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As a traveler, Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet is important that you ensure the safety of your passport to avoid any of the above scenarios. The safety and shape of your passport can be maintained by the use of a wallet -but not just any wallet.

A good wallet should not just hold your travel documents, money and credit cards; it should also blend in with your fashion sense, personal tastes and preferences as well as protect the said items from hostile weather elements. 

Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet Review takes you through the specifications of this new arrival . It familiarizes you with the features of the wallet from which you can make an informed decision. Here are a few;

Features of the Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet

Here is the Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet Review:

Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet Review

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Good Size & Conveniently Divided Into Various Slots

Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet Review gives you not just a sneak peek view of the product, but how convenient it is for the regular traveler.

Measuring 3.5 x 0.5 x 5.1 inches, the cover is a perfect size that will comfortably fit in your pants pocket, the pockets of your jacket or snug comfortably in the side pocket of your travel bag. It has also been subdivided into various slots-four of which you can keep your credit cards, probably your license and a main one that you can put your money or anything else you want to carry.

Having these different slots enables you to carry all your important documents and other Useful Accessories in one pack. This is very convenient for a traveler who seeks a simple way of handling their luggage and travel requirements.

100% Genuine Leather

Leather is tough, durable, flexible and arguably the best material for making quality wallets. Most companies go ahead to put leather labels on their products to intimate the use of the material in their manufacturing activities;

What most people do not know is that some of these companies deceive them. However when a leather product comes from the Visconti line, then you know it is just as specified. The use of leather in its fullness says a lot about this wallet.

Its genuineness will make you fall in love with it and make it your all time travel buddy. Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet is safe to forge a bond with this one as time will not be a bummer for you, leather only becomes better with time and you will be assured of long service and a good feel in your pockets for years.

Color Variety

The world is home to millions and millions of people with varied unique traits and preferences. It is also home to different genders and age groups. With this in mind, Visconti has gone on to try and meet all these different needs at their various level by the production of wallets with fun colors for everyone.

These range from red and black to fascia and yellow among other trans gender shades. This versatility covers everyone’s preference and helps people with very particular color tastes to remain fashionably relevant. Anyone that is keen on matching their passport color with that of their wallet of choice is allowed that freedom by this variety.

Fashion Conscious Brand

Visconti is a household name in the UK popular for making quality products like briefcases, purses and wallets all of which are sold in the upscale market. This just goes to show how high the quality of Visconti polo collection of Brands has gone.

Being a newly released 2017 model, the wallet is a blend of different manufacturing Experiences gained over many years. It goes without saying that the Visconti line is always giving its clients a perfect combination of durable designs that they can afford . The line also seeks the expertise of different renowned artists to make practical products that actually function.

Owning this wallet makes you fashionable, gives you class and also loads you up with a great feeling of knowing that you are using a product from one of the leading fashion lines in the world.

RFID Protected

As the important person you are, Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet is only natural that you should get protected from contactless fraud by criminals or other people with malicious intentions.

Not everyone you meet during your trip is a friend, there are those who will track you with ill intentions of stealing from you or even harming you. To minimize on the possibility of such scenarios, Visconti wallets have been fitted with radio frequency identification blocking to ensure that no unauthorized persons can track you by accessing the information in your passport.

With this assurance you can stroll on all streets and airports of the globe without worrying about your safety. This is a wallet cover that protects you from item loss as well as other forms of harm that may come to you.

Opens With a Swift Flip to Grant Access

There is really no manual needed to instruct the user on the use of this product as it is just as simple as it looks. With a simple flip you can open it and put in or take out whatever it is you need while a simple fold encloses the contents and shields them from the prying eye.

Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet is also easy for travel authorities to get whatever information they need without having to detach the passport from its wallet.

This means that the friction that would have been suffered by the passport in removing and returning it is by the cover, this way you get to keep the document in shape for years without it looking old or beaten.


  • Color variety.
  • Pocket size.
  • Convenient slots.
  • Fraud protected.
  • Great material quality.


  • Few slots for people with many cards.

Features at a Glance

  • Made of 100% Genuine Soft Leather.
  • Has four credit card slots, one side pocket and one top pocket.
  • RFID BLOCKING – Nationally Accredited RFID Protection against 125kHz, 13,56MHz, 900 MHz.
  • Prevents Contactless Fraud.
  • Perfect travel companion that will not only hold all your cards, currency and passport but will also help protect you with RFID Blocking material integrated into the wallet.
  • Available in Many different colors to suit your style and fashion.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.5 x 5.1 inches.
  • Linear Inches: 9.1″.
  • Weight: 4.
  • Oz Material: Leather.
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the wallet safe for carrying cash?

A: Yes, there is slot for that and it holds the money in place.

Q: How portable is the product?

A: It is small in size and very light, easy to carry around.

Final Verdict

More often than not, a manufacturer will do all they can to meet their consumers needs without compromising on quality. It is such dedication that brings to birth products like the Visconti wallet which has already become a darling to most travelers.

Not only is it important to take advantage of such occurrences when they happen, but also necessary to make the best of them as they work to our advantage. When your travel documents are safe you will enjoy having great peace of mind and the reverse of this will not just frustrate you but also ruin important opportunities.

This review is only an elaboration of facts; the safety of your credit cards, cash and passport is primary while the convenience of this wallet is a secondary necessity. With so much assurance it wouldn’t be so bad to try it and see how well it works for you.

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