different colors compared to other materials like metal. These colors become handy in the production of tags with a wide range of color variety that help each piece of luggage to stand out.

Plastic is also popular for Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags ability to withstand different weather elements without signs of wear, tags made of the same can be used for years without showing any sign of having seen better days. Other characteristics of plastic include durability, flexibility and impermeability.

These factors help the tags to withstand rough handling at terminals without getting damaged or losing shape. Not only will you be assured of the quick recovery of your luggage, but you will also know that it will be traced back to you no matter the manner with which it has been handled.

Secure Strap

The whole point of the tags is to be able to identify luggage at all times. This purpose would be lost if the strap kept coming off as then there would be nothing left to link the bags with you. Looking at the fastener fitted on this set of tags.

Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags is clear that detaching one from a case would be no easy feat whether by accident or intentional malice. Once you have done your part of putting tags on all bags, there will be no cases of ifs and maybes as far as strap security goes.

This is the most important part of the tag hence the use of a secure plastic strap. No amount of stress or strain suffered in luggage handling will be able to separate the tag from your luggage.

Good Tag Size

The size of the tag on your luggage matters. A tag that is too small will not be easily visible, will not fit all the necessary information and will most certainly lower the security level of your luggage.

Having one that is too large will get in your way, Inconvenience you and probably display more information than is necessary. These factors bring up the need of a perfectly sized tag, a need that is met in this Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags review.

Measuring 2.25″ by 3.5″ in height and width respectively, the tags keep a low profile without threatening to cover your luggage.


  • Easy to use.
  • Very crucial luggage security measure.
  • Colors stand out.
  • Comes in a set.
  • Can be used for years.


  • Tag must be removed completely to reveal extra information.

Features at a Glance

  • Secure strap & Plastic.
  • Only your name is visible.
  • Remove strap and swivel to reveal address, phone, e-mail.
  • Color: Neon Yellow, Black, Aqua, Berry, Lime.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 3.5 x 2.2 inches.
  • Features: Accessory Set.
  • Brand: Travelon.
  • Manufacturer: Travelon.
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces.
  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Origin: China.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the tag hold a business card?

A: No, it is not quite designed to fit one.

Q: Does the set come with 2 tags as specified?

A: Yes, those specifications are met.

Final Verdict

Tags are small but very important identification products that determine the safety of your luggage or the lack of it thereof. It may be very difficult to see their actual importance until your luggage gets mixed up with that of other travelers. A simple tag could be the deal breaker when more than one person claims ownership of a particular bag.

It will be a lot easier for a traveler to prove that a certain case belongs to them just by revealing the information contained in a tag. This will save him or her from an unnecessary tag of war in an attempt to prove ownership otherwise. It will also keep potential thieves from claiming your valuables as theirs. Don’t wait for an ugly scenario to ruin your trip, tag your luggage and stay safe.

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