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I am a single woman in love with travel. I work as an event organizer and get out when I want a break. I often travel alone and care for nothing but a duffel bag with all those things that I want. Money has never been a problem for me. I enjoy solitude in my trips alone.

I guess I work too much with the crowd that I often love the peace and serenity of solo travel. Work is very stressful for me with tightly packed deadlines. When I plan a break, I plan early and have my World Traveller 21-inch Rolling Duffel ready before I start. Here’s why I always prefer my rolling duffel bag from World Traveller:

Features of the World Traveler 21 Inch Rolling Duffel Bag

Here is the World Traveler 21 Inch Rolling Duffel Bag Review:

World Traveler 21 Inch Rolling Duffel Bag Review

I got the Black Trim Houndstooth design bag. They were lovely with the black and white combination. It more looks like black and white stars on the design. I just love the simple design of the bag. I have never been a fan of very fancy bags that show a “Follow me” sign to anyone.

I travel alone and I am always conscious about people who might interrupt the peace of my travel. I never want to break the silence in my solo trips. The silence and finding inner peace is my priority in going on short vacations. There are many more colourful options that you can choose from on Amazon website.

Perfect for Short Trips

I have taken them in flights, trains, cars and buses. I find the versatility of the bag astounding. It is very easy to carry it around. if you plan to travel by bus or car for 2 to 8 hours, this bag is just right. Some airlines charge for the first checked-in luggage for domestic travels.

I bought this bag when I had paid for a bag that I had earlier. I did not want to waste my money on unwanted payment and decided to buy this convenient carry-on. This World Traveler Rolling Duffel holds as much as it can but still manages to fit in the overhead easily. Great functionality!

Compact Size

The bag is perfectly sized for a few days worth the travel. They are fine and the size makes it as a great overhead bag. I love to carry it around. It is very easy to carry. If I am not able to roll it, I can easily manhandle it and carry around with the straps.

They work just fine. I like the way you can close the handles inside a small Flap in the suitcase. It has never looked odd or out-of-place anywhere. The zipped pocket neatly hides the handle bar. You can also carry it around like a big sized purse.

Many Pockets

I love to keep everything organized. I enjoy doing my job. Event organizing definitely makes you have this skill embedded in you. The Duffel has many roomy pockets, both on the inside as well as outside. It has 5 pockets on the bag.

There is also a mysterious looking zipper at the inside bottom of the bag. This is the best zipper in my opinion. I used to have some extra cash in this pouch.

Also, the front pockets are great to have your travel documents to show them on demand in the airport. The bag fits perfectly under the seat in any airplane.

Long Handle

I am a 5 feet 4 woman of medium built. The bag has a detachable shoulder strap also. The best thing about carrying this World Traveler 21 Inch Rolling Duffel bag around is the many compliments that I get as I go.

Unknown strangers would be glad to ask me where I got this bag. It is a very special feeling to be in someone’s attention all the time.

On the other day, I saw someone else with the same bag in the gym. It is a great idea to use this Duffel as a gym bag too. If you are on a trip, it could bring you about 5 days trip baggage in this duffel.

Great Discount

I loved to buy it from Amazon and would buy it again. I enjoyed the price on the bag. I checked out the same bag from three other websites and honestly, the price on Amazon is comparatively cheaper than anything.

With a ?% discount, I almost saved $$$ for a $$$ priced bag. I did check out a few more websites as well.

The price on Amazon is very cheap. I plan to buy one more soon. Maybe I can have two. I really wouldn’t mind for their great service for a very affordable price. Check out the prices today!


  • Compact sized bag that fits anywhere.
  • Best to use as a bag for short travel or the gym.
  • Convenient style with easy accessibility.
  • Lightweight bag.
  • Many pockets in the bag including a secret pocket.
  • Great bag to gift anyone.
  • Ideal for solo travel.


  • It doesn’t stand upright. It has a flat base.

Features at a Glance

  • Color options: Black/white/pink, black/white.
  • In-line skate wheels allow for greater mobility.
  • Heavy-duty 600 denier polyester construction.
  • Internal retractable hide-away handle system.
  • Front zipper secured compartments.
  • Adjustable ergonomics shoulder strap.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 12 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 12" high
  • 11" wide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it weigh when it is empty?

A: It weighs 4.2 pounds.

Q: Can I check in this duffel bag?

A: It is better to use the bag as a carry-on bag. It will be risky to check in as it might run the risk of getting crushed by bigger bags.

Final Verdict

I’m in love with this bag. The World Traveler 21-Inch Rolling Duffel Bag is definitely the best bag I ever had. I love to take it with me anywhere I go. I also take it to my some meetings that I have once in a while. I enjoy the special attention and compliments I get from the bag.

I proudly say that I got the bag on a whopping ?% discount on Amazon website. I highly recommend this bag to any solo traveler like me. I’m so happy with the bag that I am sure I will buy it again. It also makes a great classic choice for a gift.

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